LED parking lot lights offer perfect illumination and are perfect for outdoor use. With it, there will be maximum safety, and it can come with multiple features. It is composed of high-quality materials, and you don’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions. There are different types of LED parking lot lights, and you can find the one that can meet your needs. It is easy to use and can be a perfect investment for anyone. Check out the following list of the best Outdoor LED parking lot lights.

Best LED Parking Lot Lights Reviews

10. LEDMO Commercial Outdoor 200W LED Parking Lot Lights

LED Parking Lot Lights

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These 200-watt LED parking lot lights come in a pack of three. The aluminum housing also extends the life expectancy of these fixtures. Moreover, the waterproof external shell reinforces the structure of these pieces. You can safely install these lights in wet locations. However, these fixtures cause no electric shockers even during heavy downpours.

The heat-dissipating function also increases the lifespan of the LED chips. Furthermore, the separated slip fitter makes installation trouble for a single person. You can use these fixtures around damp areas. Nevertheless, the hardwearing construction resists corrosion, rust, and more. These lights come with black shortening caps for daily use. The photocell sensor is capable of dawn-to-dusk function.


  • Comes with an adjustable slip mount system.
  • Suitable for all types of weather conditions.
  • Reliable design and easy installation.

9. LEDMO 150W LED Parking Lot Lighting

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This pack brings you two pairs of commercial lights. However, you can also install these fixtures in almost every outdoor space. Moreover, you can illuminate the street to driveways, garages, and other locations. The smart photocell sensor controls the dawn-to-dusk function proficiently. Nonetheless, the aluminum housing dissipates the heat rapidly.

Therefore, these fixtures also stay safe from overheating and short circuits. The slip fitter helps you to save bucks from your monthly electricity bills. These LED street lights come with a photocell sensor with a twist-lock. Furthermore, these shoebox floodlights produce up to 19500-lumens of brightness output. Nevertheless, you can change the direction of the beam from -30 to +30-degree.


  • Turns on automatically for saving effort.
  • Premium quality construction for long-lasting use.
  • Efficient performance and proved heat dissipation.

8. OAYATACO 200W Commercial LED Area Lighting – 5000k LED Pole Light with Dusk

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This 200-watt LED parking lot light has an inbuilt, smart photocell. The sensor also precisely senses the absence and presence of natural light. Hence, this sensor controls the illumination program automatically. Moreover, you never have to illuminate this light manually. The installation of this model is lesser troublesome. Nevertheless, the unique breathing valve design dissipates the heat quickly.

The LED lighting fixtures also offer exceptional resistance against environmental elements. Furthermore, you can replace power-conserving 800-watt metal halides with this fixture. The LED chips can last longer than usual. However, the light is bright enough to produce a 5000K color temperature. You can flexibly rotate the arm of this fixture up to a 180-degree angle.


  • Perfect for light efficiency.
  • Easy installation and safe to use.
  • Available in a waterproof design.

7. LEDMO Commercial Outdoor LED Steet Light

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The flexible mount joint lets you change the angle of this light accordingly. However, this LED parking lot also offers hassle-free installation. Moreover, the LED Street light consumes only limited energy. As a substitute for conventional commercial lights, you can use this fixture. Nevertheless, the twist-lock photocell sensor automatically turns on or off this light.

The shade also involves the construction of durable plastic material. Furthermore, the flexible shoebox floodlight comes with a bendable arm design. Therefore, you can adjust the beam direction accordingly. The aluminum housing exceptionally dissipates heat. However, the lightweight lighting fixture works with both square poles and round poles. This LED light comes along with a slip fitter for regular use.


  • Lightweight design for easy installation.
  • Option to use in multiple ways.
  • Ideal for outdoor purposes.

6. RuggedGrade 300 Watt LED Outside Lights

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This LED parking lot light consists of SMD 3030 LED modules. Altogether, these LED beads also produce up to 135-lumens of brightness output. Moreover, the included photocell sensor increases the practicality of this module. The heat sink aluminum housing protects the LED chips from overheating. Nevertheless, the slip mount design lets you adjust the arm of this light flexibly.

This industrial-grade shoebox floodlight also produces up to 5000K color temperature. Furthermore, this fixture works as the best alternative to traditional power-consuming lights. The dawn-to-dusk illumination function saves energy during the operation. However, this outdoor-grade light tolerates the harshness of environmental elements. This fixture is compatible with vertical and horizontal mounting.


  • Helps to save power.
  • Bright light and adjustable mount.
  • Aluminum housing and durable construction.

