Cleaning the carpet is an important aspect of the health maintenance and modern lifestyle, but it is difficult to remove clutter manually, especially the dirt in small corners. When cleaned manually, it may not be possible to remove in the hard-to-reach places, and this is where the wet dry vacuum cleaners come in. These vacuum cleaners help to clean the dirt from the floor easily. They offer versatile cleaning, for you can use them to clean your car or convert them to the blower function when blowing away the dirt from car, motorcycles, wheels, and grills.

There is the HP motor that helps to run the device with different watts according to the model. It is easy to be maneuver because of the swivel wheels that rotate in all directions. The wet dry vacuum cleaners are durable because of the stainless steel tank, which is resistant to rust and live for long. Getting the right model can be a challenge because of many brands in the market, and it requires you to be very keen.

Table of the Best Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

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10. Stanley Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner 4 Horsepower 16 FT Clean  Shop Vacuum for Home, Garage & Laundry Rooms 

Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

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This model from Stanley is crucial for it has a powerful blower port that instantly converts the vacuum to a power blower. As an illustration, the device weighs 18.5 pounds has the dimensions of 17. Three inches wide, 17. Three inches long and 20. 1 inch high. There is the 10-feet power cord that has built-in storage to ensure easy organization.

Similarly, it has four swiveling casters that offer easy movement in every direction. The model has a capacity of 10 gallons and a maximum voltage of 120 Volts. To ensure quick and safe access, it comes with a strong handle and a large on/off switch.

Main features

  • The device weighs 5 pounds
  • 10-feet power cord
  • Four swiveling casters
  • Has a capacity of 10 gallons
  • Has a strong handle

9. Stanley 5 Gallon 4 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum – Shop Vac Blower with Powerful Suction

Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum

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The model has a tank capacity of 18.5 liters, making it fit for people who want to vacuum a large area. Notably, it has a 4-peak HP motor that offers enough suction required for any cleanup job in the vehicle, workshop, basement, garage, and van. The energy consumption is about 1,000 watts.

According to the manufacturers, the handle has an ergonomic shape and can make it easier to transport it from one place to another. In the same case, it has stainless steel material that makes it durable and long-lasting. To ensure there is maneuverability, it comes with four swivel casters.

Main features

  • Has the capacity of 18.5 liters
  • A 4-peak HP motor
  • Has ergonomic shape
  • Stainless steel material
  • Four swivel casters

8. Armor All, AA255, 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet and Dry Utility Shop Vacuum

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The Armor All 2.5 gallon AA255 wet dry 2 peak HP vacuum cleaner from Armor All has a specific design to clean the car interior. Mainly, it comes with a 2.5-gallon polypropylene tank, which is easy to carry around and large enough to carry out most jobs. The 2 horsepower motor offers an ample suction power together with easy conversion to the blower function.

Thanks to the auto shut-off that help to prevent the overflow and detect fill limit. Carrying the model is very easy because it has onboard accessory storage and top handle. The vacuum cleaner has the plastic material which is free from corrosion and can last longer together with a voltage of 120 Volts.

Main features

  • 5-gallon polypropylene tank
  • 2 horsepower motor
  • The auto shut-off
  • Has the top handle
  • Made of plastic material
  • The voltage of 120 Volts

7. CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 16 Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Wet Dry Vac – Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum with Attachments

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If you want a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner model, go for this product, for it has 6.5 peak HP that offers extra power to large projects, mostly in the shop and garage. The rear blowing port ensures there is the quick cleaning of the grass and leaves clippings in the outdoors and garage. Thanks to built-in oversized drain that allow a convenient emptying of the liquids.

Besides, it comes with the added Dual-Flex and a 2-1/2 inch diameter hose that help to resist crushing and kicks. The power cord organizers and the on-board hose storage work to reduce the overall storage space and eliminate unneeded hassle. In a like manner, it has a Qwik lock fastening filter system that allows easy and quick change of wet dry vacuum filter.

Main features

  • Rear blowing port
  • Built-in oversized drain
  • 2-1/2 inch diameter hose
  • Power cord organizers
  • Qwik lock fastening filter system

6. DeWALT DXV06P 6 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac Cleaner

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The DeWALT wet and dry vacuum cleaner is the mains-operated device that, according to the provider, has a peak airpower of 135.5 watts. It has a power cord length of 10 feet and an interior hose diameter of 1.875 inches. The strong handle makes work easier when you want to transport the device.

Thanks to the 4-peak horsepower motor that offers the required amount of suction to most cleanup jobs. The ultra-durable rubberized casters ensure there is smooth swiveling hence facilitating easy movement. More importantly, it has a built-in blower port enough to blow debris and sawdust from any workshop.

