A mini claw machine can be perfect for bringing back the memories of the good old days. It serves perfect for kids of all ages and makes sure there will be multiple benefits. With it, there will be fine motor skills, and it also improves hand and eye coordination. With a mini claw machine, you can make your kids stay away from mobile phones. It is safe to use and can be highly challenging. Check out the following list of the top 10 best mini claw machines.

Best Mini Claw Machines for Sale Reviews

10. JSNY Electronic Mini Claw Machine Game With Sound

Mini Claw Machines

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The presence of this mini claw machine brings charms to parties. The arcade game machine is the best choice for family get-togethers. Moreover, this electronic claw machine comes with a full-sized arcade game. This system does not require any assembly. This tabletop unit comes along with plastic coins. Nevertheless, you will only need three pieces of D batteries to make this module work.

This equipment is also suitable for kids above 8-years old. Furthermore, the realistic sounds, lights, and music make your gaming time exciting. This manufacturer includes three joystick controls for an enthralling gaming experience. However, you can fill the container with toys, candies, and small toys.


  • Includes multiple features for user advantage.
  • Maximum safety and high-quality construction.
  • Realistic play with three joysticks.

9. Bundaloo Candy Claw Machine – Candy Grabber & Prize Dispenser Machine Toy for Kids

Bundaloo Candy Claw Machine

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Nothing seems to be more exciting than this retro-style arcade game. You will also get thirty pieces of reusable tokens. Moreover, the system requires three counts of D batteries for activation. The three-lever design lets you control the direction of this single claw accordingly. Nevertheless, you can fill the chamber with 2X2-inch toys or candies.

The levers also let you control the movements of the grabber accordingly. You can use gums, candies, peppermints, and other treats for this game. Furthermore, this game is engaging enough to keep children busy. The token chamber lets you take out the used coins instantly. However, this machine is helpful to develop hand-n-eye coordination.


  • Offers hours of fun.
  • Easy to use and complete set.
  • Improved hand and eye coordination.

8. Etna Mini Claw Machine For Kids with Small Toys and Candy

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This mini claw machine is the best replication of classic arcade games. The tabletop machine brings you 15 pairs of reusable coins. You can also continue playing for hours with these tokens. Moreover, this arcade game is a perfect choice for kids above 8-years old. The flashing LED lights and music bring back the memories of childhood.

This claw machine also helps kids to develop the thinking process. However, the grabbing mechanism assists everyone in improving hand-n-eye coordination. Furthermore, this machine can keep adults and children engaged for four hours. The roomy candy dispenser hole clog-freely removes objects. Nevertheless, the skid-resistant rubber feet prevent this machine from shaking.


  • Sound and music effects.
  • Perfect for having an exciting time.
  • Comes in a complete set.

7. Constructive Playthings Carnival Crane Claw Game

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The classic sounds of this mini claw machine motivate children to fight for treats. This engaging arcade game also makes the best recreations for house parties. Moreover, children above 8-years old can find this game thrilling and fun-filled. The cool claw machine is a tabletop model. However, you can encourage your kids to improve their tactics and fine motor skills.

This claw machine is suitable for fairs and carnivals. Furthermore, the BPA-free plastic components make this playset safe for everyone. You can fill the container with small toys and candies. Nevertheless, the three-lever design lets you accurately move the crane. You can use a damp cloth to keep this machine clean.


  • Premium quality metal construction for enhanced longevity.
  • Ideal for kids of all ages.
  • Helps to build fine motor skills.

6. Xiangtat Claw Toy Grabber Mini Arcade Machine with Lights & Sounds – Claw Toy Grabber Machine

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The toy grabber game always makes children giggle effortlessly. You can see kids adorably fight for their treats. However, this mini claw machine is the replication of a timeless arcade game. This machine uses either the provided tokens or coins to begin the game. Moreover, the clear plastic container is shatterproof. You can use candies, gums, and toys to fill this container.

By stimulating narrative play, this machine helps your children to grow. Furthermore, the combination of animation and sounds improve your gaming experience. The triple lever design offers the best control over the grabbing mechanism. Nevertheless, the volume and light control switches let you customize the settings flexibly.


  • Perfect for having an imaginative play.
  • Ability to create a carnival atmosphere.
  • Option to choose from multiple settings.

