Plastic welding can be an easy task if you use a plastic welder. It can be great for professional applications and lets you save time and effort. Moreover, it makes sure there will be an amazing performance and is easy to use. Some of it can be suitable for different types of materials so that you can make the maximum out of it. A plastic welder has high-quality construction and comes with multiple features. Here is the list of the top 10 best plastic welders.

Best Plastic Welders Reviews

10. Jounjip Plastic Welding Kit for Bumper, Kayak, Canoe

Plastic Welders

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This complete welding system makes DIY auto and plumbing repair tasks trouble-free. You can use this welding repair kit on PP, TEO, and TPO materials. Moreover, you can utilize this toolkit for serving the purposes of crafts and arts. The airless plastic welder works within the temperature range of 525-degree Fahrenheit. However, the heating process only takes a few minutes.

This set brings you two hardened stainless steel wire mesh. Furthermore, plastic welding rods work on different surfaces. You can use these rods for canoes, dashboards, kayaks, and fuel tanks. Nevertheless, the welder tips come with ¼-inch 28G threads. This purchase includes plastic rods, an iron stand, and a wire brush.


  • Perfect for professional use.
  • Exceptional performance and high heat.
  • Comes in a complete set.

9. Snnetwork Plastic Welding Machine

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The welding repair kit comes along with various types of nails. Therefore, this kit also fits the needs of different applications. This plastic welder kit can repair the plastic components of a vehicle. Moreover, the welding system involves no critical operation. Therefore, this toolkit is suitable for both DIY hobbyists and professionals. You only have to spend a few seconds learning how to use it.

The pistol-style handle also provides a good grip over this tool. Furthermore, the 1.5-meter long cable does not limit your reach. The rustproof, corrosion-resistant finish prolongs the lifespan of this equipment. These pliers come with a high-carbon steel-derived clamp head. However, you can utilize this kit to restore broken components.


  • Suitable for different applications.
  • Allows having an easy and quick operation.
  • The comfortable grip on the rubber handle.

8. Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld Airless Plastic Welder

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This welding system consists of eight different styles of welding rods. These parts are mostly compatible with automotive repairing applications. Moreover, these welding tools work effortlessly with plastic parts with higher melting points. The airless welding system makes operation complication-free for nonprofessionals. Nevertheless, the 200-watt heating elements can quickly melt nylon radiator tanks.

All of these tools come in a compact carrying case. The quickly swappable welder tips work with all the included welding rods. This toolkit works effortlessly on materials like TEO, TPO, and polypropylene. Furthermore, this set brings you seven different types of welding rods. However, the powerful 200-watt ceramic core elements increase the practicality of this kit.


  • Allows using in two different ways.
  • Comes with eight different welding rods.
  • Easy portability and storage box.

7. KKmoon Handy Plastics Welder Garage Tools – Hot Staplers Machine 

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You will require no professional skills to use this plastic welder kit. The toolkit also comes with staples with a wavy design. Therefore, this equipment offers a maximum load. Moreover, the handy case lets you carry this set to your workspaces. You can quickly learn about the usage of these tools. However, you can use this set for repairing plastic-derived parts.

The welding tool is also capable of repairing holes and implanting nails. Furthermore, this set brings you M-shaped, flat, wave, and V-shaped staples. This tool is apt for hot smoothening, tin brazing, hot cutting, and more. Nevertheless, these stales have rustproof stainless steel construction. You will get outside corner staples and a plier.


  • Easy to use and reliable performance.
  • Maximum load due to wavy staple design.
  • Durable construction and wide applications.

6. OIMERRY Bumper Plastic Welding Kit – Hot Stapler Gun Plastic Welder

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The plastic welding kit is a user-friendly toolkit. Hence, you can also utilize this set for DIY repairing applications. Moreover, you will get a cutter, hot stapler unit, and 800 pieces of staples. This 20-watt hot stapler machine lets you change the heat settings accordingly. However, you can customize the heat settings from low to high.

You can also use this stapler gun for repairing plastic parts of vehicles. This plastic welder kit is capable of repairing industrial applications, boats, and ATVs. The staple gun welds plastic parts and staples together to offer flexibility. Furthermore, this manufacturer includes a suitcase-style carrying case with this purchase. Nevertheless, this set instantly repairs damaged plastic parts.