5. GENPAR 200W Outdoor Pol Lights – Super Bright Area Light

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Changing the beam direction increases the functionality of this street light. The power-saving LED lighting system also has an estimated lifespan of 50000-hours. Moreover, the 200-watt LED light functions as the best parking lot light. You can use this fixture for illuminating playgrounds, pastures, and tennis courts. However, the installation is process is very much easy for a single person.

The 180-degree adjustable mounting bracket also provides flexible illumination. Furthermore, the highly efficient LED lighting system delivers up to 135-lm/w light. Hence, this fixture is capable of covering a wide area. The waterproof housing resists moisture, corrosion, rust, and snow. You can safely use this light for wet and damp locations.


  • Perfect for outdoor lighting.
  • Automatic operation and durable design.
  • The high lifespan of up to 50000 hours.

4. dephen LED Shoebox Parking Lot Light for Commercial Outdoor Lighting

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The photocell sensor offers easy mounting and dismounting. The polycarbonate shade also uniformly distributes the beam. Moreover, the aluminum housing quickly releases the heat. Hence, this LED parking lot light stays cool even after hours of illumination. This LED pole light works with a dimmer as well. Nevertheless, you can fix this fixture on standard circular poles.

You can also pick this light to replace the traditional 1000-watt metal halides. Furthermore, the die-cast aluminum housing resists corrosion and rust. However, the plastic parts are highly temperature-resistant. This light is ideal for outdoor locations as it has waterproof housing. The automatic turn on or off function never requires manual operation. This fixture produces up to 140-lumens per watt beam.


  • Composed of premium quality materials.
  • Comes with a built-in dimmable power supply.
  • Adjustable mount and resistant to corrosion.

3. hykolity 200W Daylight LED Parking Light

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This LED parking lot light produces up to 27000-lumens of brightness output. The aluminum housing also extends the lifespan of this module by dissipating heat. Moreover, you can change the beam angle from -30 to +30-degree. This 200-watt LED Street light comes along with an enclosed design. Hence, this module resists corrosion, rust, dust, moisture, and snow.

The LED lighting system also has an estimated lifespan of 5000-hours. Furthermore, the adjustable arm design allows you to adjust the beam angles accordingly. The crack-resistant housing extends the lifespan of this lighting fixture. Nevertheless, this LED shoebox light comes along with a shatterproof PC shade. You can change traditional 400-watt metal halides with this fixture.


  • Ability to deliver efficient performance.
  • Easy installation and maximum flexibility.
  • Comes in a waterproof design.

2. dephen 300W LED Shoebox Pole Light

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This 300-watt LED shoebox light comes with a slip fitter design. The aluminum housing resists the harshness of environmental elements. Moreover, this LED parking lot light consists of SMD 3030 2D LED chips. However, these chips offer exceptional durability. This LED pole light can deliver up to 42000-lumens of brightness output. The dawn-to-dusk function makes illumination automatic and hands-free.

You can also use this fixture to replace existing metal halides. Furthermore, the powder-coated finish extends the lifespan of this LED lighting system. The photocell sensor precisely senses the ambient light. Therefore, the system offers energy-efficient operation. You can change the beam direction up to a 180-degree angle. Nevertheless, the weatherproof construction prolongs the lifespan of this module.


  • Allows installing in multiple ways.
  • Turns on automatically and better brightness.
  • High-quality construction for long-lasting use.

1. Hyperikon 300W Commercial Shoebox Pole Street Light

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The 300-watt power-saving LED Street light has the construction of long-lasting metal. However, the hollow metal housing also offers rapid heat dissipation. The LED chips come with an average lifespan of 45000-hours. Moreover, this LED parking lot light has a flexible arm design. Hence, you can mount this fixture against square and round-shaped poles.

The low-profile module also makes installation easier for individuals. This shoebox floodlight is suitable for farms, garages, pastures, playgrounds, and more. Furthermore, the photocell sensor accurately senses the ambient light. Therefore, this mode automatically turns the light on or off. The weatherproof housing increases the life expectancy of this unit. Nevertheless, this fixture comes along with a shortening cap.


  • Patented technology for longer life.
  • LED technology and exceptional performance.
  • Allows having a quick and easy installation.


You will have to invest in a parking lot light that lets you use it for a long time. It has to perfect for all types of weather conditions and comes in a waterproof design. Always see if it comes with automatic operation and can automatically turn on at dusk. Apart from this, you need to see if it delivers efficient performance and comes with a powerful battery.

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