5. FUN LITTLE TOYS Electronic Claw Toy Candy Grabber Machine for Kids

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A mini claw machine comes with a new makeover. However, this equipment also follows the gaming style of a classic arcade game. Moreover, this tabletop game also engages your children for hours. The triple joystick controls let you flexibly move the grabber. Nevertheless, this set includes ten refillable Easter egg-like plastic balls. Therefore, you can fill each of these balls with your favorite prizes.

You can also use stuffed toys, toy cars, and more. Furthermore, this machine makes your babies’ birthday bash a successful treat party. This purchase includes 12 counts of reusable plastic tokens, as well. However, the vibrant LED flashlights and sounds applaud your children for winning.


  • Includes amazing sound and attractive lights.
  • Easy controls with three joysticks.
  • Large plastic ball and safe to use.

4. Bundaloo Big Rig Toy Claw Machine

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This mini claw machine comes along with 30 counts of reusable tokens. This game seems to be helpful for kids to develop fine motor skills. Moreover, by playing this game, you can improve your hand-n-eye coordination. The battery-powered candy grabber is the perfect tabletop game for house parties. This machine is capable of bringing back the nostalgia regarding arcade game.

This claw machine also helps you to brush up on the calculating skills. Furthermore, the toy-dispensing hole quickly dispenses your won treats. You only have to put a token to unlock the joysticks. However, this arcade game comes with cheerful lights, music, and sound effects. This lightweight equipment offers hassle-free storage and maintenance.


  • Perfect for having irresistible fun.
  • Comes with reusable tokens.
  • Ability to offer multiple benefits.

3. ForBEST Mini Magical Claw Machine

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This adorable mini claw machine comes with a 360-degree arbitrary direction function. Therefore, your children can grab treats effortlessly than other models. Moreover, this mini claw machine lets you customize the light and music settings accordingly. The automatic sleep mode sends back this machine to sleep when unused. Nevertheless, this module offers 60-second game time.

You can fill the treating chamber with toys, candies, dolls, and snacks. Furthermore, you can improve your kids’ hand-n-eye coordination by presenting this equipment. This tabletop model has the construction of non-toxic, harmless plastic material. The dual-power mode lets you use either batteries or a USB charging cable. Hence, you can keep on playing this game for hours.


  • Option to choose from different colors.
  • Attractive design and premium quality construction.
  • Sleek button design for maximum safety.

2. Original Moj Moj Squishy Toy Claw Machine Playset

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The complete playset gives a million-dollar smile to your baby’s face. This mini claw machine also includes a set of squishy toys. These little fluffy balls encourage your children to play this game repeatedly. Moreover, the triple joystick controls let you move the claw in different directions. This playset is safe for kids above 6-years old.

The working claw grabber also reduces the chances of mixed targets. Furthermore, you can alternately fill the container with wrapped candies. This arcade game comes with realistic sounds and lighting effects. Nevertheless, the single mystery pack includes six surprises for little ones. This playset is a perfect present for children up to 12-years old.


  • Comes in a complete set.
  • Includes sound, music, and lights.
  • Durable construction and safe to use.

1. Bundaloo Candy Grabber Claw Machine Arcade Game

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This mini arcade game comes along with multiple reusable tokens. The claw machine also includes three control knobs. Moreover, the realistic sound and lighting effects make gaming time more exciting. The grabbing mechanism is very flexible, and you can move the claw accordingly. Nevertheless, the convenient chute design lets you refill the container with ease.

This claw machine is also a compact module. Therefore, you can safely place this equipment on tables. Furthermore, you can fill this chamber with candies, gums, small toys, and more. This set includes eight pieces of plush toys. After grabbing a toy, this arcade game will cheer every up. The skid-resistant feet keep this machine stable on any surface.


  • Premium quality construction for long-lasting use.
  • Perfect for special occasions.
  • Easy to use and highly challenging.


Always see if the mini claw machine is easy to use and comes in a complete set. It must offer multiple benefits and must let you use it for a long time. You need to see if it lets you have a realistic feel and include convenient joysticks. Some can also come with lights and sounds so that there will be an amazing atmosphere. It must offer you many options and has to perfect for kids of all ages.

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