If you are looking to store your medicine safely, then a medicine cabinet can be the perfect product for you. It makes sure there will be exceptional performance and helps to protect your medicines from the harmful ultraviolet rays and dust. A medicine cabinet has high-quality construction and it does not occupy much space. You can use it for a long time as it has high-quality construction. It gives you the option to choose from multiple designs and sizes. Here is the list of the top best mirror medicine cabinets.

Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Reviews

10. Kohler Frameless Aluminum Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinets

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This aluminum-derived medicine cabinet offers a quick recess installation. The bathroom accessory also comes with a mirror-polished finish. Moreover, the frameless design gives a contemporary look to your space. The anodized aluminum reduces the risks of rusting and corroding. However, the adjustable tempered glass shelves let you customize the storage accordingly. The chip-resistant finish prolongs the lifespan of this cabinet.

You can reverse the door opening from the left to right side. Furthermore, there is a mirror on the back of the door. Apart from that, this cabinet has a mirror on the interior back section. Nevertheless, the tempered glass shelves last longer than ordinary cabinets. The door opens at a 180-degree angle. You can quickly access your accessories.


  • A reversible door design.
  • Has a borderless structure.
  • The door opens at a 180-degree angle.

9. DECADOM LED Recessed Medicine Cabinets with Mirror

DECADOM LED Recessed Medicine Cabinets with Mirror

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This medicine cabinet comes with a strikingly-beautiful silver finish. The detachable side mirrors also enhance the beauty of this cabinet. Moreover, the mirror defogger lets you place this cabinet in your washroom. The integrated digital clock takes the decoration to another level. However, this chic mirror makeup comes with a recessed installation. The rectangular-shaped dresser has an LED lighting system.

The anodized aluminum finish also extends the lifespan of this cabinet. Furthermore, the installation kit guides to have convenient mounting. The dimmer function lets you control the brightness of the LED light. The 8mm shelves help you to place a few accessories. Nevertheless, the mirrored back, interior, and front mirrored walls.


  • Comes with a mirror defogger.
  • Includes an automatic door sensor.
  • The shelves have adjustable concealed structure.

8. Jensen Bevel White Mirror Medicine Cabinet

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The polished steel construction makes this medicine cabinet extremely hardwearing. The drawn metal finish also makes this cabinet resistant to rust. Moreover, the treated steel material extends the lifespan of this bathroom accessory. The continuous piano hinge lets you open this door in both directions. Nevertheless, the cabinet offers a convenient recessed wall mounting.

The heat-treated acrylic paint also prolongs the lifespan of this cabinet. Furthermore, this accessory has a frameless 0.5-inch beveled mirror. The swing door opens and closes silently. However, the cabinet comes with a pair of adjustable steel shelves. Hence, you can place containers of different sizes. The acrylic paint finish lessens the chances of developing rust.


  • The door has a smoother piano hinge.
  • Comes with a heat-cured acrylic finish.
  • Accommodates containers of various sizes.

7. AdirMed Dual-Lock Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet for Home & Office

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The dual-lock design makes this medicine cabinet suitable for clinics. The wall-mounted cabinet also holds an emergency first aid kit. Moreover, the cabinet is perfect for offices, schools, and other spaces. The welded steel construction assures the structural stability of this cupboard. Nevertheless, the cabinet offers room for medicine pills and emergency kit boxes.

This cabinet also includes multiple shelves to place medicinal containers. The lock-n-key mechanism keeps your first aid kit safe from stealing. Furthermore, the forged structure makes this cabinet resist scratches. You can use this cabinet for storing medical, dental, surgical, and veterinary instruments. However, the complication-free design makes this cabinet quite functional.


  • Ideal for commercial purposes.
  • Has a double-locking mechanism.
  • Comes with multiple segmented shelves.

6. Jensen Bevel Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

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The inbuilt medicine cabinet comes along with a sleek rectangular shape. The heat-treated acrylic paint also resists untimely rust and corrosion. Moreover, the recessed mounting makes this cabinet exceptionally practical. The welded steel body finish extends the lifespan of this dresser. Nevertheless, the continuous piano hinge opens the door at any side.

The rust-resistant treated steel also offers a sleek look to this cabinet. Furthermore, the front of this door has a 0.5-inch beveled mirror. These glass mirror shelves come with a thickness of 5/32-inch. However, the adjustable glass shelves let you place plenty of items. The complication-free structure of this cabinet adds a contemporary look to spaces.


  • Consists of thick glass shelves.
  • Comes with a heat-treated finish.
  • Has a continuous piano hinge design.

