Do you want to heat your home with ambiance and beauty? Well, you can accomplish that and much more with electric wall mounted fireplaces. It’s a versatile and solid alternative to old fireplaces. Not to mention, it provides practical and customizable fire effects without the smoke. What’s more, it offers zero maintenance with no slag to clean. Whether you want to upgrade to a new one or looking for something fancier, there’s a fireplace out there that will meet your requirements.

We have excellent wall mount electric fireplace reviews to help you find such a model. We vote Touchstone 80001 Onyx as the best overall. This model is almost a gold-standard for wall mount electric fireplaces. Not to mention, it ticks the boxes in all key areas. But, there’s a ton more that might suit your needs. Read more to find out.

Table of the Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces Reviews

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10. Touchstone 80004 – Sideline Most Realistic Electric Fireplace

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

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Touchstone brand is the gold standard for wall mount electric fireplaces. For the record, it has a rich selection of cutting-edge fireplaces. Among the most notable is Touchstone 80004. Few models can match its ambiance and warmth. It’s one elegant fireplace with a stunning performance.

First, this 50-inch fireplace offers impressive heat capacity. At high setting, it can heat and area of up to 400 square feet. Also, you can choose between low heat and high heat output.

The heat capacity isn’t the only attractive feature of Touchstone 80004. It also offers realistic flames. The best part, you have control over the color and intensity of the flame. You can choose from among three flame colors. Not to mention, five settings for flame intensity. So, regardless of the mood, this fireplace will suffice.

To add to the ambiance, Touchstone 80004 has a realistic firebox. Here, you can switch between glass crystals and a faux log set. You can settle for the log set for a traditional look or the glass crystals for a contemporary feel.

All settings are done via remote. So, it’s real quick and easy with the lift of your hand.


Touchstone 80004 adds to the ambiance of any interior dramatically. Overall, it provides a stunning mix of elegance and value.

9. Mystflame Electric Wall Fireplace – In-Wall Recessed and Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater 1500/750W

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

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This 36-inch electric fireplace isn’t from a brand many can familiarize with. Nonetheless, first-hand users can attest to its flawless performance. Like most modern units, it adopts a stylish slim design. Hence, it accentuates most home decor.

Myst Flame fireplace has realistic flame effects. Not to mention, it’s fully customizable. You can choose from three flame colors and flame intensity. Also, it has a built-in timing function of 1 to 9 hours. The beauty of it all, you choose your setting via remote control.

There are two heat settings for the cold season. It goes from 62 degrees to as high as 86 degrees. What’s more, this electric fireplace has vents for better heat transfer. Overall, it can heat up a space as large as 450 square feet.

Myst Flame is open to two fuel bed options. There’s the log set effect for those that crave for a traditional look. Not to mention, crystal effect for a modern appeal.


Myst Flame fireplace offers a more realistic appearance with stunning beauty. It’s excellent for anyone looking for a slim look in an electric fireplace.

8. Touchstone Ivory White Wall-Hanging Heated Electric Fireplace

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

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Touchstone brand continues to offer high-quality, innovative fireplaces. Touchstone Ivory is among the most affordable. It’s a contemporary fireplace that requires little to zero maintenance.

Touchstone Ivory is a relatively large fireplace, measuring 50 inches long. However, it weighs only 46 pounds. Hence, you can easily hang it on the wall single-handed.

The fireplace puts you in complete control over the flame and heat output. For instance, it offers two heat settings for the cold nights. Not to mention, a 5-level flame brightness and intensity.

This elegant home decor doesn’t lack safety features. It has a built-in timer for automatic shutoff. Based on your needs, you can set it anywhere from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.

Artificial logs and crystal hearth create a realistic fireplace. All are behind a tempered glass for added durability.


Touchstone Ivory guarantees your money’s worth. It’s safe, efficient, and combines elegance and functionality in one package.

7. Touchstone 80001 – Onyx  Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces with 1500/750W Timer & Remote

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces with 1500/750W Timer & Remote

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Touchstone Onyx is the best definition of perfection. It doesn’t cost a fortune. However, it lends a lavish appeal and extravagant beauty.

Aside from the great look and finish, this fireplace boasts excellent heat capacity. It has a powerful 5100 BTU fan. Hence, it can heat a large space within minutes. For the record, it can heat spaces to 400 square feet.

The realistic flame gives a remarkably calming effect. You can choose from five brightness levels. Not to mention, the color and the intensity of the flame. Also, it has a timer control of between 30 minutes and seven hours.

As with most electric fireplaces, it offers the options of a log set and crystals. As per your needs, you can choose between a laid-back effect or the touch of modernity.


Touchstone Onyx adopts a more fabulous and stylish look than its counterparts. If you need a performance way beyond the price, then Touchstone Onyx is your best bet.

6. Northwest Wall Mount Electric Fireplace with Remote

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Northwest fireplace offers comfort and a picturesque scene during the cold nights. It has a modern contemporary look and uses LED lights that pretty much lasts forever.

Unlike most models, Northwest doesn’t use the standard log set. Instead, it has clear crystals that mimic fire and ice. The fun part, you can change the crystals to any color to suit your mood. On the whole, there are three flame colors to choose from.