  • Option to choose from multiple heat levels.
  • Available in a complete set.
  • Perfect for damaged and broken plastics.

5. Ridgeyard 1600W Hot Air/Hot Gas Plastic Welder Welding Gun – PE & PVC Plastic Rod

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This welding gun comes inside a travel-friendly carrying box. You can also widely customize the temperature and power of this gun. Hence, you can perfectly match the melting points of different materials. This hot-air tool can repair tarpaulins, water tanks, kayaks, truck curtains, and more. Moreover, the set includes triangle, wide round, and round speed welding nozzles.

This toolkit is suitable for repairing membranes, car bumpers, and vinyl floors. You can flexibly use this welding tool for fixing different plastic parts. The hot air delivered by this equipment also repairs plastic filler rods. Furthermore, this purchase includes a brush, scraper, and a pressure silicone roller. You will also get PVC and PE plastic rods.


  • Includes a carry bag for hassle-free storage.
  • Lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Ideal for different purposes.

4. Beyondlife Plastic Hot Air Welder Heating Gun

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This plastic welder gun is just the right thing for panel welders. This lightweight model also produces a hot airflow. Therefore, this equipment softly melts the damaged plastic parts for repair. Moreover, this set brings an extra heating element. This kit is capable of joining plastic filler rods. Nevertheless, you can effortlessly patch up tarpaulins, vinyl floors, or truck curtains.

You can use this set for repairing water tanks and swimming pool linings. Furthermore, the hot air gun can match the melting points of different materials. This professional tool is also capable of repairing car bumpers. However, you can customize the temperature settings from 30 to 700-degree Celsius.


  • Adjustable power and temperature for custom usage.
  • Versatile design and complete set.
  • Wide applications and easy to use.

3. LOVSHARE Plastic Repair Welding Machine Hot Stapler Kit

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This hot staple repair system perfectly melts the provided staples for quick repairing. However, these staples properly fit the damaged plastic parts. This plastic welder patches up the split, damaged, ripped, and broken plastic components. Moreover, this toolkit can repair ATVs, autos, boats, and more. Nevertheless, this kit can repair bumpers, panel clips, spoilers, and more.

The staple gun also can fix thermoplastic materials. You can get rid of cracks, tears, and breaks of plastic parts. Furthermore, this welding kit is just the right thing for fixing industrial applications. This plastic repair kit brings you different types of staples. The equipment works within the voltage range of 0.8 to 1.2-volt.


  • Gives the option to use it for different purposes.
  • Helps to save effort and time.
  • Easy to use and enhanced longevity.

2. Go2Home 1600W Plastic Welder Kit Hot Air Gun

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This 1600-watt plastic welder kit comes along with a handy carrying case. This handheld equipment is also just the right choice for corner welding. Moreover, this set brings you a welder gun and flooring kit. This module runs without producing excessive noises and vibrations. However, the hot-air tool works within an adjustable temperature setting. You can customize the temperature from 30 to 700-degree Celsius.

This professional welding tool also works perfectly on plastic floorings. Furthermore, you can the U-shaped blade-butterfly auxiliary repair tools with this kit. The electronic heating protection system prolongs the lifespan of this welding gun. This kit is suitable for repairing PVC flex banner, TPO, and more.


  • Ideal for professional applications.
  • Easy controls for faster works.
  • Adjustable temperature range and durable construction.

1. DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine

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The welding system utilizes advanced IGBT inverter technology. This plastic welder is powerful enough for welding steel, mild and stainless steel. Moreover, the closed-loop feedback control makes operation easier for all. This welding machine comes with an inbuilt carrying handle. The energy-efficient module reduces the chances of damages to iron and copper.

The machine also offers stable output voltage for reliable operation. Furthermore, this energy-conserving model comes with an increased welding frequency. You can safely use this welding machine on the cast iron material. Nevertheless, a knob lets you flexibly change the welding current. The slip-resistant base keeps this machine stable on any ground. The rear vent protects this unit from overheating.


  • Perfect for different types of materials.
  • Ability to deliver efficient performance.
  • Easy to use and strong adaptability.


The one that has durable construction will be an ideal purchase. You will have to see if the plastic welder gives you the option to weld other materials and have a better advantage. Always see if it lets you have easy storage and portability and include a convenient storage case. It must offer you many options and see if it has adjustable temperature levels. It has to be perfect for professional use and comes in a complete set.

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