The weight distribution hitches are the crucial devices that sit correctly between the vehicle coupler and the trailer. They help to stabilize the trailer by avoiding sagging and swaying, which usually occurs due to the weight of the trailer pressed against the rear of the vehicle. The principle of Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) and Tongue Weight (TW) prevent the trailer from swaying when negotiating a corner. This helps to keep the vehicle on the road. Besides, they are build using steel material to make them robust, resilient, and durable. The sway control integrated is smooth and compensates for all movements of the vehicle and trailer.

There are the springs that help to relieve pressure from the tongue weight of the spring bars. This will help to stabilize the trailer when it is negotiating the corner. The brackets can be adjusted quickly and easily to offer a flexible and versatile experience based on the weight and size of the trailer. It can be a challenge to get the right weight distribution hitch because of many brands in the market, and it means you are careful.

Table of the Best Weight Distribution Hitches Reviews

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10. EAZ LIFT 1,000 lbs Elite Weight Distribution Hitches with Sway Control & Hitch Ball

Weight Distribution Hitches

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EAZ LIFT has come up with this model that has outstanding features that have to undergo a detailed and grueling manufacturing process involving forged-rolled bending and precision drilling. Notably, it comes with the chrome-molybdenum steel grade spring bars that offer comfort when towing to your life’s journey. In the same case, it comes with interchangeable bars that have a smoother ride design offering affirmative latching action.

Additionally, it has the sway control ball and 2-5/16″ hitch ball, which are torqued and pre-installed to specifications of the adjustable ball mounts. It has a maximum tongue weight of about 1,000 lbs together with a maximum gross weight rating of 10,000 lb.  Also, it comes with a chain package and pre-installed U-bolts located on the spring bars.

Main features

  • Has chrome-molybdenum steel grade spring bars
  • Comes with interchangeable bars
  • Has sway control ball and 2-5/16″ hitch ball
  • Maximum tongue weight of about 1,000 lbs
  • Has pre-installed U-bolts

9. CURT 17062 MV Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitches with Sway Control

CURT 17062 MV Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitches with Sway Control

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This model offers improved control and a smoother ride by distributing the trailer tongue weight all over the vehicle-trailer combination. To ensure there is quiet and stable towing, it comes with the integrated lubrication system. In a like manner, the hitch head comes with two grease easy-access zerk fittings that ensure continuous lubrication.

The 31-3/16-inch steel spring bars and fabricated head construction play a significant role by ensuring there is muscular strength. To ensure there is maximum versatility, it comes with a 2-inch adjustable shank, which fits any 2-inch industry-standard trailer hitch receiver. There are the spring bars that are installed underside the WD head made of forged steel to offer optimum strength.

Main features

  • Has an integrated lubrication system
  • Two grease easy-access zerk fittings
  • Has 31-3/16-inch steel spring bars
  • Fabricated head construction
  • 2-inch adjustable shank
  • Has spring bars

8. Husky 30849 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitches with Sway Control

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The unique this about this model is that it comes with outstanding features like sway control and bolt-together ball shank to ensure there is excellent functionality. As an illustration, it comes with a black polyester finish that is rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Thanks to the lift brackets that allow a secure and safe hitch hook-up. The total height adjustment is 8 inches with the shank length of 10 inches, and pin to ball hole of 12-3/4 inch.

Similarly, there are interchangeable spring bars that fit right and left sides of the hitch head. The sway control offers high quality and innovative design with easy and safe operation. In the same case, it comes with a dual-friction brake pad system that offers adjustable and constant sway reduction. Also, it diminishes sway when passing other vehicles and windy conditions.

Main features

  • Has black polyester finish
  • Interchangeable spring bars
  • Total height adjustment of 8 inches
  • Has a sway control
  • Dual-friction brake pad system

7. Camco Chem 48774 Wd R3 1200 Lb Hitch Kit Recurve

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When looking for the distribution hitch model that distributes weight evenly, then go for this product from Camco. For instance, it comes with the top-loading spring bars that offer more ground clearance when compared to other hitches. There is a streamlined design that makes the trailer and the hitch move as one unit and also creates a sleek look.

Furthermore, it has round spring bars and heavy-duty formed heads that have steel material. Thanks to the trailer, sway control to offer fast, easy adjustment, and fast setup. There is a powder coat finish that protects it against chipping, scratching, UV damage, and rust.

Main features

  • Has top-loading spring bars
  • Come with a streamlined design
  • Has round spring bars
  • Powder coat finish
  • Trailer sway control

6. Reese Wd Rb Pro Weight Distribution Hatch with Sway

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Reese comes with this model that has outstanding features to offer everything required to improve safety, performance, and towing right from the box. There are spring bars that ensure there is better weight distribution and resistance from swaying. In the same case, there is heavy duty-hardened steel that ensures there are reliability and durability.

