In the days we are living, technology has made it much easier to develop innovative products, and one of them is the sliding gate openers. These gate openers are the devices or tools that make the gate to open and close automatically with the help of a remote control, receiver, or a keyboard. They offer comfort and high security because of incredible features. They come with a motor that has different watts to help the sliding gate opener function. Also, they have the obstruction device that makes the gate to reverse and stop automatically to keep anything passing through safe and undamaged.

Typically, the sliding gate openers help you not get out of the car to open the gate in harsh weather. If it is raining or the sun is scorching, you can sit in the car comfortably and let the gate open just by pressing the remote control. Depending on the different brands of sliding gate openers, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Table of the Best Sliding Gate Openers Reviews

10. GATEXPERT Automatic Sliding Gate Openers with AC 110V/60HZ Motor, Wireless Remote

Sliding Gate Openers

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GATEXPERT is the company that has come up with this high-quality gate opener, which is easy to install. Notably, this product is suitable for the gate with a maximum height of 26 feet and with a maximum weight of 1350 lbs. The model has a power supply of 110V/60Hz AC that helps to control the gate opener.

Additionally, this gate opener runs smoothly and quietly after attaining 120℃ when the motor is working for over 15 minutes. The single button mode on a remote control circularly works to control the main engine. It has the obstruction mode that makes the gate reverse or stops if there is anything in between the gate.

Main features

  • The power supply of 110V/60Hz AC
  • Maximum gate weight of 1350lb
  • The maximum gate length of 26ft
  • Single-button mode
  • Has the obstruction mode
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9. ALEKO AR950NOR-M Rack Driven Sliding Gate Openers for Gates

ALEKO AR950NOR-M Rack Driven Sliding Gate Openers for Gates

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This product works with a maximum gate height of 30 feet and a maximum gate weight of ​​900 pounds. It has a motor of 110-volt, which helps to supply the gate opener with the power. Also, it has two remotes, which are for installation hardware. The soft start and stop system offer pleasant running comfort.

Subsequently, the model has user erasable remote and user-programmable codes. In the same way, there is an aluminum alloy chassis, which is resistant to corrosion and also lightweight for one person to carry it. If there is any obstruction with the gate, the motor will automatically stop and reverse to keep anything passing through undamaged and safe.

Main features

  • Has motor of 110 volt
  • Support gate with a maximum weight of ​​900 pounds
  • User erasable remote code
  • Has user-programmable codes
  • Stop and reverse automatically if any obstacle

8. Ghost Controls TSS1 Single Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Swing Gates

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This is the best product from Ghost Controls that comes with a heavy-duty material. The model has a fast and quiet post mount DIY kit for the swing-type gates. In all honesty, it uses a 12V battery, which is solar power optimized. It moves a swing gate with a maximum height of 20 feet, including decorative, tubular, chain link, ornament, or plantation gate.

Additionally, it has an internal button that stops the motor immediately if there is resistance. The manufacturer has also included the necessary installation fasteners and hardware. There are two hand transmitters and other components that are crucial during the assembly. No high-voltage electrical connections or welding you will require during the installation process.

Main features

  • Fast and quiet post mount DIY kit
  • Support gate with a maximum height of 20 feet
  • Has an internal button
  • Two hand transmitters

7. CO-Z Sliding Automatic Gate Opener – Automatic Sliding Gate Motor for Electric Driveway Gate

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The CO-Z upgraded sliding automatic gate opener has the maximum power of 150W and moves the gate of about 1100 lbs. For example, it has the stop-limit that helps to improve the range memory. The two remote controls work over a distance of around 98.4 feet, and this depends on the environment. This gate opener is considered reliable by many people because you don’t have to get out of your car to open the gate.

Besides, it comes with a rechargeable battery that stores power to be used during brownouts or emergencies in the neighborhood. Also, it has an auto-stop design that will stop when faced with a person or an obstacle. Even more, it has a 1-year warranty, which is convenient in case of a mechanical problem, and you need a replacement.

Main features

  • Maximum power of 150 watt
  • Support maximum weight of 1100 lbs
  • Two remote controls
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Has a 1-year warranty
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6. Ghost Controls TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Solar Powered Gate Opener for Swing Gates

Solar Powered Gate Opener for Swing Gates

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When looking for the fast and quiet gate opener, go for this model. Notably, it has a remarkable tractive power of 10 watts and a battery of 12V, which is supported by solar energy. The installation process is straightforward because it uses commonly available tools.  According to the manufacturer, it is perfect for the gate swing of about 20 feet.

