Incandescent lamps no longer become the best option when lighting your place of work. This is because the electricity bills are increasing day by day. However, there are the ideal LED desk lamps that effectively meet your lighting needs. Because of their durability, these desk lamps can withstand daily abuse. Likewise, they emit gentle light and adjustable brightness for any mood or activity. There are the USB ports, which you can use to charge the smartphone. When focusing light on a specific surface, no interference can happen.

Luckily, these LED desk lamps have the memory function, which maintains the brightness and light color settings of the light. It also saves on space with different configurations and the lighting modes and brightness settings that are best for sleeping, studying, relaxing, or reading. When buying the LED desk lamps, you need to be careful because of the many models in the market.

Table of the Best LED Desk Lamps Reviews

10. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp – Eye-caring LED Table Lamps

LED Desk Lamps

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TaoTronics has developed this model, which shines the flicker-free light to brighten the space without harming the eyes, making it ideal for working, studying, or reading. As an illustration, it comes with seven brightness levels and five color modes that create a perfect ambiance. In a like manner, it has a built-in USB port, which keeps the phone at the full charge.

Similarly, there is an outstanding environmental performance that helps to switch the traditional desk lamp and reduce the electricity bill to about 75%. In the same fashion, it has a fully adjustable angle, which rotates the head up/down 135 degrees and also left/right 90 degrees to direct cast light where you want. Also, it comes with the built-in touch controls that are lightly sliding the fingers along a touchpad and set the lighting mode and the brightness level.

Main features

  • Seven brightness levels
  • Five color modes
  • Has a built-in USB port
  • Fully adjustable angle
  • Outstanding environmental performance
  • Has built-in touch controls

9. White Crown Adjustable LED Table Lamp with USB Charging Port

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This desk lamp from White Crown has outstanding features that make it ideal for studying and reading for a long. In particular, it has 52 spectrum beads that offer soft light, no shadow, no flicker, which prevent the eye from being fatigue caused by harsh glare and flickering light effectively. In like manner, it comes with five lighting modes and ten brightness levels that offer ideal light levels.

Furthermore, there is the adopting aluminum alloy, which has a lifespan of 50000hrs, 40 times longer than the typical incandescent light. Thanks to the built-in 5V/1A USB that help to charge the mobile devices and also keep them within your reach. What is more, it comes with the touch sensor switch applied to the desk lamp for easy control.

Main features

  • Has 52 spectrum beads
  • Five lighting modes
  • Ten brightness levels
  • Adopting aluminum alloy
  • Built-in 5V/1A USB
  • Touch sensor switch

8.TaoTronics TT-DL16 Stylish Metal LED Desk Light for Home and Office

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The TaoTronics model has a bright light, which is enough for studying, working, reading, relaxing, and more. Notably, it has the premium aluminum alloy, making it stylish, thoughtfully designed, and scratch-resistant, facilitating longevity. More importantly, it comes with six brightness levels and five color modes to meet your requirement for any occasion.

Additionally, there is the light guide panel, which transmits the light sideways for a glare-free illumination to brighten the space without harming the eyes. In the same way, it comes with the glass touchpad that helps to change the brightness and dimness of the light drastically. Above all, it has a built-in USB port to charge your eReader, smartphone, or tablet.

Main features

  • Has the premium aluminum alloy
  • Six brightness levels
  • Five color modes
  • There is the light guide panel
  • Glass touchpad
  • Built-in USB port

7. TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp with 3-Way Touch Switch

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If you are looking for a desk lamp suitable for homework, book reading, study, indirect light, fit for secretary, editor, typist, accountant, and more, go for this product from TW Lighting. In detail, it comes with the built-in USB port, which is perfect for charging android, iPhone, or smart cell phones. On the other hand, it has a 3-level dimmer that dims from ambient light to task.

Besides, there is the secondary diffuser lens that advances the light laterally onto the work area while it remains cool to touch. In the same case, it uses 3 watts, which make it great for office, home, school, and college dorm use. Even more, it comes with three optional finishes that include Pink (PK), White (WT), and Black (BK), enhancing any workspace.

Main features

  • Built-in USB port
  • Has a 3-level dimmer
  • Secondary diffuser lens
  • Uses 3 watts
  • Three optional finishes

6. Joly Joy Swing Arm Lamp & LED Desk Lamp with Clamp

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This product form Joly Joy comes with a slim and compact clamp and the hidden cabling that allow you to have the full free desk surface. For one thing, it comes with the swiveled shade, and flexible swing arms make it easy to position to ensure direct light. Equally importantly, it has the flicker-free, even light, which keeps halos, shadows, and troublesome glares clear.