5. Fundin Aluminum Bathroom Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

Bathroom Surface Mount Medicine Cabinets with Mirror

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The luxurious medicine cabinet comes with a frameless dual-sided mirrored door. The lightweight yet hardy aluminum construction ensures the durability of this cabinet. Moreover, the adjustable shelves hold various types of containers. This dresser also supports surface and recessed mountings. Nevertheless, the soft-closing hinges close the door without making noises. The anodized aluminum frame never catches rust and corrosion.

The dazzling finish also makes this cabinet look simple yet attractive. Furthermore, the silver finish delivers a glossy look to this bathroom accessory. The included mounting hardware makes installation hassle-free. However, the see-through four-fixed brackets do not usually fall off. This silver mirror design lets you do your makeup with convenience.


  • The bugger hinges are silent.
  • Comes with tempered glass shelves.
  • Offers recessed and surface installations.

4. American Pride Mount Medicine Cabinet with Raised Panel Door

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The medicine cabinet comes with reinforced material framing. However, the wooden door comes with a classic white finish. Moreover, the powder-coated finish prolongs the lifespan of this bathroom accessory. The installation process of this cabinet is trouble-free for everyone. However, the 24-gauge steel body resists the risks of chipping. The raised panel door makes this cabinet look beautiful.

The galvanized hardware also offers additional protection to the frame. Furthermore, the adjustable shelves let you customize the storage space accordingly. These glass shelves come with a maximum thickness of 3/16-inch. Nevertheless, the steel bottom shelf comes with a permanent installation. The triple piano hinge lets you have quick access to the interior space.


  • Comes with zinc-plated hardware.
  • Includes fixed and adjustable shelves.
  • Has a matte white powder-coated finish.

3. Bathroom Wall Mounted  Mirror Cabinet Organizer with Shelf and Compartments

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The mirrored medicine cabinet comes with the construction of engineered wood. The wall cabinet also offers quick installation against the walls. Moreover, the P2-grade MDF board construction makes this cabinet ultra-durable. The additional storage space keeps your room clutter-free. Nevertheless, the mirrored cabinet has a magnetic self-locking device. Hence, you can lock this cabinet without any trouble.

The adjustable shelves also let you customize the storage space accordingly. Furthermore, this functional accessory is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices. The open compartments can hold decorative pieces. However, the cabinet has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 44-lbs. A smooth metal knob lets you open the door quietly. The MDF wooden construction offers exceptional resistance against moisture.


  • Does not catch moisture and rust.
  • Comes with a self-locking magnetic lock.
  • Looks exceptionally sophisticated and chic.

2. HOMCOM Vertical Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet

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The stainless steel material construction makes this medicine cabinet ultra-durable. You can also use this cabinet in your washroom. Moreover, the stainless steel material does not catch rust and corrosion. This compact accessory has a polished look to balance any decors. The hidden internal mounting holes help you to install this cabinet quickly.

This stylish dresser also comes with all required mounting hardware. Therefore, you can install this cabinet with ease. Furthermore, the magnetic door lets you close it without producing noises. The door reduces the risks of finger pinching. However, you can use this cabinet to store your hygienic essentials. This cupboard comes with a glass mirror on the front door.


  • Has concealed internal mounting holes.
  • Offers hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.
  • Comes with a slow-closing magnetic locking mechanism.

1. Design House Concord Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

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This medicine cabinet has a tri-view mirror design. The rectangular-shaped cabinet lets you have perfect makeup by using the mirror. Moreover, the nutmeg oak finish makes this cabinet look beautiful. The hardwearing gloss white finish blends with the modern room decoration. Nevertheless, the surface mount dresser makes installation trouble-free. The water-resistant finish makes this cabinet ultra-durable.

The 3-door design also makes this cabinet very much functional. Furthermore, the sturdy wood frame ensures the structural stability of this cupboard. The included hardware offers quick assembly and installation. However, the mounting of this cabinet consumes only a few minutes. The dual-shelf design lets you store multiple containers. The cabinet door opens silently and smoothly.


  • Includes more than one shelf.
  • The door has triple mirrored sections.
  • The assembly process is lesser time-consuming.


Medicine cabinets come in different styles and sizes and getting the right one is a user preference. You need to see if it is composed of high-quality materials and includes multiple shelves for easy organization. Apart from this, select the one that includes all the necessary hardware for having easy mounting. See if it is safe to use and some will allow you to have easy cleaning. It must come in an attractive design that makes it perfectly blend with your decor.

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