Carpenter, electrician, plumber, and other professionals usually carry a variety of tools, accessories, and supplies to various locations based on the needs of the job. However, the organization and safe when carrying them can be a headache, and this is where portable tool boxes come in. These tool boxes are storage units where you can keep all your hand tools for secure and easy accessibility. In most cases, many people like them because they are portable and light to carry. They have high-quality material that resists most chemicals, making them perfect for industrial work. There the side handles which make them ideal when transporting and assembling the products.

This is also increasing the overall comfort of vertical storage. Some of these portable toolboxes have multiple storage compartments, which include a removable compartment and a separate drawer section in the middle, making them ideal when carrying many tools. When purchasing these toolboxes, make sure the tools are ready for use, secure, and safe.

Table of the Best Portable Tool Boxes Reviews

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10. DEWALT Tstak DWST17814 Long Handle Portable Tool Boxes

Portable Tool Boxes

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To anyone who wants to be organized can go for this product from DEWART because it comes with fixed dividers to ensure fast organization of bits and drills. Notably, it has an extra-large storage space, which creates enough room to store many tools at once. It comes with the bi-material handle located on every unit that helps to ensure smooth and comfortable lifting.

In terms of longer life and durability, this toolbox has a heavy-duty rust-resistant latches metal which is the best for every professional person. In the same way, there are drawer latches and racks, which play a significant role by ensuring its operation is smooth. Also, the presence of durable side latches makes it easy to stack the unit to other TSTAK family modules.

Main features

  • Has extra-large storage space
  • Comes with a bi-material handle
  • Heavy-duty rust-resistant latches metal
  • Drawer latches and racks
  • Durable side latches

9. Keter Cantilever Plastic Tool Box Organizer with Metal Latches Tool Storage and Organization

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When you think of the best toolbox model, go for a product because it has an ideal size to accommodate different tools at once. It has the dimensions of 22.3 inches (L), 12.4 inches (W), and 9.6 inches (H), which create enough storage space. To ensure sturdiness and durability, it comes with weather-resistant polypropylene material that prevents denting, rusting, and peeling.

Similarly, there are back legs that make an organizer stable and offer optimum support every time. In the same way, it has the gliding cantilever joints, which play the crucial role of lowering and raising the top-level tray. For easy organization, it has 11 removable bins, which are in two sizes to store nuts, bolts, and other supplies.

Main features

  • Has the dimensions of 3 inches (L), 12.4 inches (W), and 9.6 inches (H)
  • Weather-resistant polypropylene material
  • It has back legs
  • Gliding cantilever joints
  • 11 removable bins

8. OEM TOOLS Household and Professional Toolbox with Removable Tool Tray

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OEM TOOLS has come up with this outstanding model, which has plenty of carrying capacity of about 40 lbs suitable for every carpenter, electrician, or plumber. If you want your tools to be accessed quickly, this product comes with a removable tray that has three small-tool organizer compartments and four organizing compartments, making work easy. More importantly, it has the removable dividers which can give additional small-parts slots.

Moreover, to ensure no breakage during transit, this toolbox has ultra-strong metal latches and rugged hard plastic. The internal dimension is 19″ (L) x 9″ (W) x 8-1/4″ (D) & 5-3/4″, which make it easy to place any tool you will want to carry.  More specifically, it has a comfortable ergonomic handle and rugged metal clasps that make the box safe and easy to carry.

Main features

  • Three small-tool organizer compartments
  • Has the removable dividers
  • Ultra-strong metal latches
  • Rugged hard plastic
  • Internal dimension of 19” (L) x 9” (W) x 8-1/4” (D) & 5-3/4”
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Rugged metal clasps

7. GEARWRENCH Black Steel Tool Box with Drawers

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BEARWRENCH brand is the top-rated model that has the ball bearing slide drawers making it paramount to access the drawers. For instance, it has a keyed center lock feature which helps to improve the security of the box. One of the things about this model is that it has high-quality steel material that ensures the tools kept inside are safe.

Furthermore, there is the presence of powder coat finish, which makes it easy to wipe and clean, and also it resists corrosion and rust. You can easily separate your tools because it comes with three drawers, which creates more storage rooms. Even more, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty, which is essential when there is a problem with the box.

Main features

  • Has keyed center lock
  • High-quality steel material
  • Powder coat finish
  • Has three drawers
  • Has a 1-year limited warranty

6. Homak 20-Inch 3-Drawer Ball-Bearing Toolbox/Tool Chest for Sale

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This is the best product from Homak, which comes with a robust and high-quality construction that ensures safe storage. The ball bearing glides and slip-proof mats assist in accessing each drawer quickly and smoothly. It comes with a drawer lock, which makes the lid remain closed to ensure easy mobility without fear of losing any tool.

