Swimming is an excellent form of workout, fun, and has no age limit. But darkness can come in your way, cutting short the hours of fun and relaxation. And it gets worse when you have guests to entertain. Maybe it’s high time you consider underwater pool lights. They illuminate the pool area, creating ambiance, and ensuring your safety as you swim at night. So, what’s the best pool lights for nighttime swimmers?

This article introduces you to the best underwater lights for the money. For the editor’s choice, we go for Loftek Submersible LED Light. It provides versatile mounting, lighting effects, and a long-lasting battery to add hours of fun. But we have a ton of other decent models that provide impeccable durability and performance. Read more to find out the model that suits you best.

Table of the Best Underwater Pool Lights Reviews

10. LOFTEK Submersible Waterproof LED Pool Lights for Inground Pool

Underwater Pool Lights

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Loftek submersible lights adopt an innovative design and updated functions. It combines both magnets and suction cups for versatile mounting options. Use the magnet to attach to metal surfaces or the suction cup to smooth surfaces.

Most underwater lights have 10 LEDs on average. So, with 13 LEDs, this pool light is up to three times brighter. Not to mention, larger than average for better light dispersion.

There are 16 dynamic colors with dimmable function. Also, this pool light has multiple modes. You can choose between flash, fade, and smooth mode. Plus, there are four timer functions of 2, 4, 6, and 24 hours. And with a memory function, this submersible light gives you more options while creating a beautiful atmosphere.

Moreover, this pool light boasts a more than average remote control. Instead of standard infrared, it uses radiofrequency technology. Hence, it provides more range, both in and out of the water. It has a range of 164 feet in the air and 6.6 feet submerged. Well, that’s three times the range of standard remote control.

The improved battery life is another significant feature. It lasts 20 hours, three times longer than standard AAA batteries.

Loftek comes with updated waterproofing features. The thick sealing ring, in particular, makes it impenetrable. Thanks to a diving iron, this underwater light stays steady and doesn’t float.


Overall, this underwater pool light has twice the performance of average models. After all, it’s a best-seller for a reason.

9. Qoolife Magnetic RGBW Colorful Waterproof Submersible LED Lights for Pool and Pond

Qoolife Magnetic RGBW Colorful Waterproof Submersible LED Lights for Pool and Pond

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Qoolife is another pool light that witnesses continuous upgrades. Hence, it offers high-tech features than last-generation underwater lights.

Let’s start with lighting effect and brightness. It uses LED chips to provide pure-white light. Not to mention, it has seven static colors and five dynamic modes. So, it gives a brighter and beautiful atmosphere. Also, there are four timing functions of 0.5, 1, 2, and 3 hours to improve the experience.

The remote sensitivity is one area that deserves a thumbs up. It has a range of 200 feet in the air and 6 feet underwater.

Also, this pool light offers flexible ways to fix to a wall. You can use the magnet to attach to iron items or the mounting hole to hang from a nail. What’s more, it has suction cups that mount to smooth surfaces, such as glass and mirrors.

A gasket and outer O-ring make this pool light exceptionally waterproof. It’s impenetrable up to a depth of 30 feet. The battery life doesn’t disappoint either. Based on usage, it can last 10 to 12 hours.


Qoolife RBGW is the brand’s latest version. It claims improved features and performance. And from what we can see, this pool light delivers as promised.

8. S.R. Smith FLED-TM-C-50 12V & 2W Treo Micro Pool Light LED

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Treo micro-light is a tad expensive than the others on the list. However, it beautifies and simplifies pool lighting to a larger extent.

We love the advanced color functionality. It has six color options to match your needs. Not to mention, two light shows to add to the mood. Well, it doesn’t end there. This pool light also has two advanced options, including the color wheel and dimming. Overall, this pool accent light offers 49 color variations.

Treo micro-light comes with four color rings to match the pool surface. Also, it’s available in three configurations, opening you to more choices. It comes in 2 watts, 5 watts, or 7 watts. Also, there are four cord length options of 30, 50, 80, and 150 feet.


On the whole, not many pool lights can match the accent lighting of Treo micro-light. It’s the best choice for lighting underwater pool features, including steps and shelves.

7. KINGLUX Waterproof LED Light Strip Super Bright DC12V 25W SMD3528 300LEDs – IP68 LED Underwater Light

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King Lux is another high-quality, super-bright pool light. It comes in the form of a strip. At 5 meters long, you can cut it into any length you desire.

For an LED strip, 1875 lumens of lighting makes this pool light stand out. Not to mention, it has cool-white 6000K color temperature. It’s more like daylight and with a futuristic glow. As intense as it is, the super bright light remains gentle on your eyes.

Moreover, this LED strip affords a fully dimmable function. However, you’ll need a dimmer controller. But that isn’t a deal-breaker.

This pool light has the highest waterproofing of any LED strip. The 100% silicon gel makes it impenetrable and provides excellent resistance to dust and salt.

King Lux also prides itself on low power consumption. It draws only 25 watts. Again, it has an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours. The package comes complete with tape, glue, and clips for easy setup.


Overall, this LED strip provides flexible and easy installation. It’s easily customizable and long enough to illuminate the entire pool.