Similarly, it comes with a 10W solar panel that charges the motor, which assists the gate opener to function. Besides, it has obstacle detection, which provides safety when the object or a person is passing through, and the gate is about to close. Also, this model gives an 18-month warranty on the engine. You also benefit from the gate opener because it does not require high-voltage electrical connections or welding.

Main features

  • Tractive power of 10 watt
  • It is solar power capable
  • Easy to install
  • Has 10W solar panel
  • Has an 18-month warranty

5. Homeland Hardware Dual Swing Gate Openers

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For the homeowner, they need this gate opener because it has a maximum height of 16 feet. The device can support the single swing gate with a maximum weight of 550 pounds. There is a soft stop function, and sensor soft start that ensures the gate opens or closes safely.

To create adequate protection against trapping for people and objects, this model has an obstruction sensor.  In a like manner, it comes with an emergency release key that will work in case of a power failure. Also, it has a digital display that indicates the menu and running situation.

Main features

  • Support maximum weight of 550 pounds
  • Soft stop function
  • Sensor soft start
  • Has an obstruction sensor
  • Has digital display

4. ALEKO Rack Driven AR2050NOR-M Sliding Gate Opener with Remote

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When you get this model, you will discover that the assembling process is straightforward, which makes you use it immediately.  The model has the obstacle device that reverses and stops if it encounters a person or obstruction when opening and closing. The gate opener can open the gate that has a maximum weight of 2000 pounds.

Similarly, it has user erasable remote and user-programmable codes that support about six remotes. Alternatively, the gate opener helps the sliding gate that has a height of up to 60 feet. There is an aluminum alloy chassis that resists corrosion and lightweight to be carried by one person.

Main features

  • Has an obstacle device
  • Maximum weight of 2000 pounds
  • User erasable remote code
  • User-programmable codes
  • Aluminum alloy chassis
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3. ALEKO AC1400ACC Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener and Accessory Kit for Gates

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The sliding gate opener from ALEKO can offer safety to your family because of a dependable and robust gate motor of 110 watts. It supports massive gates of up to 1400 pounds and a length of 50 feet. To ensure there is safety, the model has the obstruction device that stops or reverses if sense a person or an obstacle.

With this model, has the aluminum alloy chassis that makes the opener last long because it is corrosion-resistant. In the same way, it has a heavy-duty motor that supports the function of the opener. Typically, this gate opener is very crucial because you don’t have to leave your car to go and open it.

Main features

  • Support gates of up to 1400 pounds
  • Has an obstruction device
  • Aluminum alloy chassis
  • Has heavy-duty motor

2. Ghost Controls TDS2 Dual Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Swing Gates

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The GHOST CONTROLS Company has another quite popular gate opener that is quiet and fast when opening the gate. As an illustration, it comes with a motor of 12 Volts and quickly opens the gate weighing up to 43.2 pounds. Also, it can support the gate height that does not exceed 1,000 ft. This product has the tube brackets that help to install the gate openers onto the tubular gates.

Furthermore, it has a ghost code that allows authorized keypads, vehicle sensors, and remote transmitters to be activated, keeping it secure and safe from hackers. The model is battery operated and needs the battery box kit. Also, it does not require high-voltage electrical connection or welding when you want to install it.

Main features

  • Has tube brackets
  • Has ghost code
  • Comes with a motor of 12 Volts
  • It is battery operated

1. ALEKO AR2750NOR Rack Driven Sliding Gate Opener for Gates 

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Aleko has come up with this gate opener, which has fantastic features that can make you buy it. For example, it has an aluminum alloy chassis that is resistant to corrosion, making it last longer. In the same way, you can carry it by yourself because it is lightweight. The presence of a 110V AC gate motor offers an exceptional starting torque to the gate opener.

Besides, it supports the gate that has a maximum weight of 2700 pounds and a maximum length of 40 feet. Two remotes have codes that are user erasable and user-programmable. To facilitate safety, it has an obstruction device that reverses or stops if it encounters a person or an object.

Main features

  • Aluminum alloy chassis
  • 110V AC gate motor
  • Has two remotes
  • Has an obstruction device


Closing and opening the door should not be a difficult task and should not expose you to the risk of attacks or unauthorized access. With the sliding gate openers, you can open the gate quickly and comfortably, which means you will only need to press the remote control. With the above sliding gate openers, you will be guaranteed excellent service and maximum safety. These products also facilitate reliability, safety, durability, and smooth operation.

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