Mini exercise bikes are easy and portable workout bikes, which are used to keep you fit while at home or work. They are perfect for small spaces because they fit anywhere. For example, they can fit in a closet, under the work desk, small storage space, or in the corner of the room when they are not in use. They are an excellent and effective way to stay active all day, particularly if you are working in an office. Mini exercise bikes are best when they are under your office desk because they help to maintain blood flow, maintain your heart rate all day, and remain healthy with minimal effort.

With these bikes, you can exercise while working on the computer, relaxing in a chair, or watching TV. They are also cost-effective, particularly if you on a tight budget, and you want to burn calories. If in one way or the other you have mobility problems or are just recovering from the injury, mini exercise bikes are the best friend.

Table of the Best Mini Exercise Bikes Reviews

10. Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic SF-B0418 Mini Exercise Bikes

Mini Exercise Bikes

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When looking for the best mini exercise bike, which is easy to use and portable, then this model from Sunny Health and Fitness is paramount. Notably, it comes with a digital LCD monitor that is used to track the workout progress, which is displayed on the screen. There is a tension knob that is used to decrease or increase the resistance to ensure the workout remains effective and challenging.

Moreover, there are oversized non-slip textured hand/foot pedals that can accommodate any size when carrying out a vigorous workout. The presence of heavy-duty plastic straps is used to make sure you are safe when carrying out the exercise. In the same way, there are adjustable pedals to make the hands or feet fit, hence facilitating stability and safety.

Main features

  • Digital LCD monitor
  • Has tension knob
  • Oversized non-slip textured hand/foot pedals
  • Heavy-duty plastic straps
  • Has adjustable pedals

9. BOOKCYCLE Steel Frame Mini Exercise Bikes – Pedal Exerciser for Leg & Arm

BOOKCYCLE Steel Frame Mini Exercise Bikes - Pedal Exerciser for Leg & Arm

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This mini exercise bike is the best for people who want legs and arms cycling exercise when they are at home or in the office to relieve tension and increase blood circulation. For instance, it has non-slip surface pedals with adjustable foot strap and molded finger grips to add safety and comfort. More importantly, the motion of the pedal is quiet and smooth, which makes the exercise comfortable when you are playing video games, watching TV, or talking on the phone.

Similarly, it has an LCD monitor that helps to display the workout progress in terms of distance, speed, time, and calories burned. An enforced steel frame offers stability to this bike, and it is firm enough to give a long time usage. Also, the rubber feet beneath the rear and front stabilizer ensure there is no scratching of the floor during the exercise.

Main features

  • Non-slip surface pedals
  • Has smooth and quiet pedal motion
  • Has an LCD monitor
  • Enforced steel frame
  • Has rubber feet

8. DECELI Portable Under Desk Bike – Mini Exercise Peddler with LCD Display

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DECELI has come up with this exercise bike, which is the best gift to parents and office workers who want to improve their blood circulation and need proper exercise. As an illustration, it comes with a multifunctional LCD monitor that helps to track the workout progress hence motivating the workout. On the other hand, there are adjustable foot straps, which are flexible and best for people who have various foot sizes to meet their requirements.

Furthermore, the pads come with anti-slip rubber, which is convenient for everyone because of safety and comfort. There is a tension knob that offers easy adjustment for different resistance levels. It has a portable handle, which makes it easy to drop, pick, or place under the desk. Also, it has a steel flywheel that is inside to make it last for long.

Main features

  • Multifunctional LCD monitor
  • Adjustable foot straps
  • Has tension knob
  • Anti-slip rubber pads
  • Design with a portable handle
  • Has a steel flywheel

7. DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle – Stationary Exercise Bike for Office, Home Equipment

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This is a high-quality mini exercise bike that is portable and can make you stay fit even when you are in the office. It comes with eight intensity levels, which offer different options for your workout. Likewise, there is an LCD screen, which is used to show the workout progress in terms of calories burned, distance, speed, and time during the exercise.

Besides, it comes with magnetic precision flywheel, which helps to ensure there is a discreet performance at every level of resistance. The presence of low-impact and joint-free cycling helps to make you have better calories burning even when you are sitting. Even more, the active circulation of the flywheel ensures there is high energy production.

Main features

  • Has an LCD screen
  • Eight intensity levels
  • Magnetic precision flywheel
  • Has low-impact and joint-free cycling
  • Active flywheel circulation

6. Hausse Portable Exercise Bike for Legs and Arms – Mini Exercise Peddler

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Hausse provides you with a portable exercise bike, which is best for legs and arms workout, and you want to relieve tension and increase blood circulation. For example, it comes with a multifunction LCD screen to help in displaying time, distance, speed, calories burned, and RPM during the workout. There is an adjustable foot band, which can fit every foot of the user to meet their needs.

Furthermore, it comes with a portable handle feature, which makes it perfect for people who want under desk exercise. There is an adjustable knob that makes it easy to adjust the resistance according to your desire by just rotating the knob. Indeed, it comes with a 180-day warranty where you can return it if there is a mechanical problem within those days.

