Whether for security, privacy, or beauty, most homeowners prefer tall hedges. But the extra height comes with inconveniences. You can’t get a precise trim, at least not without the help of a ladder. However, with the best pole hedge trimmers, the task becomes easier. It gives you the height advantage of a ladder, but without the risk of falling. Not to mention, you can adjust the length for both low and high trims.

Here, we introduce you to the best electric pole hedge trimmers. Whether you need cordless portability or unlimited run time of a plug-in model, we have something to match your cutting needs and budget.

Table of the Best Pole Hedge Trimmers Reviews

10. DOEWORKS 20V Li-ion Battery Cordless Electric Pole Hedge Trimmers

Pole Hedge Trimmers

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DOEWORKS isn’t a popular brand. At least not to the level of Greenworks, Dewalt, and the likes. But unknown to many, it makes one of the best hedge trimmers. This cordless hedge trimmer is one such model that never ceases to impress.

It’s marketed as a 20-volt hedge trimmer. However, it comes with an 18-volt lithium battery. But that’s excusable since the difference in run time is quite negligible. The battery provides up to 30 minutes run time and charges in about 4 hours.

Thanks to a dual-action 20-inch blade, this hedge trimmer provides quick cuts. Not to mention, 40% less vibration than single-blade counterparts. Also, it comes in pre-hardened steel, which is rust-resistant and stays sharper for longer. It handles branches up to 5/8 inches thick.

Well, it doesn’t end there. This hedge trimmer also has a 5-position pivoting head. Hence, it offers precise trimming at all angles. The pole is adjustable in length and maxes out at 9 feet. As such, it’s able to reach higher and farther.

DOEWORKS hedge trimmer is pretty much maneuverable. It has a full wrap-around handle. Because of that, it provides a comfortable grip on all cutting angles. This hedge trimmer weighs only 9 pounds. Plus, it comes with a shoulder strap. Hence, you can go a long way before fatigue starts to kick in.

9. BLACK and DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmers

BLACK and DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmers

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Black Decker needs no introduction. It’s more like a veteran in the power tool segment. Well, it enters our list, courtesy of LPHT120 pole hedge trimmer. LPHT120 runs on a 20-volt lithium battery. Unlike NiCad counterparts, it holds charge five times longer. Hence, you get more run time in one charge.

Like most high-end models, it uses 18-inch dual-action blade. So, it’s able to cut faster but with less vibration. As such, it reduces user fatigue tremendously. Plus, it cuts branches as thick as 7/16 inches.

This hedge trimmer has a 5-position head that pivots 180 degrees. Hence, you get precise trimming at all angles without sacrificing comfort. LPHT120 pole hedge trimmer has a usable length of 6-1/2 feet. Hence, for the average person, it can trim to a height of up to 10 feet.

The fiberglass pole is a thoughtful design. It’s lighter, but stronger and rustproof. At 7.7 pounds, you can maneuver and carry this hedge trimmer with ease.

8. Sun Joe SJH901E Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe SJH901E Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmers

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Sun Joe SJH901E is another versatile hedge trimmer. But this time, it offers unlimited run time, thanks to the corded function. At three amps, the motor powers through hedges, shrubs, and bushes. And with the 18-inch blade, it offers an impressive cutting capacity of 7/10 inches. Like most on the list, the blade comes in hardened, rust-resistant steel.

Thanks to the pivoting head, SJH901E offers precise, multi-angle trimming. You can toggle between six different angles. Also, it comes with a telescopic pole that extends from 5.9 to 7.4 feet. Overall, you get an impressive 13 feet of overhead reach. As such, you can ditch your ladder but still give those tall hedges a clean cut.

SJH901E comes with a quick-release shoulder strap. Though not a must-have feature, it gives you better control and lessens fatigue. This pole hedge trimmer weighs only 7.5 pounds. Hence, it’s easier on your arms and shoulders.

7. Greenworks HT-180-XR 18-Inch 40V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

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Well, our list wouldn’t be complete without a model or two from Greenworks. It’s almost a gold-standard for garden tools. And when it comes to pole hedge trimmers, few can match Greenworks 22342.

Boasting G Max 40-volt lithium battery, this hedge trimmer is among the most powerful in the cordless category. The battery provides commanding power and a run time of up to 60 minutes. Not to mention, it’s compatible with over 50 power tools from Greenworks.

Moreover, the battery comes with a low-charge indicator. Hence, you can monitor and charge in time. Well, there’s more to the G Max battery. It comes with a USB port, allowing you to charge portable electronic devices.

The battery aside, this hedge trimmer offers impressive cutting performance. The 18-inch dual-action blade delivers clean, laser-like cuts. Not only that, but it also cuts pretty fast at 3,200 strokes per minute.

The laser blade cuts branches as large as 5/8 inches. And thanks to a pivoting head, you can adjust it to seven different cutting angles. A 2-piece telescopic shaft allows compact storage. At the same time, it provides more reach, up to 6.5 feet.

This pole hedge trimmer weighs 8.4 pounds, a lot lighter than other products in the same category. Hence, you can maneuver it easily as you work.

6. Sun Joe SJH904E Multi-Angle Telescoping Convertible Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer 

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Not many can match the power of SJH904E. At 4.5 amps, the motor offers unlimited run time and powers through branches as thick as 7/10 inches. One feature we find more exciting is the 2-in-1 convertible design. You can swap between a pole hedge trimmer and a handheld hedge trimmer in seconds. And as the brand puts it, this hedge trimmer is also compatible with a chain saw attachment.

