The motorcycles become a significant investment to many people, and they will need to be taken care of to ensure a long period of service. The critical thing is protecting them against dirt, dust, animal droppings, and other objects, and that is why there is a need for motorcycle covers. These covers are products that provide additional protection to the motorcycle to prevent structural damage against climatic disasters and other things. Typically, they have the material which is durable and robust to prevent dirt, sun, dust, animals, rain, wind, and also frequent touching. The excellent stretchable and seams hem help to cover the motorcycle completely.

There is the soft cotton lining that helps to prevent scratching the paint or chrome of the motorcycle. Most of the time, these motorcycle covers are non-abrasive and protect the motorcycles against UV rays hence preventing radiation damage. Generally, it is not easy to get the right motorcycle covers because of many options on the market, and this means much care is needed to get the product.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Covers Reviews

10. XYZCTEM All-Season Large Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

Motorcycle Covers

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XYZCTEM has come up with this fantastic product, which is designed to fit many motorcycles because it goes to about 108 inches in size. As an illustration, it comes with 210D oxford fabric that is non-abrasive, lightweight, super-soft, and water repellent. To protect the motorcycle against heat, dust, rain, and tree sap, this product has improved weather protection material that works the best.

Nonetheless, windproof buckles and aluminum lock holes are designed to ensure better fixing of the motorcycle. For proper service to the cover, there is 24 hours service contact call from XYZCTEM to answer any question that can arise when using this motorcycle cover. Even more, it has a storage bag that makes it easy to store the cover when you want to park it.

Main features

  • Has 210D oxford fabric
  • Improved weather protection material
  • Windproof buckles and aluminum lock holes
  • 24 hours service contact call
  • Has a storage bag

9. Badass Moto Ultimate Motorcycle Covers for Waterproof Outdoor Storage

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If you want to keep your motorcycle cleaner, drier, and more secure, then go for this model because it has fantastic features. It has a universal fit design to those people who want to cover Harley Davidson motorcycle and other brands. To ensure long term protection against rain and snow, it has advanced waterproof coatings that make it unique.

Similarly, it has heavy-duty rip-resistant material that shields the motorcycle against leaves, pine tar, pollen, dirt, and bird poo. More importantly, it comes with reinforced and taped seams that make this cover unique because water cannot seep through. Also, there is an adjustable belly strap that helps to make the cover remain intact even during strong winds.

Main features

  • Has universal fit design
  • Advanced waterproof coatings
  • Heavy-duty rip-resistant material
  • Reinforced and taped seams
  • Adjustable belly strap

8. Tokept Large Sun Motorcycle Covers for Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley Davidson

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Motorcyclists buy these covers because they fit their motorcycles very well, and this is why it has gain popularity. For instance, it comes with a 190T oxford fabric that offers protection if you want to park the motorcycle outside. There is maximum protection against rain and snow because of the unique waterproof layer which works excellently.

Subsequently, there is the carrying bag that helps to pack the cover and other accessories that go hand in hand with the cover. For elegant and more appealing, this cover comes with pure orange and black color, which makes many cyclists buy. Equally, it has the inner lining that protects the motorcycle from scratch.

Main features

  • 190T oxford fabric
  • Special waterproof layer
  • Has a carrying bag
  • Pure orange and black color
  • Has inner lining

7. Velmia Heavy Duty Premium X-Large Motorcycle Breathable Cover

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Due to the high demand for high-quality covers that are large enough and have super quality material, Velmia has introduced this product that meets all these conditions. To ensure the cover is in place even during strong winds, it has come with three adjustable securing straps that keep it in place. The presence of elastic hems ensures optimal fit because it stretches to the bottom of the motorcycle.

Besides, this cover has additional security because of two reinforced lock openings, which make it safe to leave your motorcycle outside. In terms of other features, it comes with a reflector that is above every ventilation opening that helps to prevent accidents in dark environments. If you want to protect your motorbike against rain, snow, wind, dirt, dust, wet leaves, and more, go for this model because it is waterproof.

Main features

  • Three adjustable securing straps
  • Has elastic hems
  • It comes with a reflector
  • Two reinforced lock openings
  • It is waterproof

6. WDLHQC Oxford All Weather Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

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Many people do not want to spend much money on buying different sizes of covers if they have different motorcycles, and that is why WDLHQC has come up with this universal fit cover.  In terms of protection of the inner surface against scratching, it has NYLON oxford material that is known for working well. Also, it has a waterproof coating that prevents the water from sipping inside the motorcycle.

The installation process is simplified because it comes with the elastic band and adjustable buckle strap that ensure a firm fit during windy days. Even more, it is lightweight, which makes carrying easy, even if you are alone. In the same way, the two special lock-holes protect the motorcycle against theft because of the motorcycle cable locks.

