Storing kitchen accessories can be a challenge if you are the homeowner, and the built-in cabinets or the selves are not the solutions, especially for certain appliances. Instead, the microwave carts for storage are the device that solves this problem. These microwave carts offer storage solutions to every family setting. They have good stability and durability because of high-quality and sturdy material to support a lot of weight. Also, they help organize the kitchen and offer a portable cooking space. These microwave carts for storage have an elegant finish, which is perfect for any kitchen.

With the help of the compact design, they facilitate storage in the tightest spaces. Besides, they have reliable wheels that allow easy movement in every area and the drawers to store various items. The sturdy steel frames make them durable and long-lasting. Typically, there are many microwave carts in the market, and it can be challenging to get the right brand, which means you need to be careful.

Table of the Best Microwave Carts with Storage Reviews

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10. Hodedah Microwave Carts with Storage, Door, and Drawer

Microwave Carts with Storage

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For a functional contemporary use, this model from Hodedah is a perfect solution for the kitchen storage needs. Notably, it comes with the heavy-duty drawer that is very strong to withstand heavy weight from small kitchen gadgets or kitchen utensils. In a like manner, there are the metal drawer glides that have the safety stops to prevent the drawer from falling out.

Thanks to the lockable wheels that offer mobility to any place you want to go around the kitchen. More importantly, it has an ideal and compact design for small spaces and with the dimension of 45.4” X 23.6” X 15.5”. Also, there is an enclosed cabinet space with one shelf that offers a compact storage for pots, pans, and kitchen appliances.

Main features

  • Has a heavy-duty drawer
  • Metal drawer glides
  • Has lockable wheels
  • The dimension of 4” X 23.6” X 15.5”
  • Enclosed cabinet space

9. Mr IRONSTONE Vintage Kitchen Microwave Stand with Storage

Kitchen Microwave Stand with Storage

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This model from Mr. IRONSTONE has ample storage space with the dimensions of 35.5″ W *15.75″ D *52″H and the kitchen shelf that has a massive area. For one thing, it has a sturdy top panel that helps to hold the microwave oven together with other kitchen appliances. In the same way, it comes with ten hooks that make it convenient when you want to hang the cooking tools.

Besides, it is constructed with the high-quality metal frame and the MDF vintage board that offer solid and sturdy support for heavy-weight. It has the X style design that provides more comfort and ensures stability and durability. Even more, the installation process is very easy because you can assemble the utility rack table by yourself.

Main features

  • Dimensions of 5″ W *15.75″ D *52″H
  • Sturdy top panel
  • High-quality metal frame
  • MDF vintage board
  • Has the X style design
  • Easy to install

8. Vilobos Dark Gray Microwave Cabinet with Kitchen Storage Organizer

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The important thing about this model is that it has a firm stand to meet the daily kitchen storage very well, and you can even store other appliances. In detail, the microwave storage counter has stainless steel material, which is durable and sturdy than the normal wood material. It has multipurpose usage, which is perfect for storing microwave, electric cooker, toaster, and other appliances.

Similarly, the mental door handle that is sturdy and has a simple style match that matches the entire cabinet perfectly. In all honesty, it comes with two adjustable shelves and enclosed cabinet space that offer a compact storage for storing kitchen appliances. Again, it is easy to assemble because you only need to follow the detailed instruction and take some steps to finish.

Main features

  • Stainless steel material
  • Has multipurpose usage
  • Mental door handle
  • Two adjustable shelves
  • Easy to assemble

7. Hodedah White Mini Microwave Cart for Storage with Doors and Shelf

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When looking for the best model that offers the best solution to the kitchen storage, go for this product from Hodedah Import. Notably, it has a large open space located at the center that can be used to store the microwave and the top shelf, which can be used to store the toaster oven. In the same fashion, it comes with multiple finishes, where it offers a variety of choices to choose for the existing interior.

Subsequently, there are the wheels that ensure easy mobility to any place you want to move and the locking casters to facilitate fixed positioning. In like manner, it has wood material, which provides is durability, sturdiness, and long-lasting. It has the overall dimensions of h33” 22” X 15” and available in cherry, white, or beech color.

Main features

  • Has large open space
  • Comes with multiple finishes
  • Has the locking casters
  • Has the wood material
  • Dimensions of h33” 22” X 15”

6. Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Microwave Carts with Storage & Workstation Shelf

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This model from Soges is unique because it comes with a thickened wood laminated panel with a high-quality finish. In general, to ensure stability and durability, it comes with a heavy-duty powder-coated metal material. It has a dimension of 35.4-inch *15.7-inch*32.7-inch and has different colors to choose from.

Additionally, it comes with one extra basket to store vegetables, fruits, or some kitchen necessities. Equally, there is the X frame design that helps to add more durability and stability to the rack. Comparatively, it has five little hooks that make it easier when you want to hang the cooking tools such as pots, utensils, pans, and more.