Moreover, the security of this toolbox is paramount because of the presence of a double latch system. What is more, there is a top compartment located under the lid which has enough storage space to hold larger items like long break-bars, screwdrivers, and torque wrench, among others. Also, it comes with affordable prices which is cheap to buy.

Main features

  • Has ball bearing glides
  • Slip-proof mats
  • Has a drawer lock
  • Double latch system
  • Enough storage space
  • It is affordable

5. Stalwart Oversized Rolling Portable Tool Chest on Wheels

Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest on Wheels

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Stalwart is a reputable company that has come up with a fantastic model that has three portable tool box boxes in one. This product has a sturdy steel construction, which is reinforced by injection-molded polymer to ensure safe storage. The drawer of the box is easily accessed because of the presence of the glide wheels, which saves time.

This product is the right choice because it has the metal latches that hold all things together. In all honesty, it comes with the adjustable carrying handle, which is very steady and comfortable to hold. Also, there is an ample storage space that helps to store all the tools required hence the best technicians, electricians, and contractors.

Main features

  • Has sturdy steel construction
  • Has glide wheels
  • Comes with the metal latches
  • Adjustable carrying handle
  • Large storage space

4. Stalwart Rolling Tool Box – Top Tool Chest Organizer & Cabinet Storage Box

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This product from Stalwart comes with a fold-down handle which ensures there is a comfortable grip when carrying it. In particular, it comes with 24-small parts compartments, deep bottom compartment, and removable tool trays that offer plenty of storage to your tools and supplies. One thing is that it has two 4.2-inch nylon wheels that help to make the work of opening the compartments easy and smooth.

More so, the durable metal and polypropylene material make it strong to keep the tools secure and safe during your movement in rough construction sites. The presence of cable hooks keeps the extension cords organized and neat. Essentially, this product is great when it comes to holding tape rolls and also other small supplies.

Main features

  • Has fold-down handle
  • Removable tool trays
  • 24-small parts compartments
  • Two 4.2-inch nylon wheels
  • Durable metal and polypropylene material
  • Has the cable hooks

3. Milwaukee Electric Tool Packout Rolling Tool Box

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If you are looking for a high-quality model that has an attractive design, then go for this product from Milwaukee Electric Tool. It is highly rated because of reliable construction, which makes it durable and fit to carry your items anywhere. More importantly, it comes with a handle design that helps to ensure full comfort and safety when carrying with hand.

Besides, the ball bearing glides help the drawers to roll when you want to access any tool in the box and make the drawers remain fully open. To ensure sturdiness and firmness to the box, it has heavy-duty latches that prevent breakage when carrying. Also, it has a lid locker that ensures there is full security to the tools store inside.

Main features

  • Has solid construction
  • Has a handle design
  • Ball-bearing glides
  • Has heavy-duty latches
  • Has a lid locker

2. TANKSTORM Portable Steel Tool Chest with Drawers – Metal Toolbox Cabinet with Ball Bearing Slides

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If you want the toolbox that will handle different types of tools, then go for this trusted TANKSTORM product, which has the dimensions of 20.6″(L) x 8.6″(W) x 14.1″(H). There are four handy drawers, which make it easy to carry different tools at once. When it comes to carrying, it is comfortable because of the presence of a comfortable top handle, which is smooth.

The quality of the box is maintained because of powder coat paint which resists chemical and excellent when it comes to scratching. In a like manner, there are heavy-duty ball bearing slides that make it smooth and easy to pull in and out of the drawers. Even more, the top tray offers additional storage to storewide tools.

Main features

  • Has four handy drawers
  • Comfortable top handle
  • Powder coat paint
  • Heavy-duty ball-bearing slides
  • Has a top tray

1. XtremepowerUS Rolling Storage Organizer Tool Box with Wheels

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XtremepowerUS is perfect when you want to store your tools and toolsets like small-sized power tools and hand tools in a well-designed order. As an illustration, it comes with heavy-duty 600 denier polyester material that makes the box durable and robust. The nine external and ten internal pockets create a spacious room to store many tools at once.

Moreover, it comes with the telescoping handlebar that facilitates easy portability when you are going to the construction sites. There is the presence of padding which ensures there is strong support to this portable toolbox. Likewise, there is the presence of all-terrain wheels that ease the work of carrying the box because you can roll it over soft and hard surfaces.

Main features

  • Heavy-duty 600 denier polyester material
  • Has nine external and ten internal pockets
  • Has a telescoping handlebar
  • Comes with padding
  • Has all-terrain wheels


Portable toolboxes are known for doing work easy, mainly because the tools are in an organized, secure, and safe manner. They are available in different types and sizes which is easy to get the right one. Whatever the box you want, you can be able to buy because they come at affordable prices making the life of carpentry, plumbing, and other professionals easier. Typically, the toolboxes described above are the best products to buy because of multiple purposes and high quality. You can also store many tools you will require when doing your professional work.