If you own the motorcycle, you may need the motorcycle wheel chocks. These wheel chocks allow you to mount the bike in an upright position for transportation or hassle-free maintenance. Typically, they come with the strong steel material that allows you to use them efficiently for years. The frame has the powder coating that is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it last for long. They come with fully adjustable and has the patented locking mechanism, which locks the rear or front wheels of various sizes. The ergonomic design allows the freestanding or on the flat mode for safer motorcycle transport.

Besides, they have built-in rubber feet that will enable you to use them without worrying about slipping. Also, the automatic locking system has the pivoting cradle, which allows you to load and unload the bike when needed quickly. Therefore, when you want the best motorcycle wheel chocks, you need to be careful because of many brands in the market.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks Reviews

10. MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

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Maxxtow has come up with this wheel chock model, which has unique features to lock the front wheel automatically when rolled into a chock. Notably, it comes with 3-position adjustable holes located at the base of the wheel to accommodate various motorcycle wheels. More importantly, it has the overall dimension of 24″ L x 9-3/4″ W x 12-7/8″ H and the base dimension being 15-5/8″ L x 10-5/8″ W.

Besides, there is the heavy-duty steel construction and powder coat finish, which makes it durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. In the same fashion, it has the pivoting cradle that allows easy loading and unloading of the bike into a wheel chock. Also, it is easy to install because it comes with the hardware, which helps you to mount it to the truck bed, shop, or the trailer.

Main features

  • 3-position adjustable holes
  • Overall dimension of 24″ L x 9-3/4″ W x 12-7/8″
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Has the pivoting cradle
  • Easy to install

9. Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock

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This model from Extreme Max is crucial because it is stable, sleek, and reliable which helps you to drive the bike onto a chock. As an illustration, it comes with the solid front cross boot and bar that offer maximum stability. Equally important, it has a space-saving design, which is excellent for hauling or storing multiple bikes.

Similarly, different rear wheel cradle adjustments fit perfectly to the wheels, offering perfect stability during transport, maintenance, or storage. Thanks to the durable steel material and matte black powder coating finish that makes it sturdy and has an elegant appearance. Above all, it has the V-shaped cradle design that fits the rear and front of a cradle, hence making it fit different tires.

Main features

  • Solid front cross boot and bar
  • Has the space-saving design
  • Different rear wheel cradle adjustments
  • Durable steel material
  • V-shaped cradle design

8. CONDOR PS-1500 Pit Trailer-Stop

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To help you get secure and safe transportation of the motorcycles, Condor is there for you because they are the best for every scooter and motorcycle.  In particular, it comes with the wheel locking adjustable system that helps to accommodate either the rear or front wheels measuring 15 to 22 inches wide.

Furthermore, it has the patented locking mechanism, which securely supports the motorcycle at the upright position on every type of transport platform or flat surface. Also, it comes with the pit stop that serves as the trailer stop, allowing quick detaching or attaching. What is more, two tie-down straps secure your bike for transport.

Main features

  • Wheel locking adjustable system
  • Patented locking mechanism
  • Comes with the pit stop
  • Has two tie-down straps

7. MaxxHaul 1800lb Adjustable Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand

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The self-locking wheel cradle of this product from MaxxHaul helps to use the bike weight to keep itself upright. To emphasize, it comes with the anchor points that add extra stability and has a capacity of 1,800 pounds. In the first place, it has a black powder coating finish that makes it resistant to corrosion and rust.

Furthermore, there is the pivoting cradle, which enables you to roll the motorcycle to a wheel chock and then lock it. In the same way, it has heavy-duty steel material that makes it handle different motorcycle weights with maximum stability. Above all, it has six cradle adjustments/settings that help to accommodate many motorcycle wheels with a width of 3 to 5 inches.

Main features

  • Comes with the anchor points
  • The black powder coating finish
  • Has the pivoting cradle
  • Made of heavy-duty steel material
  • Six cradle adjustments/settings

6. Baxley LA Chock Motorcycle Wheel Chock

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The exciting thing about this model from Baxley is that it secures the cruiser motorcycle, sportbike, or street bike properly in the upright position. For example, it is easily adjustable to fit the motorcycle tires between 80 and 180mm wide. In all honesty, it has protective rubber feet that help to reduce sliding.

Moreover, there is the V-shaped cradle design that makes it fit the rear and the front of the cradle to accommodate different tire widths. Equally, it has the adjustable cradle, which fit any wheel size from between 17″ and 21″. Also, it comes with a superior stance that ensures stability to the motorcycle and the rider.