Besides, this hitch model can handle the weight of about 1,000 lbs, which is suitable for different purposes. The welded hitch bar and fabricated head are installed so that they remain fit and durable. More importantly, it has a 10-year warranty that makes it convenient because you can replace it if there is any problem.

Main features

  • Has spring bars
  • Heavy duty-hardened steel
  • Weighs to about 1,000 lbs
  • Has welded hitch bar and fabricated head
  • Has a 10-year warranty

5. Husky Weight Distribution Hitch with Spring Bars – 400 lb. to 600 lb. Tongue Weight

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The husky model combines sway control and weight distribution in one unit with no need to have additional hardware. Notably, it has a weight distribution of 6,000 lbs, which is perfect for almost all vehicles. The hardened and forged steel components deliver long-term durability with excellent service.

Additionally, it has the sway control that delivers superior performance, and also resolve many shortcomings that older technology products brought. Thanks to the head, lift brackets, and spring bars that work to offer an excellent and smooth responsive ride. Also, it is compatible with many trailers you need to tow.

Main features

  • Has weight distribution of 6,000 lbs
  • Hardened and forged steel components
  • Has sway control
  • Has lift brackets and spring bars
  • It is compatible

4. Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO 1500lb Weight Distributing Hitch – Tongue Weight for Standard Coupler with Clamp-On Latches

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This model distributes weight evenly to the trailer and vehicle over the axels to offer stability and control. There is increasing popularity to this hitch because it has come with the spring steel that provides a smooth and soft ride. In all honesty, it comes with sturdy steel construction, which is durable, offering a long-lasting experience.

Installing this hitch model is very easy and straightforward which just requires a few minutes. There is an adjustable spring bar that helps to prevent the vehicle of the trailer from drooling. What is more, it has optimal sway control to offer the smoothest rides.

Main features

  • Has a spring steel
  • Has strong steel construction
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Adjustable spring bar
  • Optimal sway control

3. CURT 17022 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

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CURT model offers improved control and a smoother ride by distributing the trailer weight all over the vehicle-trailer combination. For example, it comes with the optimal sway control aiming to offer safe journeys. The model has 31-5/8-inch steel spring bars and steel-made heads that make it durable and last longer.

The adjustable 2-inch shank ensures there is maximum versatility and fit almost all industry-normal 2-inch trailer hitch receiver. What is more, it comes with a mounted ball, which is adjustable to give the trailer and vehicle the stability needed to move smoothly.  To ensure there are incredible flexibility and adjustability, it has comes with uniform weight distribution.

Main features

  • Has optimal sway control
  • 31-5/8-inch steel spring bars
  • Has steel-made head
  • Adjustable 2-inch shank
  • Has mounted ball
  • Unique weight distribution

2. Equal-i-zer 1,200 Lbs Tongue Weight Distribution Kit

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The model from Equal-i-zer has fantastic features that ensure the trailer and vehicle weight has even distribution regardless of any situation. Mainly, it features an adjustable shank that fits the 2-inch receiver. In the same way, it comes with the sway control that offers resistance, ensuring the trailer is stable when on the road.

Subsequently, two neutral spring bars offer compatibility with any A-frame trailer regardless of whether it is narrow or wide. More importantly, it has a black durable carbide powder coat that makes it durable and withstands rigors. The adjustable support brackets help to ensure the spring bars remain in place and which may be adjusted to fit any towing setup.

Main features

  • Has adjustable shank
  • Two neutral spring bars
  • Has sway control
  • Black durable carbide powder coat t
  • Adjustable support brackets

1. Reese 6,000 lb Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit with Integrated Sway

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The Reese model has a unique design to improve stability to add security and ride control. As an illustration, it comes with the 2-5/16″ hitch ball, which is torqued and pre-installed to offer proper specifications. The unique weight distribution feature ensures the trailer front remains firm, balance, and intact on the road.

Besides, it has high-quality steel material that plays a big of ensuring there are durability and longer life. In all honesty, it comes with the spring bars that offer sway control and excellent weight distribution. Also, it is compatible where it fits almost all vehicles or trailers you need to tow.

Main features

  • Has 2-5/16″ hitch ball
  • Has unique weight distribution
  • High-quality steel material
  • Has spring bars
  • It is compatible


The weight distribution hitches are essential devices for anyone who has the trailer and needs to have to ensure there is a safe drive on the road. These devices safely stabilize the trailer when negotiating the corner. Also, they help to save energy in the long run because driving becomes more efficient. If you want the model that will meet all your needs, then go for these products, and you will enjoy these features. Typically, they offer everything needed for safe and high performance towing.