Handling the trash is one of the most troublesome things that every house owner has to face. Well, there are several trash cans available in the market. But they look odd and simmer down the glamour of your interior. Furthermore, you will not be able to contain the odor at all. Well, the best thing you do is to opt for stainless steel trash cans. These garbage cans are completely fingerprint resistant and smudge-proof. Furthermore, it contains the odor completely. Also, these cans come with special wheels and look exceptionally well. Thus, you will have no trouble using the product.

With so many points to look at, we have come up with some stainless steel garbage can recommendations. So, if it meets your requirements and then proceeds to buy it.

Table of the Best Stainless Steel Trash Cans Reviews

10. iTouchless Stainless Steel Step Trash Can – Pedal Garbage Bin for Kitchen

Stainless Steel Trash Cans

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iTouchless has an awesome garbage can. It will help you immensely with your waste management and increase hygiene in your home. The can is from high-quality stainless steel so that it can last you for years. It can resist rusting and corrosion and its polished surface look good wherever you place it in your home. You can use it in your kitchen, in the toilet or anywhere else. Next, its capacity isn’t low either. It can hold around 13 gallons of garbage of most kinds and keep it free from the surroundings in a sealed manner.  You won’t have to worry about bad odor from accumulated garbage. Hence, it also has Absorbx technology which uses an advanced filter.

This stainless steel garbage can filter keeps foul odor in check so that you have a clean and fresh smelling room. To open the can you get a large steel pedal at the bottom. Thus, you don’t have to touch the lid when it isn’t necessary.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t get stained or attract fingerprint on its body.
  • The durable pedal can last rigorous use and is rated to endure over 200,000 steps.
  • Since it has a 2 year warranty period, you can make the necessary replacements as needed.

9. simplehuman 50 Liter Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can

simplehuman 50 Liter Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can

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When it comes to finding excellent rectangular stainless steel garbage can then this one is a great choice. Simplehuman always stays ahead of the curve of innovation and this trash can is a testament to their achievements. It features a strong steel pedal that is rated to last you for more than 150,000 steps.

You can use it for two decades even when you step on it 20 times each day. The trash can also feature dampers. These work well to absorb the blow from the lid and make it close without a sound.

Key features:

  • With a 10 year warranty period, it’s going to last long enough to store the entire dump.
  • Has inbuilt wheels so that you can move the can easily even when it’s filled with heavy trash.
  • Furthermore, its lid has such a design that it will never hit the wall.

8. AmazonBasics Rectangular Stainless Steel Bathroom Trash Can

Stainless Steel Bathroom Trash Can

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AmazonBasics never disappoints with their top of the line products and it holds for their garbage cans as well. Their garbage can from the brand may look ordinary. However, gives the competition a run for their money due to its amazing price. The can is of stainless steel and its rounded rectangular shape makes it an aesthetic addition to your home. Since it is made out of stainless steel, it can resist damage from the elements. As a matter of fact, you can place it anywhere, even in the bathroom.

Thinking about stainless steel garbage can capacity? You won’t run out of space easily either since this can hold around 50 liters of trash. That means you can stretch out the disposal chores and make fewer trips saving both time and energy.

Key features:

  • The Interior is from durable plastic that doesn’t react with most things and stays as good as new.
  • Cleaning the can is effortless and quick.
  • To place or remove liners the lid can also stay open for as long as you want.

7. GLAD 20 Gallon Metal Trash Can with Lid

Metal Trash Can with Lid

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Compared to standard trash cans with a 13-gallon capacity, this one is a behemoth with a volume of 20 gallons. Even if you have a large family, this trash can fulfill your needs. Hence, make your wait for the garbage truck less frequent. Despite its large capacity, it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space.

Its base is small and it makes use of its height to store more of your trash. Finally, it is also compatible with most 20-gallon trash bags so that you don’t have problems using it.

Key features:

  • Has a compartment at the back to store extra trash bags.
  • Bag rings help you to keep the trash bags neat and tucked.
  • Furthermore, the noiseless stainless steel garbage can comes with cloroxtm odor protection technology. Hence, you will not have to worry about odor either.

6. BestOffice 13 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can – Automatic Touchless Kitchen Garbage Cans

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Traditional trash cans provide more nuisance than an advantage. They are noisy, add clutter, and worst of all, aren’t that hygienic since you need to touch the lid due to some reason. This automatic stainless steel garbage can from BestOffice takes a smarter route for the waste disposal at your home. It looks beautiful with its stainless steel color and has rounded walls that make for a cylindrical streamlined shape. It doesn’t stand out like an eyesore in your beautiful home, but blends in with the decor. To open the lid you need to press a single button. There is no noise or squeaks.

