A robot dog toy can be perfect for making your children happy. It comes with multiple features, and some then interact with you. With a robot dog toy, there will be many benefits. It can respond, walk, take, sit, and jump. You can easily find one that can reciprocate emotions like happiness and sadness. It serves great for your little one and lets them say entertained for a long time. You can conveniently power it with the help of batteries or a rechargeable battery. Check out the following list of the best robot dog toys.

Best Robot Dog Toys  Reviews

10. Fisca Remote Control Dog Toy for Kids

Robot Dog Toys

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Playing is fun with this interactive robot dog toy. From your toddlers to growing children, this toy develops imaginations in kids. Moreover, the remote-controlled pet toy is an ideal alternative to real puppies. This toy is the best way to handle the tantrums of little munchkins. However, this robot dog includes three dance modes with music.

The premium-quality plastic construction feels poke-free and non-toxic. Furthermore, the voice-controlled function lets your children command their electronic dog. You can put voice commands to make this toy dog perform stunts. Nevertheless, this toy runs on a rechargeable 3.7-volt rechargeable battery. You can activate the interaction function by touching the chin of this piece.


  • Involves harmless plastic construction.
  • Includes an intelligent interaction function.
  • The design looks proportionate and flawless.

9. Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Toys

Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Toys

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Keeping your children busy becomes effortlessly by owning this pet toy. This dog toy is also the best choice for real dogs for children. However, this toy can calm down weary or lonely toddlers. This remote-controlled robot toy runs on a 7.4-volt rechargeable battery. Moreover, the voice-controlling function lets you command your pet to function accordingly.

This programmable function also matches the needs of individuals. Furthermore, you can use it as a present for 3 to 9-years old kids. Your pet toy can talk, sing, dance, and perform stunts at your command. However, this smart toy is capable of mimicking the voices of ten animals.


  • Comes with a cool appearance.
  • Copies life-like movements and stunts.
  • Simulates the voices of different animals.

8. SGILE Best Interactive Robot Dog Toys

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This RC dog can help your children to work on their communication. However, this toy also can assist your kids in developing their imagination. Moreover, the smooth plastic construction seems to be harmless to your children. This robot dog can sing and dance to your kids’ commands. This smart toy takes instructions without any lag.

The memory function retains your programs until the next sessions. Furthermore, the smooth-n-round body assures your little ones’ safety. The hardwearing construction tolerates the rough handlings. Nevertheless, the skate wheels make this toy walk, o run and dance charmingly. This dog offers fully programmable functions.


  • Has a robust plastic construction.
  • Replicates life-like dog movements.
  • Supports lag-free remote controlling.

7. Okk Remote Control Robot Puppy for Kids, Wireless RC Walking Dog Toy

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This robot dog toy comes along with a pair of rechargeable batteries. The child-safe design also makes this toy safe for toddlers. Nevertheless, this model never contains BPA. The well-built construction tackles the rough handling of little ones. Moreover, the smooth rounded edges keep your babies safe from injuries.

The impact-resistant plastic construction extends the lifespan of this toy. Furthermore, the remote controller requires two AAA batteries for activation. The pre-programmed seven voice commands can instantly activate your pet toy. However, the volume of this toy is widely customizable. This smart robot toy is suitable for kids above 6-years old.


  • Has pre-installed voice commands.
  • Includes two rechargeable batteries.
  • The construction has rounded edges.

6. DEERC Remote Control Robotic Dog Toy

DEERC Remote Control Robotic Dog Toy

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The flexible leg joints make this robot dog toy ultra-flexible. The programmable smart pet toy also saves up to 50 actions. Hence, your children utilize their imaginations to train their toy dogs. Moreover, the LED expressions let this toy act like a real puppy. This smart toy can dance with music. This toy can take command from 33-feet away via the remote controller.

The IR remote controller also offers a delay-free operation. The flexible multi-joint waist and shoulders and skating wheels offer fluid movement. Furthermore, the motion-trigged dog can sense your waves and act accordingly. However, with 2-hours charging, this smart toy plays for 2 to 3-hours.