Main features

  • Multifunction LCD screen
  • Has a portable handle
  • Adjustable foot band
  • Has adjustable knob
  • Come with a 180-day warranty

5. DeskCycle Under Desk Mini Exercise Bike

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This exercise bike is of high quality, which helps you to focus on burning calories and improve productivity. It comes with the adjustable leg that ensures there is healthy and smooth pedal motion, which makes the joints flexible and makes you stay focus at work. Equally, it has eight intensity levels, which are different, offering various options for the workouts.

Additionally, there is the presence of magnetic precision flywheel, which facilitates discreet performance at every resistance level. Alternatively, it has an LCD screen to show workout progress in terms of calories burned, time, speed, and distance, hence motivating you when carrying out the exercise. The non-slip surface pedals ensure there is safe and comfortable riding without fear of slipping away during the workout.

Main features

  • Has adjustable leg
  • Eight intensity levels
  • Magnetic precision flywheel
  • Has an LCD screen
  • Non-slip surface pedals

4. MaxKare Magnetic Under Desk Bike – Stationary Cycle Pedal Exerciser for Men & Women

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MaxKare has come up with this outstanding mini exercise bike, which has alternative feet and hands and has multi-use pedals to achieve ultimate healthy fitness. Particularly, it has a resistance rope, which helps the arm muscles to exercise. There are foot-covered pedals, which help to increase the friction that is between the pedals and the feet. It has the protective pads that are on the bottom to prevent the pedal from sliding.

Furthermore, it has a weight capacity of 18.5 lbs and size being 23.6*21.8*12.6 inches, which makes it easy to carry around. The magnetic wheel offers the ultra-quiet operation, which makes it fit for use at home and in the office without causing any disturbance. What is more, this bike has a digital LCD monitor that helps to display time, speed, distance, and calories burned, assisting you in achieving an effective workout.

Main features

  • Has resistance rope
  • Has foot-covered pedals
  • Weight capacity of 18.5 lbs
  • Has protective pads
  • Has a magnetic wheel
  • Digital LCD monitor

3. Wakeman Portable Pedal Stationary Under Desk Exercise Machine

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Wakeman has come up with this mini exercise bike, which is best for everyone who wants to burn calories and strengthen the leg muscles. There is an electronic LCD that allows the users to get the workout progress in terms of speed, time, distance, total count, and calories burned. It is easy to read the screen with the help of a sophisticated scan feature.

There is an adjustable resistance dial, which is the best for the rehabilitative purposes that are done by switching to the higher or lower intensity for toning muscles and strength training. It has a portable size and lightweight for any sedentary activity, given that you are in the office or you are watching TV. The size of an electronic LCD screen is 16.5 x 14 x 13 inches, which offer a good viewing area when carrying out the exercise.

Main features

  • Electronic LCD screen
  • Has a sophisticated scan feature
  • Adjustable resistance dial
  • Portable and lightweight
  • LCD display size is 16.5 x 14 x 13 inches

2. Marcy Exercise Bike – Compact Magnetic Mini Cycle – Under-Desk Pedal Cardio Exerciser

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This Marcy exercise bike has a manual resistance knob, which enables everyone to adjust the resistance to get a more customized workout. For example, it has a magnetic resistance that offers a smooth transition between the levels giving continuous training. In a like manner, it has easy-to-read computer display, which tracks the workout during the training session in terms of time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

Moreover, it has a weight capacity of about 250 lbs that make it perfect for different weights of the users. The rubberized feet are designed to ensure there is a worry-free exercise session by preventing any unnecessary movement and increasing stability. Also, the manual resistance knob is crucial to give more customize transitions, smooth, and easy adjustments during the exercise. There is a low impact, which gives one reliability and efficiency during physical therapy and a recovering need.

Main features

  • Has magnetic resistance
  • Easy-to-read computer display
  • Weight capacity of about 250 lbs
  • Has rubberized feet
  • Manual resistance knob

1. FitDesk Under Desk Cycle & Exercise Bike Peddler with Magnetic Resistance

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If you are looking for the best exercise bike that has a smooth and quiet pedal motion for use in the office, then this is the right bike. It has eight positions of magnetic resistance and a foot shifter, which ensure there is free tension adjustment to the hands. Equally, it has an LCD screen that helps to display speed, current distance, time, and calories burned.

Besides, hand-free foot shifters enable you to adjust cycle tension easily without stopping the workflow. A twin belt and balanced flywheel drive offer un-matched performance during the workout to achieve your personal goals. Even more, cycling is quiet, which makes it fit for use when you are playing video games, watching TV, taking a call, or doing your homework.

Main features

  • Eight positions magnetic resistance
  • Has an LCD screen
  • Hand-free foot shifters
  • Twin belt drive
  • Balanced flywheel drive


The mini exercise bikes are economical and easy-to-use tools in the gym, at home, and at work that improves body fitness. You can use them to burn calories, have a better chance of staying in shape, and improve blood circulation regardless of the busy schedule daily. Choose the best bikes for the specific training you want, considering the fitness goals and other features like space and price that each bike offers.

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