We all need serving trays for one or other purpose. When you have a wooden serving tray, then there will be an eco-friendly solution for having easy serving. It is easy to use and has wide applications. A wooden tray offers you many options and allows you to use it for a long time. You can use it on different occasions and have a better advantage. It also lets you choose from different sizes, and some will let you have hassle-free storage. Here is the list of the top best wooden trays to choose from.

Table of the Best Wooden Trays Reviews

10. Multicraft Imports Paintable Wooden Trays with Handles

Wooden Trays

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This handcrafted product is great for your kitchen or decor purposes. They are compatible with most of the paints, fabrics, and sprays. If you are creative and want to craft it the way you like, please go ahead. Moreover, it provides you an array of options to work with to decor any of your space at home. It also comes in a set of 5 with different sizes, from big to small.

These are lightweight, and if you want to use them as their natural form, that would be great as well. The natural wood design also looks raw and rusty. Furthermore, the grip handles provided are easy and comfortable to hold. Even a kid can lift it. You can serve various things on it as well.


  • Easy storage with a stackable design.
  • Reliable performance due to the high walls.
  • Attractive design and comfortable handles.

9. Acacia Decorative Wood Serving Tray with Handles 

Wood Serving Tray with Handles 

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This lightweight and long-lasting acacia wooden tray is a great piece of kitchen utensil for serving delicious food to your guests. Well, yes, as it is made of wood, the durability is higher than other materials. Moreover, you can use it for your everyday purpose for breakfast or hi-tea. It can also be great for restaurants or cafes.

The product can be designed with various colors and fabrics, sprays as per the wish. The natural look is not bad as well. Furthermore, the ergonomic handle allows you to hold the items comfortably without slipping them away.


  • Allows serving with style.
  • Ergonomic grip handles for enhanced comfort.
  • Lightweight design for having easy carrying.

8. Lipper International Acacia Curved Wooden Serving Tray

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Looking for a durable product to hand out drinks or snacks to the guests? Well, here is the product that does not let you spill the stuff and present it more beautifully. Moreover, you can also use it for your daily purposes for tea, coffee, or breakfasts. Built of acacia wood, it is highly durable.

There is a curved out cutout handle as well that lets you comfortably grip the product. Furthermore, you also need to wash it with plain water and hands only. It is very easy to remove any liquid spill stains from it. The dark-colored product also ensures you don’t have any wood grain or stain visible.


  • Safe to use with high-quality acacia wood.
  • Comes in a curved design.
  • Comfortable grip handles and elegant design.

7. KINGCRAFT Handmade Wood Serving Tray for Ottoman Kitchen

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Built of 100 percent black walnut wood, this handcrafted serving tray is polished with natural wood oil to have a shiny, glossy appearance. Moreover, it is rectangular in shape and looks more vintage. It also can hold an ample amount of food and drinks to be served at house, cafe, or weddings. You can serve wine, drinks, snacks, or even a meal in it.

You get two side cutouts as handles to hold the product comfortably. Furthermore, it ensures you do not spill the stuff inside due to sturdy grip. This elegant design works great even if kids use and serve from it. Your arms or hands won’t feel the pain of carrying heavy stuff due to lightweight.


  • Available in a spacious design.
  • Suitable for different occasions.
  • Tenon joint structure and durable construction.

6. Besti Rustic Vintage Food Serving Trays – Nesting Wooden Board with Metal Handles

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This classic tray has highly durable wood with a beautiful whitewash finish at the core. Yes, the sanded product has a smooth surface yet providing a rustic look. Moreover, it comes with two metal handles to have a comfortable grip. You can carry several food and drinks on it without any fear of spilling.

The pack comes in two sized trays that can be used for multiple purposes. Furthermore, it would be so good to have breakfast and tea in bed in the most stylish way. You won’t complain about the product quality and durability. It would also be a great idea to gift these beautiful sets on birthdays or Christmas.