  • Has a long-lasting battery life.
  • Includes a smart motion sensor.
  • Recalls up to 50 user-programmed acts.

5. Power Your Fun Robot Pets for Boys and Girls

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There are no children in the universe who can hate this robot dog toy.  This cute pet puppy also comes with a treat bowl with toy bones. Moreover, this toy will help your children to train your pets. The smart remote controller lets you operate the functions of your smart dog accordingly. Nevertheless, the 3.7-volt rechargeable battery makes this model work consistently.

You can also customize the doggo treat programs as per your wish. Furthermore, the remote controller will require two AAA batteries. The USB charging system makes the battery recover the battery life within 2.5-hours. However, the interactive mode lets you communicate with this pet toy.


  • Consists of an interactive mode.
  • Recovers the battery in lesser time.
  • Comes with customizable treat programs.

4. RACPNEL RC Interactive Intelligent Walking Dog

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This robot dog toy can kill boredom. The interactive playing mode also lets your children feel engaged. Moreover, the robotic stem toy has an adventure mode. Hence, this toy walks freely by sensing the obstacles. This dog toy comes along with a smart remote controller. Nevertheless, the non-toxic ABS plastic construction makes this smart toy safe for babies.

The memory function also retains up to 30 different acts. Furthermore, the BPA-free components make this toy safe for children. By adding treat keys, you can program the functions of this toy. However, the hours of charging can keep this toy working for almost 1.5 to 3-hours.


  • Has an intelligent remote controller.
  • The battery retains the charge longer.
  • Comes with a smart adventure mode.

3. Contixo Smart Robot Dog Toy – Robot Walking Pet

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A smart remote controller runs on a rechargeable battery. This robot dog toy is a sweet little distraction for kids. Hence, this interactive toy keeps them busy for hours. Moreover, this smart toy puppy comes with a voice recognition function. There are touch sensors to let you activate your dog hands-freely.

This smart robotic toy has the construction of non-toxic ABS plastic. Nevertheless, this toy with a voice recognition function lets your program activities. Furthermore, the provided remote controller helps you to play with this toy for hours. This dog toy performs push-ups, handstands, and other acts. The plastic parts have smooth edges to reduce the chances of injuries.


  • Comes with touch sensors.
  • Has smooth and polished edges.
  • Includes a voice recognition function.

2. WQ RC Robot Dog Toy for Kid

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Engaging with an interactive toy can help children to build up their imaginations. This robot dog toy is also an ideal choice for your little ones. Moreover, the BPA-free ABS plastic parts cause no harm to your babies’ health. The non-toxic plastic components offer exceptional durability. However, the smooth edges make this toy safe for children.

The remote controller also helps your children to practice finger flexibility exercises. Furthermore, this robot dog can accept various users’ programs. This interactive model includes a gesture-sensing control mode. Hence, this toy behaves like a real puppy. Nevertheless, this system comes with a 3.7-volt 600-mAh battery.


  • Offers hassle-free multiple programming.
  • Comes with a gesture-controlling mode.
  • Simulates the movement of real puppies.

1. zoomer Responsive Robotic Dog with Voice Recognition and Realistic Motion

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Nobody denies these furry ears and eyes of this robot dog toy. This adorable toy also comes with a floppy tongue. Hence, this toy replicates the characteristics of a real puppy. Moreover, this toy makes an ideal present for children above 5-years old. This smart toy can save 25 different tricks programmed by users.

The provided USB charging cable makes charging trouble-free. Furthermore, this smart dog can wag its tail and bark. This unit comes with intelligent voice recognition technology. Therefore, you can command your pet to do tricks for you. Nevertheless, you can rub your toy’s belly just like a real dog.


  • Comes with realistic detailing.
  • Includes voice recognition technology.
  • Reminds multiple programmed tricks.


While buying a robot dog toy, you will have to see it is composed of high-quality materials. Never go for the one that can be hazardous to your little one. Apart from this, you need to get the one that lets you use it for a long time. Look at the overall appearance, and it must replicate the look of a dog. Consider investing in the one that comes with a powerful battery, and it must deliver efficient performance.

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