Main features

  • The thickened wood laminated panel
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated metal material
  • Dimension of 35.4-inch *15.7-inch*32.7-inch
  • Come with one extra basket
  • X frame design
  • Has five little hooks

5. Shamoluotuo Kitchen Black Microwave Stand – Large Kitchen Island Cart – Utility Shelf Cart Workstation Oven Stand

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The Shamoluotuo-Furniture model comes with ample storage with a dimension of 31.5″ L*13.0″ W*29.5″ H. For example, there is a sturdy top panel to store the microwave oven and different kitchen appliances. Equally important, it has the 3-Tier design that offers an added storage for a toaster, plate, dishes, spice, and any other accessory you need.

Furthermore, it features the hooks on both sides, making it convenient when you want to hang the kitchen utensils and cooking tools. In all honesty, it has the stander frame made of the powder-coated metal material to ensure durability and stability. In the same fashion, it comes with the two storage baskets that offer extra storage space.

Main features

  • Dimension of 5″L*13.0″W*29.5″H
  • Has the 3-Tier design
  • Sturdy top panel
  • Has the hooks
  • Has a stander frame
  • Two storage baskets

4. Giantex Rolling Baker’s Rack Microwave Stand with Multifunctional Display Shelf

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The ample storage space makes this Giantex model unique because it comes with the 2-door storage cabinet and three shelves, offering a large storage room. To clarify, it comes with two lockable caster wheels and two universal caster wheels that make it roll to a desirable direction. The frames are made of solid and sturdy material, which makes it less damaged and wobble.

Besides, the shelves are made of the laminated P2 MDF, which is waterproof, smooth, and easy to clean. In like manner, it is easy to assemble because it comes with the instructions and parts that are needed during the assembly. Likewise, the shelves are very thick to offer greater load capacity.

Main features

  • Two lockable caster wheels
  • Two universal caster wheels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has laminated P2 MDF
  • Has thick shelves

3. DlandHome Kitchen Microwave Cart Stand for Spice Rack Organizer Workstation Shelf

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This product comes with a dimension of 35.4L X 15.4W X 32.7H inch and weighs about 31 lbs. For instance, it comes with a sturdy top panel that can store the microwave and any other kitchen appliance. It has the stander frame, which is made of powder-coated metal material to ensure durability and stability.

Similarly, there is an elegant design that offers good appearance and fit the different indoor environment. In the same way, it has three little hooks located on both sides to make it convenient when you want to hang the cooking tools. Equally, it has a set of 3-Tier+3-Tier where you can store spice, dishes, toaster, and other things you require.

Main features

  • Dimension of 35.4L X 15.4W X 32.7H inch
  • Has the stander frame
  • Sturdy top panel
  • Has the elegant design
  • Three little hooks

2. Soges White Microwave Stand – Storage Cart Workstation Shelf

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If you are looking for a waterproof, easy to clean, and anti-scratch model, then go for this model because it is made of laminated wood panel and high-quality finish. In particular, it has the heavy-duty powder-coated metal material that facilitates stability and durability. Equally important, you can adjust the height of the middle board within 10cm down and up, making it suitable to put anywhere that have different heights.

Moreover, it comes with the dimensions of 23.6*15.7*28.7 inch and the multi-function design, which is perfect for storing household essentials in the kitchen. Comparatively, there are the universal rolling casters that facilitate easy movement. Also, the X frame design adds extra durability and stability to the rack.

Main features

  • Laminated wood panel
  • The middle board height is adjustable
  • Dimensions of 23.6*15.7*28.7 inch
  • Universal rolling casters
  • Has the X frame design

1. Pemberly Row Gray Oak Microwave Kitchen Cart with Storage

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The Pemberly Row model is the modern and functional device that offers a perfect solution when you want to store the kitchen accessories. For example, there is the top shelf, which saves the toaster oven. In the first place, it has an enclosed cabinet space that offers compact kitchen storage for pans, small kitchen appliances, and pots.

Likewise, the construction is wooden, which is durable and sturdy to ensure long-lasting. In the same fashion, it has the wheels that offer easy mobility to any place and the locking brake that make it remain at one point. Even more, it comes with the drawer to provide additional room for storing the kitchen utensils.

Main features

  • Has the top shelf
  • Enclosed cabinet space
  • It has wooden material
  • Has the wheels
  • Comes with the drawer


The best decision to solve the kitchen storage space is to get the microwave cart for storage. It doesn’t matter if you use the microwave or not, but you can still buy one, which is very useful. Choosing a genuine product can be difficult, considering the many products available today, but with these products, you can make an informed decision. Go for one of these products, and you will not regret it.