Natural light is essential when applying makeup in most cases. Unluckily, not all people are fortunate to have larger windows. The situation gets worse when you are applying makeup at night. Although the traditional makeup bulbs and mirrors make the perfect combination, the lighted vanity mirrors offer a flawless makeup application. They also provide a bright and well-lit reflection, which is essential for a complete makeup application. There is a high-quality material that is scratch resistant and offers a beautiful appearance. The mirror is perfect for providing a clear and distortion-free reflection image.

To those people who want the lightweight lighted vanity mirrors, they come with the right style to fit any room. However, making the best choice out of these vanity mirrors is challenging, especially if you do not know the exact features to look for. With the following products, you will save time by choosing the best models that will suit your needs.

Table of the Best Lighted Vanity Mirrors Reviews

10. Nitin Hollywood Style Lighted Vanity Mirrors – Wall Mounted Vanity Makeup Mirrors

Lighted Vanity Mirrors

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For girls and women who want the makeup mirror to achieve their dream, they need this product from Nitin because in work in dark conditions. Notably, it has adjustable brightness and warm light/daylight settings to offer a bright and clean reflection.  The aluminum base and frame are durable to endure heavy use on the dressing desk.

Moreover, there is a superior and gorgeous reflective mirror that makes it the top quality material and last longer. More importantly, it has the overall frame size of 23.62″ x 19.39″ x 7.28″ and the optic mirror size of 23.62″ x 19.39″ x 0.98″. In the same case, it has LED bulbs with a life span of 50,000 hours.

Main features

  • Adjustable brightness and warm light/daylight settings
  • Has the aluminum base and frame
  • Gorgeous reflective mirror
  • Overall frame size of 23.62″ x 19.39″ x 7.28″
  • Has the LED bulbs

9. Hollywood Mirror Vanity with Light – Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror 

Hollywood Mirror Vanity with Light

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If you want to enjoy a healthy and fantastic life, then go for this model from FENCHILIN because it has outstanding features to make you enjoy the service. In particular, it has the adjustable brightness to allow you to achieve flawless makeups even at night. In the first place, it boasts on 360-degree swivel design and smart touch control to offer convenience and superb flexibility.

Furthermore, it has non-replace LED bulbs that offer enough lightings for happy makeup. Equally important, it has a sturdy metal base and frame to withstand heavy use when on the dressing desk. Even more, it comes with three different lighting options, which include daylight, cool white, and warm yellow.

Main features

  • Has adjustable brightness
  • Has 360-degree swivel design
  • Non-replace LED bulbs
  • Sturdy metal base and frame
  • Has different lighting options

8. Hansong Large LED Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights

Hansong Large LED Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights

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The Hansong model is unique when compared to other brands for it has the right size of 22.8″x 18.1″ to offer the correct upper body view. As an illustration, it has a USB charge port on every side to charge the smartphone or any other USB device. Thanks to the elegant stand to put some of the accessories on it like lipstick and earring.

Subsequently, there is the sleek, seamless splicing frame that makes the mirror excellent and high grade. In like manner, it has the 12V power adapter that offers enough power without any worry of the battery charge running out. Also, it comes with a 3-year warranty for free replacement together with after-sale service.

Main features

  • Has USB charge port
  • Has the elegant stand
  • Sleek, seamless splicing frame
  • Has the 12V power adapter
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

7. FENCHILIN Large Vanity Mirror with Lights – Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror

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FENCHILIN has come up with this fantastic product that has the USB charge port to make you charge the smartphone or any USB device. To clarify, it has the size of 22.8″x 18.1″, which is perfect for the upper body view. In the first place, it comes with three light colors to achieve flawless professional makeup.

Likewise, it has adjustable brightness that makes you meet the personal makeup requirement. There is the memory function that keeps the light settings and the left button to change the bright color. Equally, it has the 15 LED light bulbs to allow you to achieve the flawless makeups even at night.

Main features

  • Has the size of 22.8″x 18.1″
  • Three lights colors
  • Has adjustable brightness
  • Has 15 LED light bulbs
  • There is the memory function

6. iCREAT Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights – Touchscreen Control Mirror with USB Outlet

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If you are looking for the perfect vanity mirror, then go for this model from iCREAT because many Hollywood stars use it. To emphasize, it has the smart touch controls that make you adjust light or brightness. It has memory function, which helps you restore it to the mode it was before turned off.

Additionally, 12 dimmable bulbs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, making it long longer. In the same fashion, it comes with the USB port and the power outlet that make it convenient when you want to charge the mobile phone. Also, it has a 12-month warranty, which makes you worry-free and has friendly customer service.