6. Smart Lite LED Underwater Pool Lights for Pool Stairs, Steps and Deck or floating

Smart Lite LED Underwater Pool Lights for Pool Stairs, Steps and Deck or floating

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At full blast, Smart Lite LED leaves your pool glowing. It’s a fuss-free pool light with a pretty straightforward setup. You can mount on a bracket or hang inside the pool. The best part, no hardware is required to install the lights.

The brightness is adjustable to your preferences. Not to mention, you can toggle between 16 color options. It doesn’t end there. You also have a choice of 4 color-changing modes.

It’s impressive how long this LED pool light holds a charge. It provides 10 to 12 hours of lighting. Moreover, it comes with a charging base that gives a full charge in 2 hours.


All in all, Smart Lite is a decent choice that will liven up your pool. And with a variety of vivid colors, it also adds a decorative touch.

5. ANTOPY Submersible Small LED Light – Waterproof Underwater Fountain Tealights

ANTOPY Submersible Small LED Light - Waterproof Underwater Fountain Tealights

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This pool light goes by many names. However, it’s a high-quality performance that makes it one of the best on the market. It provides a fantastic, multi-color illumination in an instant.

The IP67 waterproof rating is a nice touch. Though it’s a bit lower than other models, it allows for total immersion of up to one meter. Also, it has excellent resistance to dust.

The IR remote looks standard. But don’t let that fool you. It has an impressive range of up to 6 meters under the water.

This pool light has versatile lighting effects. You can adjust the brightness or change lighting mode. Overall, you can toggle between 4 lighting modes and 13 colors.

You can enjoy 24 hours of lighting from the replaceable lithium batteries. The package includes ten lights, enough to mount at every corner of your pool.


Altogether, this mini pool light isn’t the best out there. However, it provides a fantastic display of color. Not to mention, it’s a go-to choice for anyone on a tight budget.

4. Sta-Rite Swim Quip Underwater Swimming Pool Lights And Spa Light

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It’s the most expensive on our list. Not to mention, it draws the most power. However, there’s no denying the fact that Sta-Rite is the most powerful underwater pool light.

Most people use multiple lights to illuminate the pool. Well, it can take precious time and effort to install. So, why not save yourself the trouble by using one strong pool light? At 500 watts, this spa light brings the entire pool to life.

The high-impact lens reflects light throughout the pool for better coverage. However, it’s not overly intense, hence minimizing glare.

Moreover, this pool light comes with a 50-foot power cord. Also, it’s compatible with a circuit interrupter. As such, you can use it with peace of mind.


If you have the dough and a large pool to light, Spa-Rite will make an excellent choice. Also, it draws power from the mains, eliminating the need to recharge batteries.

3. CNBRIGHTER 54W RGB Color Changing LED Underwater Swimming Pool Lights

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Like Sta-Rite, this is another top-of-the-line pool light that draws power from the mains. And as the name suggests, this pool light is one of the brightest out there.

The 45-degree beam angle provides excellent coverage. Plus, you get ten full-color settings. There’s a choice of seven single colors and three color-changing modes.

At a depth of up to 2 feet below the waterline, the light is easy to control via the RF remote. One thing that sets the remote control part is the memory function. It goes back to the last mode, hence no need to pick your setting each time you use it.

This pool light comes in 304 stainless steel housing. It’s durable and resistant to corrosion. Not to mention, it has an IP68 waterproof rating. Hence, it’s safe for total immersion.

At 54 watts, this LED offers ample lighting. Also, it comes with a 50-foot cord. This pool light mounts on the surface of the wall.


The price tag is higher than most models. However, we love the coverage and smart features. Overall, it’s excellent for anyone who needs a bright and colorful LED for the entire pool.

2. Creatrek Submersible Led Lights – Remote Controlled Waterproof Multi-Color Underwater Lights for Pond and Party

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This LED allows you to enjoy life inside your pool. It provides ample illumination and creates a magical atmosphere. All the while, it ranks among the most affordable pool lights on the market.

It comes in a pack of four, each with remote control. The RF remote offers an impressive signal range of 30 feet. Not to mention, it has a memory function that saves your last setting.

You can press the up and down buttons to adjust the brightness. Not to mention, change between 16 static colors. Also, this pool light has four dynamic color-changing modes. It allows the lights to change color automatically.

The light has ten super bright LED chips. It isn’t as many as other high-end models. However, it’s hard to beat for the price. Moreover, it has excellent coverage while remaining gentle on your eyes.

This pool light uses 3 AAA batteries. Though not included in the package, it’s not much of an issue. The batteries provide up to 12 hours of lighting.


This LED lacks fancy features of other models, such as timing function. However, for the price, it offers more than you can ask for. It’s an excellent choice for a budget LED pool light.

1. Poolmaster Swimming Pool Light and Spa LED Light

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The Pool Master brand needs no introduction. It’s a leader in spa and pool products. Not to mention, unwavering commitment to quality. Hence, this pool light is from a brand with a proven track record.

At 5.75 inches, this pool light is among the largest. And with the large size, comes a brighter display. Also, you can toggle between two levels of brightness. Though it comes with remote control, manual operation is also possible.

Silicone gel seals off the water. Hence, it can float safely on the water surface or submerge by mounting on the wall of your pool. For the record, it comes with a magnet, making it easy to mount to steel walls.


Pool Master is a versatile choice, both for in-ground and above-ground pools. It comes from a world-renown brand with a good name to back it up.

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