Main features

  • Power cord length of 10 feet
  • Has a strong handle
  • 4-peak horsepower motor
  • Ultra-durable rubberized casters
  • Built-in blower port

5. Stanley 6 Gallon Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner – Shop Vac Blower with Powerful Suction

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The Stanley model works with motor power, and according to the manufacturer, it weighs 13.8 pounds. For instance, it has a large capacity of 6 gallons that help to satisfy the normal use of vacuuming a house or a car. The device has a 6-feet hose and a 10-feet power cord that help you to reach remote areas without unplugging it from the unit.

Additionally, it has a rear blower port that helps to convert the vacuum to the power blower. To facilitate easy movement in all directions, it comes with swivel casters. The strong handle makes it easy to carry it, and the large on/off switch helps ensure there is quick and easy access.

Main features

  • The capacity of 6 gallons
  • Has a 6-feet hose
  • 10-feet power cord
  • Has a strong handle
  • Rear blower port

4. Vacmaster Professional Wet Dry Shop Vac, 12 Gallon – Beast Series, 5.5 HP 2-1/2″ Hose

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This model has the high-performance features that help to handle the hardest cleanup projects. Particularly, it has a cord length of 20 feet, airpower of 370 watts, and the voltage of 120v that facilitate its function. Thanks to the blower for you can use it to blow the dirt away from places that are difficult or inaccessible.

Moreover, it has a power cord storage, accessory, and onboard hose to minimize the total storage space and eliminate unneeded hassle.  The flat powerhead helps to store tools on top of a vacuum to ensure easy accessibility. To ensure improved mobility on many surfaces, it comes with the heavy-duty 360° swivel casters.

Main features

  • Cord length of 20 feet
  • Has the blower
  • Power cord storage
  • Flat powerhead
  • Heavy-duty 360° swivel casters

3. Bissell MultiClean Wet/Dry Garage and Auto Vacuum Cleaner

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The Bissell red wet dry Multiclean auto 2035m vacuum cleaner from Bissell red draws the attention with the 11 amp motor that ensures excellent dry and wet cleaning. The device has the six-gallon capacity to ensure the job is done well regardless of it being small or big. Thanks to the blower function that makes it is easy to remove the leaves and other larger debris, which are from outdoor spaces.

Furthermore, it has the two-stage filtration that extends the filter’s life and makes cleaning very easy. This ensures that foreign objects such as stones are unable to cause an irreparable defect in the filter. Likewise, it comes with the auto tool kit that involves the crevice tool, precision wet, suction tool, an upholstery brush, among others.

Main features

  • Has six-gallon capacity
  • Has a blower function
  • Comes with two-stage filtration
  • Auto tool kit

2. DEWALT 18/20V Max Wet/Dry Vacuum

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If you are looking for a model that has a washable and reusable filter, then go for this product from DEWALT. Thanks to the HEPA rated wet dry filter that helps trap the dust with the efficiency of 99.97% at 1 micron. Typically, to ensure there is durability, ease of use, and flexibility, it comes with the heavy-duty crush-resistant, which is fully integrated with a 5-inch hose.

There are the accessory storage and onboard hose that make it easy to transport it anywhere you want. In all honesty, it has the nozzle tool attachment and the crevice tool attachment. Also, it requires the charger and the battery with the maximum voltage of 18v or 20v, which is sold separately.

Main features

  • HEPA rated wet dry filter
  • Washable and reusable filter
  • Heavy-duty crush-resistant
  • Crevice tool attachment
  • Nozzle tool attachment

1. Vacmaster Professional Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacmaster has come up with this product with a high performance that helps to handle toughest cleanup projects in the garage, around the shop, or at the Jobsite. Notably, it has a power cord storage and onboard hose that eliminate the unneeded hassle and also minimizes the total storage space. It comes with a 7-inch hose and 18-inch power cord that makes it easy to reach the remote area without the need of unplugging the unit.

Subsequently, the dust on/off switch ensures there is quick control of the power. To ensure the accessories and the hoses are kept neatly within reach, it comes with the integrated onboard storage.  Equally, it has the rugged polypropylene tank, which resists corrosion and impact, making it last for long.

Main features

  • Dust on/off switch
  • Power cord storage
  • Has onboard hose
  • 18-inch power cord
  • Rugged polypropylene tank


If you want to clean your house quickly and efficiently, you need the wet and dry vacuum cleaners. They have a high suction power that offers great versatility for cleaning. The powerful HP motor makes the cleaning of heavy clutter easy and quick. They come with a durable stainless steel tank that lasts longer. With reliable performance and easy control, these products offer great service, which is worth the cost.