Main features

  • It is easily adjustable
  • Protective rubber feet
  • V-shaped cradle design
  • Has the adjustable cradle
  • Comes with the superior stance

5. EGO BIKE 1800 lb Motorcycle Wheel Chock – Adjustable Motorcycle Stand Wheel Chock

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This model from EGO BIKE is outstanding because you can mount it on a truck bed or floor to hold the bikes upright for routine maintenance or storage. To clarify, it can accommodate the wheel with the dimension of 15″ to 22″ and the weight capacity of 1800 lbs. In the same fashion, it comes with solid steel material and powder coating, which make it rust and corrosion-resistant.

Additionally, there is the freestanding design that makes it easy to be mounted to the floor, trailer, or truck bed. Alternatively, it has the tilting wheel adapter, which automatically holds the tire securely. Also, it comes with three-position brackets that help to accommodate various motorcycle tire sizes.

Main features

  • Solid steel material
  • Has the powder coating
  • Has freestanding design
  • Tilting wheel adapter
  • Three-position brackets

4. 7BLACKSMITHS Trailer Motorcycle Wheel Stop Chock with Mounting Kit

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7BLACKSMITHS has come up with this model, which holds the wheel securely when you need to upload and load. Namely, it has the adjustable cradle that fits all types of bikes from sportbikes and dirt bikes to heavy touring bikes and cruisers. In all honesty, it comes with two tie-down straps that help to upload and load the bike.

Likewise, it can work on rear and front tire size from 80mm to 230mm and can support the capacity of about 3,000 lbs. In the same case, there is a steel material frame, which is rust and corrosion resistant, making it durable and long-lasting. Above all, it has a dimension of 25″ L x 9″ W x 15″ H when in the upright position and the size of 25″ L x 9″ W x 7″ H when folded.

Main features

  • Has adjustable cradle
  • Two tie-down straps
  • Has the capacity of 3,000 lbs
  • Has steel material frame
  • Dimension of 25″ L x 9″ W x 15″ H when in upright position

3. Lock N Load Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Lock N Load Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

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Loading and transportation of the wheel are made safe and simple with the help of this model from Lock N Load because one person can do it. In detail, it comes with the solid steel construction that is corrosion and rust-resistant, making it durable and long-lasting. Equally important, it has a versatile design, which makes it perfect for garage storage.

More so, there is a one-size-fits-all design that makes this model unique because it perfectly fit any type of wheel. In the same way, it is easy to use because one-person to load and unload the bike. What is more, it is easy to install, for it takes a few seconds to unload and load.

Main features

  • Solid steel construction
  • Has the versatile design
  • Has the one-size-fits-all design
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install

2. Dragway Tools 1500 lb Adjustable Tire Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand

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Dragway Tools wheel chock model is ideal when trailering the motorcycle, performing motorcycle storage, and maintenance. For instance, it is fully adjustable, which makes it offer three different height adjustments for the upper shoe. In the same fashion, it comes with five setting points located at the wheel lock cradle.

Furthermore, there are four non-slip rubber feet, which make it easy to unload or load the bike using one person. Also, it has high-grade alloy steel that makes it durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Thanks to the larger setting, which allows the tire to engage more into a stand, adding stability when transporting.

Main features

  • It is fully adjustable
  • Comes with five setting points
  • Four non-slip rubber feet
  • High-grade alloy steel
  • Has a larger setting

1. Goplus Black Adjustable Upright 1800lb Motorcycle Stand Wheel Chock

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If you want a reliable and safe way to support the motorcycle firmly, then go for this model because it is ideal for your choice. Notably, it has high-quality Q235 material and a vital structure that make it hold about 1800 pounds. In all honesty, it comes with the powder coating finish, which protects the stand against corrosion and rust.

Additionally, 14 cradle adjustments make it accommodate either the rear or front wheel measuring 15 ” to 22″ in size. In like manner, it has the tilting wheel adapter, which automatically holds the tire securely.  What is more, it comes with two eye loops that help to transport the bike safely and conveniently.

Main features

  • High-quality Q235 material
  • Powder coating finish
  • Tilting wheel adapter
  • 14 cradle adjustments
  • Comes with two eye loops


Provided that you have a motorcycle, the motorcycle wheel chocks are useful if you want to do transport or repairs your bike without any hassle. With the above products, they are excellent. They have a solid steel frame that gives you a durable and robust product, making them last longer. You don’t have to worry about rusting and corrosion, for they come with the powder coating finish. The pivoting cradle help to make sure you don’t have to worry about balancing your bike. Also, it has the locking system that allows you to store the bike in the upright position.

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