  • Comes with a smooth sanded surface.
  • Includes long-lasting iron handles.
  • Allows having easy storage with a stackable design.

5. HOME IT Serving Tray for Dinner, Breakfast, Parties

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This large wooden tray is great for serving a full course meal or your daily breakfast. The product has a raw look to it but comes with finished and polished surfaces. Moreover, there are two handles to carry the items providing a comfortable grip. It adds a natural tone to your decor and is compatible with your kitchen utensils.

The product is compact in size, and you can easily store it in any space of your kitchen cabinet. Furthermore, it also is a great gift to offer in house warming, marriage, or birthdays. The bamboo tray is very light in weight that even kids can lift it easily.


  • Compact design for having easy storage.
  • Ideal for home decor and durable material.
  • Suitable for different purposes.

4. Foresy Rustic Decorative Wood Serving Tray for Ottoman – Coffee Table Tray

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Looking for a serving product that lets you serve your guests with all the meals easily? Well, here is a set of three allowing you to carry all the stuff with no multiple rounds requirement. Moreover, the rustic set comes in a pack of 3. It also has three coasters and a cloth to place in your big-sized tray. The product ensures there is no spillage with sturdy and comfortable grip handles.

The cloth placemat prevents any stains due to liquid spills. Washing of the product is also super easy. You simply have to run it through tap water and handwash it. That’s it, and they are ready to use once dried up. Furthermore, the large tray can hold up whole meals while the smallest one is ideal for tea or coffee with a snack on the side.


  1. Smooth round handles for better comfort.
  2. Lightweight design and long-lasting use.
  3. Hassle-free cleaning and rustic design.

3. DECOLUXES Large Decorative Serving Tray with Handles

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This decorative piece of the wooden tray is a multi-purpose product. You can decorate it and make it more amicable with your decor or simply keep it in the natural form. The natural form also provides an authentic and rustic look. Moreover, you can serve breakfast, tea or coffee, and light snacks as well.

You also get dual side handles to have a comfortable grip while holding it. The handles ensure you do not get hurt and easily serve in it. Furthermore, you can also use it to decor your house by keeping planters or any decorative vase. The product provides the utmost customer satisfaction and lasts long.


  • Available in a multifunctional design.
  • Suitable for different types of ingredients.
  • Easy cleaning and convenient side handle.

2. Comfify Small Bamboo Serving Tray for Breakfast

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No space in your kitchen cabinet but in lack of good serving trays? Well, here is the product that suits your requirement. The three-piece nesting trays are very compact in space, and it will definitely find a small space in your kitchen. The eco-friendly product is handcrafted, providing a natural look.

The handles on the side also allow a comfortable grip avoiding any mishap. The product having bamboo wood material is polished with wood oil to provide that smooth texture. Furthermore, it provides a neutral touch to your beautiful decor. It also is biodegradable protecting nature and mother Earth.


  • Eco-friendly bamboo material for safe usage.
  • Allows having easy cleaning.
  • Set of three and wide applications.

1. Atpien Rustic Farmhouse Decor Coffee Table Tray

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This dark brownish providing a tanned look to the product is great for your kitchen servings. The product is great for serving starters, drinks, or snacks. Moreover, the metal handles are comfortable to hold and provides a firm grip. It also provides a rustic and rugged look compatible with any home decor.

The large serving tray is nestled to have space for your cocktails as well as a meal. Do not worry about spilling it off, and even if you do, the stain won’t be visible. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean with simple tap water.


  • Comes with convenient metal handles for better safety.
  • High-quality construction for long-lasting use.
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications.


While buying a wooden tray, you need to see if it has high-quality construction so that you can use it for a long time. Select the one that comes in an attractive design making it perfect for different occasions. You can also see if it has easy maintenance and does not come with any smell. When it comes to size, getting the right one is a user preference. Always see if it meets your needs, and it must allow you to use it comfortably.

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