Northwest electric fireplace might look pretty standard compared to high-end models. However, it provides a heating capacity beyond its price range. It can heat 400 square feet. Also, it has low and high heat settings.

The remote control is another feature that caught our attention. You can use it to achieve the ambiance you desire, all at the touch of a button.


There’s a ton of reasons to go for the Northwest electric fireplace. It’s easy and convenient to use. And at 36 inches, it’s perfect for anyone with limited space.

5. JAMFLY Modern Electric Fireplace Insert – Ultra-Thin Lightweight LED Fireplace Heater

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This electric fireplace offers charming beauty and stunning performance. Also, it has some improvements. For instance, it’s thinner and lighter than previous models. So, it’s worth it for anyone that wants to create a beautiful wall mount effect.

The sweet spot of this electric fireplace is in the flame effects. It has 12 flame effects. Not to mention, it provides up to 144 color combinations. Hence, you can use your creativity and imagination to create the most comfortable atmosphere.

Two heat settings make it easier to customize the temperature. At max, it can heat 400 square feet. Despite the power, it operates quietly. Plus, it has an automatic kill switch to prevent overheating.

A crystal of stones provides a vivid flame effect, adding warmth and a dazzling ambiance. This wall mount fireplace comes with remote control. Hence, you can control it from anywhere without standing up.


This electric fireplace offers an ultra-thin design that warms your home in style. All in all, it’s a wonderful fireplace that’s both practical and beautiful.

4. Homedex Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace Inserts with Touch Screen Control Panel – 750/1500W

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Homedex fireplace creates a cozy focal point in any home. It’s a feature-rich unit with touchscreen buttons that provide a unique user experience.

Ultra-high intensity LED provides a mesmerizing flame. It gives a dazzling display with a choice of nine colors. Alongside the colors is a realistic flame effect. You can choose the log set or go for the contemporary crystal stones. Also, you can switch between five intensity levels.

The Homedex fireplace is pretty powerful, providing up to 1500 watts of heat. But you can settle for a minimum of 750 watts. What’s more, it has impressive coverage of 400 square feet. The heating temperature ranges from 62 to 82 degrees.

This fireplace comes with a countdown timer to turn it off. Depending on your needs, you can set the timer to between 1 and 8 hours.


Homedex electric fireplace offers year-round ambiance. Plus, it’s fully customizable to your liking. It’s excellent for anyone looking for an affordable, well-made electric fireplace.

3. Napoleon Allure NEFL32FH Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

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The Napoleon Allure fireplace is functional art that blends into any space. It adopts an ultra-slim design, only 5 inches. Hence, it doesn’t intrude into your space.

This fireplace offers a ton of options. Take, for instance, the flame. You can choose between a traditional orange color or a cool blue flame. Alternatively, you can settle for a beautiful combination of the two.

Napoleon Allure uses a glass ember bed. It adds a clean, contemporary look. Additionally, the heat output is a robust 5,000 BTU. It can quickly heat rooms as large as 400 square feet.

The light-up control buttons will catch your attention. They illuminate during use and dim out once done. Also, this fireplace comes complete with a remote control that puts you in charge with the touch of a button.


Napoleon Allure offers a practical, space-saving solution. It’s excellent for those looking for a fireplace that’s a piece of cake to install.

2. ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium Wall Mounted Infrared Fireplace with Glass Frame

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Excellent supplemental heating makes this fireplace a real treat. It claims to heat spaces to 1000 square feet. Well, that’s something that most models hardly achieve.

The Classic Flame fireplace gives 5,200 BTU of heat. That’s an outstanding performance. To liven up things, it has a fire crackle sound. With it, you get to enjoy the impact of popping flame. For the record, this is a feature you only get in top-of-the-line fireplaces.

Moreover, this fireplace uses infrared quartz to generate heat. It offers the advantage of comfortable heat without dryness. Hence, it’s able to maintain the natural humidity in the air.

Decorative LED lights offer five color options. Not to mention, adjustable flame intensity. So, you can easily coordinate your needs.


The Classic Flame fireplace offers remarkable flexibility and an appealing outline. If you want a larger heating zone, this fireplace will suffice.

1. W FLAME Wall Mount Electric Fireplace – Freestanding & Recessed Electric Stove Heater

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Most wall mount fireplaces provide only a handful of flame effects. Well, here’s a model that gives more. The best part, the multi-operation modes are entirely automatic.

This fireplace has five color modes for the flame and the log set. Not to mention, five flame speeds and brightness modes. So, it easily offers the ambiance you need.

There are two heat settings between 1500 and 750 watts. At maximum, it has a heat coverage of 400 square feet. Also, there’s a timer function of up to 8 hours for safety purposes.

A touchscreen display and brick wall design add more charm to this fireplace. Additionally, it has an impressive remote control range of up to 8 meters.


This fireplace provides the convenience of multi-operating modes. It offers robust heating and keeps natural humidity in balance. If you need something that provides a cozy ambiance with a ton of features, this fireplace is for you.