Main features

  • NYLON oxford material
  • Has waterproof coating
  • Elastic band and adjustable buckle strap
  • It is lightweight
  • Two special lock-holes

5. HighFii 300D Premium All-Season Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

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Highfii ensures your motorcycle well-protected 24/7 because it comes with 300D NYLON oxford material offering high quality. For example, it has a large size of 104 inches, which makes it fit the standard bikes. As a result, it comes with a hand strip located at the cover top that helps to hang the cover at the wall.

To prevent being blown by a strong wind, this cover, this product comes with an adjustable elastic band and windproof buckle design to make the cover remain intact. The surface of this motorcycle cover has UV proof material to repel UV rays and resists snow and rain. Also, it has a 1-year guarantee that makes it covenant in case there is any problem with the cover.

Main features

  • 300D NYLON oxford material
  • It is 104 inches in size
  • Has hand strip
  • Adjustable elastic band
  • Has windproof buckle
  • UV proof material
  • Has a 1-year guarantee

4. AngLink 210D Oxford All Weather Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

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This is the all-season cover from AngLink, which can fit many motorcycles like Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Yahama, Davidson, and more because of considerable size. Notably, it comes with high-quality 210D OXFORD fabric that is tear-resistant, wear-resistant, and weather-resistant. There is two-thread stitching that ensures firmness to the cover hence making it twice more robust than the ordinary covers.

The manufacturer has two cloth lock-holes in this cover to allow convenient locking of the motorcycle with the motorcycle locks. It is easy to locate your motorcycle at night because it comes with reflective warning straps, which also improve security. Also, the windproof buckle design and adjustable elastic band help to prevent the cover against strong winds.

Main features

  • High-quality 210D OXFORD fabric
  • Has two-thread stitching
  • Two cloth lock-holes
  • Two reflective warning straps
  • Windproof buckle design
  • Adjustable elastic band

3. Favoto Waterproof Windproof Outdoor Durable Motorcycle Cover

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This product from Favoto is universal and can fit almost all motorcycles because of an extended length of about 104 inches. The presence of high-quality 210D polyester fabrics and silver coating inside ensure total protection against rain, sun, dust, scratches, and heat, among others. The adjustable down straps and quick-release buckles ensure no flapping or sagging in case of high wind.

To sure a total covering of the motorcycle, the elastic cord facilitates all this. In all honesty, there are three reflective stripes, namely two at both sides and one in front, which ensure the easy location of the bike in a dark environment. Also, secure storage is achieved because of the storage bag, which makes the cover organized when stored.

Main features

  • High-quality 210D polyester fabrics
  • Has silver coating
  • Adjustable down straps
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Has an elastic cord
  • Three reflective stripes
  • Has a storage bag

2. XYZCTEM XXXL Large Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

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XYZCTEM is a reputable brand that has come up with this fantastic product that has high-quality material to protect against weather elements. Notably, it has an extended length of about 118 inches, making it fit for about 99% of the motorcycles brands like Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki, among others. The heavy-duty, durable fabric and soft anti-scratch inside make this cover to serve for years without splitting or cracking.

Furthermore, the two windproof buckles and two aluminum lock holes ensure the cover is firm when there are high winds. If you are not using the motorcycle cover, there is a storage bag that makes storage easy. Its black color creates an impressive appearance for this product, which makes many people go for it.

Main features

  • Has an extended length of about 118 inches
  • Heavy-duty, durable fabric and soft anti-scratch inside
  • Two windproof buckles
  • Two aluminum lock holes
  • Come with a storage bag
  • Has black color

1. Nuzari Premium Weather Resistant Motorcycle Cover for Cruiser, Touring

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When choosing for the best covers, go for this product because it comes with the right length that can fit different motorcycle brands like Harley Davidson touring and Honda Goldwing. The reflective strips improve visibility of your motorcycle hence preventing bumping at night. To ensure the windshield is protected against scratching when installing the cover, it comes with a soft thread windscreen protector that works very well.

Additionally, strong wind becomes a threat, and this is why this cover has the heavy-duty luggage strap and elastic bottom, which cover it firmly. The interior heat shield prevents the melting and burning of the cover in the case of hot pipes. Even more, this product comes with waterproof air vents that allow the air to go out hence preventing tip over when there is a strong wind.

Main features

  • Has reflective strips
  • Soft thread windscreen protector
  • Heavy-duty luggage strap
  • Interior heat shield
  • Waterproof air vent


The motorcycle covers are crucial when it comes to protecting your motorcycle from adverse weather conditions like snow, rain, sunlight, dust, and constant touch. They play a big by making your motorcycle remain in good condition for a long time. Choosing the right cover means you need to know the required features to want. The above products are the best models which you need to buy because they have excellent features to ensure long service.

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