Main features

  • Smart touch controls
  • Has the memory function
  • There are 12 dimmable bulbs
  • Comes with the USB port
  • Has a 12-month warranty

5. Chende Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror with Dimmable LED Bulbs

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When you want to meet all your needs, then go for this model from Chende, for it has three lighting options that include cool white, daylight, and warm yellow. In general, there is a rotation of 360 degrees that makes you feel free when you want to change perspectives, whether sitting or standing. Uniquely, it has a solid metal stand that offers stability when storing any accessory.

Similarly, this model comes with dimmable LED bulbs, which allow you to adjust the light brightness freely without any limitation of the environment and light. Comparatively, it comes with a high-quality glass mirror, and that offers excellent quality control. Also, it has a size of 15.75″ x 11.82″, which makes you save the tablespace.

Main features

  • Has three lighting options
  • Comes with the rotation of 360 degrees
  • Has a solid metal stand
  • Dimmable LED bulbs
  • The white metal sleek frame
  • Has the size of 75″ x 11.82″

4. Chende Makeup Dressing Table Vanity Mirror Set with Dimmer

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This Chende model allows you to complete the beauty routine correctly, irrespective of time in the day, giving you a star feeling. For one thing, it comes with a hook metal hook to make it easy to hang your mirror on a wall. In all honesty, it has an on/off rotary dimmer switch that helps you control the brightness and strength of the light.

More so, 14 free dimmable led bulbs save on electricity and ensure environmental and fashion protection. Again, it comes with a high-quality aluminum alloy frame that looks more beautiful and high grade. Also, it has the power outlet located on every side of a mirror and the mirror size being 31.5” x 25.6” x 2.4”.

Main features

  • Hook metal hook
  • Has on/off rotary dimmer switch
  • High-quality aluminum alloy frame
  • Mirror size of 31.5” x 25.6” x 2.4”
  • 14 free dimmable led bulbs

3. Fenair Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights – Makeup Mirror with Lights and Magnification

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The exciting thing about this model is that it has the perfect size to save on table space to place extra cosmetics supplies. For instance, it has nine free dimmable LED bulbs, which help you attain flawless professional makeup. Thanks to a 360-degree angle adjustable that makes it fit any angle, you may want to achieve the best viewing angle.

Furthermore, there are the buttons, which allow you to change your tonal quality of a light that you may require. It has a 10x magnifying glass that helps you see every image. The memory function enables you to restore the initial brightness when you have switched off.

Main features

  • Has nine free dimmable LED bulbs
  • 360-degree angle adjustable
  • There are buttons
  • 10x magnifying glass
  • Has a memory function

2. HAUSCHEN LED Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror

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If you are looking for an environmentally friendly vanity mirror that is less corrosion, then go for this model from HAUSCHEN. As an illustration, it comes with a memory touch sensor that helps to control light when you want to turn on or off. Thanks to the anti-fog function that enables you to keep the reflection image clear.

Subsequently, there is the LED backlight that offers super bright illumination to your bathroom without additional lighting. Equally important, it is easy to install because you only need a screwdriver, level, drill, electrician’s tape, and a pencil. Also, it comes with an innovative defogger pad to keep it free from the condensation.

Main features

  • Memory touch sensor
  • Has anti-fog function
  • LED backlight
  • Easy to install
  • Innovative defogger pad

1. BEAUTME White Tabletop/Wall Mounted Vanity Mirrors with Lights

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BEAUTME has come up with this vanity mirror model that has the memory function, making it easy to use. To explain, it comes with 14 dimmable replaceable LED light bulbs that offer a Hollywood style. In all honesty, it has the aluminum alloy frame that makes it admirable to many women and girls.

Moreover, it comes with a wooden base, which makes it stable to support other accessories. In the same case, it has a dimension of 24.41 x 3.94 x 20.16 inches and comes with daylight and warm yellow light color. Above all, it comes with a touch sensor switch that helps to adjust the brightness of the mirror.

Main features

  • 14 dimmable replaceable LED light bulbs
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Comes with the wooden base
  • Dimension of 41 x 3.94 x 20.16 inches
  • Touch sensor switch


The lighted vanity mirrors are the best devices to offer the fine details of the face. With the above products, you are sure of getting the best models that will suit your need. They allow for easy brightness control by just touching the brightness sensor. The mirrors are sturdy and have excellent features to ensure smooth operation. Moreover, the light brightness can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs. Typically, you check out our products, and I am sure you will get the right brand.

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