If you don’t want to touch the button, there’s no problem. It has a sensor that detects when you wave your hand over the can and opens the lid automatically. There’s no long wait time or delays either. The lid opens within less than half a second and accepts your trash.

Key features:

  • There is no odor problem since infrared technology keeps the surrounding air fresh.
  • With a large 13 gallon capacity and odor control, you can get away with fewer garbage hauling trips to the front yard.
  • Weighs less than 10 pounds and it’s easy to clean.

5. NINESTARS B07VCGJKDJ 13 Gallon Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

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When you buy stainless steel trash cans from the competition, they have subpar quality with an inferior surface that attracts unlimited fingerprints. This one from Ninestars is made differently with quality as the primary priority. Even its surface is specially made to be free from fingerprints and reduce the hassles of maintenance on your part. You also get a two year warranty period with this trash can. So, one can make your purchase with fewer worries.

Besides, the trash won’t fail you since it is from high-grade T430 stainless steel. So, it will endure the rough and extreme usage.

Key features:

  • The lid can be opened with a foot pedal, no need for hand contact.
  • This has a capacity of 13 gallons that is pretty high.
  • Recessed lines make it easy for placing and removing trash bags

4. Home Zone Living 8 Gallon Commercial Trash Can for Kitchen

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One of the major advantages of using this trash can is its small footprint. It has a tall profile with its height making up most of the volume. So, even if you have a small home you can easily use this can and even keep it in tight corners saving valuable real estate. It also features a strong and reinforced hinge which controls the speed of the lid. You won’t have to deal with hard and loud slams.

The lid will close slowly and silently without spooking your pets. Moreover, it is of stainless steel that gives it a rust-free nature as well as shine.

Key features:

  • The lid can be kept open with the tap of your finger for replacing liners.
  • Bag tuck band at the back removes the need for typing your bag down.
  • The non-slip base doesn’t leave a scratch on your expensive floor.

3. AmazonBasics D-Shaped Soft-Close 50L Trash Can

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Another great trash can from AmazonBasics that comes in a unique shape and has stellar build quality. Due to its D-shape, it can go into tight corners and looks unique. You don’t have an ugly tub of mesh stainless steel in your room that produces odor and invites diseases. The stainless steel used for making this can is also special. As a matter of fact, it keeps the surface of the can free from smudges and fingerprints. You don’t need to go on cleaning duty so often.

Finally, rubber pods at the base keep the can from slipping or leaving scratches on your floor. Hence, remains good and new.

Key features:

  • The Interior plastic bucket makes the removal of trash bags effortless and neat.
  • Moreover, the lid of the product will stay open as long as you want.

2. Rubbermaid Stainless Steel Metal Trash Can for Home and Kitchen

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Rubbermaid has produced a can that helps you manage your garbage without ruining the vibe of your carefully decorated home. It has a modern sleek design and the stainless steel finish looks gorgeous no matter where you place this. Clean lines come down from the top and the beveled details make it look even better. There is no risk of injuries either since it doesn’t have any sharp edges. Near the base, you get a large steel foot pedal that lets you open up the lid without any problems. No need to touch anything dirty when you can do it this way.

The lid doesn’t disturb the peace at home either. It has a better tension hinge which slowly closes the lid. Hence, doesn’t just slam it every time you dump something inside the garbage can.

Key features:

  • Heavy trash won’t force open the lid since the can has a liner cinch to handle that problem.
  • Made to last a long time and the plastic that has been used to make this isn’t susceptible to corrosion.
  • Maintenance is easy and effortless,

1. SONGMICS 16 Gallon Double Recycle Pedal Bin – 30L Garbage Bin

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Another unique piece of trash can from Songmics that will blow you away with its distinct form and innovative design. In this single can you get two separate compartments. This allows for better waste management. You can separate the recyclables from the regular trash easily and reduce your carbon footprint.

Furthermore, it is also great for dorms where responsibilities can be easily shared without conflict. Its 60-liter capacity is also generous at its price and it’s hard to come after a better deal than this one.

Key features:

  • The lid keeps your trash airtight to prevent the spread of odor.
  • Next, the lid is made from ABS plastic that is almost non-reactive and isn’t corroded easily.
  • Besides, the product is fingerprint-proof. So, you will not have to worry about fingerprint stains and smudge stains.

Keep your free trash-free as well as odour-free as the stainless steel garbage can with a lid will maintain a neat environment. So, stay in a fresh environment and impress your guests with a lovely space to hang out.

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