This hedge trimmer provides 5-position multi-angle pivoting. Hence, you can adjust to and trim at the desired angle. Sun Joe SJH904E boasts a 19-inch dual-action blade. It cuts fast and comes in hardened steel for durability. Aside from efficiency, it cuts with up to 40% less vibration, hence reducing user fatigue.

The telescopic shaft extends from 3.8 to 5.9 feet. So, you get an overhead reach of up to 13 feet with this pole hedge trimmer. Plus, this trimmer weighs a manageable 7.5 pounds.

5. GARCARE GPHT07 4.8-Amp Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer

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GARCARE, just like DOEWORKS, doesn’t match the likes of Greenworks, Dewalt, and other industry-leading brands. However, when it comes to pole hedge trimmers, this is one brand that stands out. At 4.8 amps, it has the most powerful corded pole hedge trimmer on our list.

The 20-inch laser blade has a cutting capacity of 3/4 inches. Well, that’s one of the best on the list. Moreover, it’s rust-resistant and provides a quick, clean cut. The blade comes with a cover for added protection after use.

The head rotates to enable you to trim at a variety of angles. You can choose from six different cutting angles. Also, the handle has a soft rubber grip that’s easy on your hands. GARCARE GPHT07 hedge trimmer uses a light yet strong aluminum shaft. It extends to 9.2 feet, providing a longer reach for tall hedges.

At 10.8 pounds, this pole hedge trimmer is a bit heavier than other models on the list. But it compensates for with remarkable power and well-balanced design.

4. Earthwise CVPH41018 2.8-Amp Electric Handheld Hedge Trimmer

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Earthwise is coming up strong as one of the most reliable brands in the power tool segment. Well, Earthwise makes it into our list with its convertible pole hedge trimmer. As mentioned, Earthwise CVPH41018 is a convertible pole hedge trimmer. Hence, you can switch to a handheld hedge trimmer when the need arises.

This hedge trimmer runs on a 2.8 amp motor. Though not as powerful as GARCARE GPHT07, it offers the same cutting capacity of 3/4 inches. So, this is one pole hedge trimmer to reckon with.

The head rotates, providing six trimming angles of up to 150 degrees. Also, the trimmer has a lightweight aluminum shaft. It extends, giving the trimmer an overall length of 6.5 feet. At 10 pounds, Earthwise CVPH41018 isn’t the lightest out there. However, it’s well-balanced and provides two tools in one.

3. DEWALT DCHT895B 40V MAX Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer

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Dewalt is a brand that continues to prove itself time and again. And with DCHT895B, it beats all competitors for the most powerful cordless pole hedge trimmer.

This pole hedge trimmer uses a 40-volt G Max battery to provide commanding power. The brand claims a run time of up to 90 minutes. Well, that’s more than you get from other cordless models. Though it doesn’t include the battery, an extra purchase won’t hurt.

Dewalt DCHT895B not only holds the record for the longest run time among cordless models. It also has the best cutting capacity overall. At 1-inch, it can make light work of tough twigs and branches.

It doesn’t end there. This pole hedge trimmer also boasts the fastest cutting speed. The dual-action laser blade does 3,700 strokes per minute. And at 22 inches, it’s by far the longest on our list. Hence, it cuts more with each swipe. Also, it articulates at eight different angles.

Dewalt DCHT895B comes with a telescopic shaft. It extends from 3.75 to 5.9 feet to provide a longer reach. This pole hedge trimmer weighs 13.5 pounds without the battery. However, the remarkable power and cutting capacity is a good trade-off.

2. Sun Joe Multi-Angle Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer

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It might not be as powerful as its successor, the SJH904E. But with a longer 21-inch blade, the impressive cutting speed of this pole hedge trimmer can’t be denied.

Thanks to the hardened steel dual-action blade, this pole hedge trimmer combines both performance and durability for the better cutting experience. Moreover, the blade is rust-resistant, articulates to three different angles, and cuts branches up to 7/10 inches thick.

From tip to tip, this pole hedge trimmer maxes out at 7.9 feet. But for the average person, it provides up to 13 feet of overhead reach. Hence, you can trim tall hedges with ease. SJH902E weighs 8.8 pounds. Hence, it’s relatively light to minimize arm fatigue.

1. Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer Attachment 

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Combination tools can save money. Plus, it adds more flexibility. Greenworks pole hedge trimmer and saw combo offer such a convenience. It can trim hedges as well as prune thick branches.

The battery lasts up to 50 minutes in the hedge trimmer mode. Operating as a saw, it can provide up to 60 cuts on 4×4 lumber on a single charge. Also, it comes complete with a charger.

Moreover, the trimmer has a 20-inch dual-action blade. It offers fast, clean cuts and rugged durability. Not to mention, it cuts branches up to 5/8 inches thick. Also, you can position the blade to eight different cutting angles.

This pole hedge trimmer provides excellent reach. The shaft extends from 6 to 8 feet. Hence, depending on how tall you are, you can get up to 13 feet overhead reach. It weighs 11 pounds in saw mode and 9.6 pounds as a pole hedge trimmer. Whichever way, it’s still easy to handle and puts less strain on your arms.

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