Subsequently, there is the memory function, adjustable color temperatures, and stepless dimming that make it ideal for different occasions. Thanks to the eye-care reading mode and 10/40 minutes timer, which makes it a cool bedside reading lamp. Alternatively, it has a spacing saving clamp that makes it easy to mounts to any studio designs.

Main features

  • Swiveled shade and flexible swing arms
  • Flicker-free even light
  • Has the memory function
  • Adjustable color temperatures
  • Eye-care reading mode
  • Spacing saving clamp

5. JUKSTG White Touch-Sensitive LED Desk Lamp

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The JUKSTG model is unique because it comes with a stable and soft light to ensure clear studying and reading without eye dryness and fatigue. To emphasize, it has ten brightness levels and five lighting modes to meet your needs for different scenarios. In like manner, it has 64 high-quality lamp beads, which is non-ghosting anti-blue light, and shines to flicker-free to make it eco-friendly and brighter.

More so, there is a high-quality aluminum alloy body that makes it elegant, stylish, strong, and wear resistance to fit any interior decoration. Equally, it comes with a touch-sensitive panel, which allows you to control the power. Thanks to the special round design and the broader irradiation area that offer more uniform and the soft light.

Main features

  • Ten brightness levels
  • Five lighting modes
  • 64 high-quality lamp beads
  • High-quality aluminum alloy body
  • Touch-sensitive panel
  • Special round design
  • Broader irradiation area

4. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port – Dimmable Office Lights

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Whether you are working, studying, or reading at home, college dorm, office, or at school, then this is the right product to have. To explain, it comes with a button that controls the size of the shadow and protects the eyes from direct light. In the first place, it has the straight-forward touch control to set the lighting effortlessly.

Likewise, there is the 5V/2.1A USB output that helps to charge the mobile devices quickly when a lamp is either on or off. Further, it comes with a rotary knob that adjusts color temperature and the brightness of the light. Also, it has the memory function, which automatically restores the earlier light setting for added convenience.

Main features

  • Comes with the button
  • Straight-forward touch control
  • 5V/2.1A USB output
  • Comes with the rotary knob
  • Has the memory function

3. Lampat Dimmable LED Table Lamp

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Lampat has come up with this model, which saves more energy and has a life of about 50000 hours. For example, it has 5 level brightness and four lighting modes that help you meet the needs of light in different scenarios. Comparatively, it comes with the USB charging port, which you can use to charge different mobile devices when on or off.

Furthermore, there is a fully adjustable angle that helps cast light directly to any place you need. In a like manner, it has 52 full-spectrum lamp beads, which is designed for studying, working, and reading. It has a minimalist and stylish design that is fit for the office or home.

Main features

  • 5 level brightness and four lighting modes
  • Comes with the USB charging port
  • Fully adjustable angle
  • 52 full-spectrum lamp beads
  • Minimalist and stylish design

2. Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

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This product from AFROG is found in many homes and offices because it produces natural light and has no flicker or dark area, making it best for working, reading, crafting, studying, and more. Notably, it has both a fast wireless charger and a USB charging port that offer powerful charging. On the other hand, it has a dimension of 17 x 4.6 x 2 inches and weighs 1 pound.

Besides, there is the eye-caring tech that ensures no flicker lighting, making it suitable for the kids when reading at night. In the same fashion, it has an auto-off timer, which 30/60 minutes to offer free to sleep. Even more, it comes with a full kit consisting of the LED desk lamp, USB cable, user guide, and the adaptor.

Main features

  • Fast wireless charger
  • USB charging port
  • Dimension of 17 x 4.6 x 2 inches
  • There is the eye-caring tech
  • Has the auto-off timer

1. BZBRLZ Metal Swing Arm Lamp – LED Architect Desk Lamp

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The BZBRLZ model is fantastic because it comes with the diffusion panel that emits soft light, which is ideal for any occasion like reading, thinking, working, relaxing, knitting, or drawing. Namely, it has three color modes where you can adjust them gradually as per the brightness you want. In like manner, it comes with the glare-free and flicker-free illumination, which covers the entire desk area.

Moreover, there is the wider metal clamp that comes with the silicone pads to make it sturdy when illuminating light. Alternatively, it comes with a strong clamp, which supports about 2.1 inches tabletop and holds a swing arm lamp securely in place. Above all, it has a flexible adjustment arm that offers freely adjustable angles and multiple positions.

Main features

  • Three color modes
  • Glare-free and flicker-free illumination
  • Comes with the strong clamp
  • Flexible adjustment arm


The LED desk lamps are the essential devices for working and studying environment. Good lighting not only prevents eye strain but also improves the appearance of your workplace. The above desk lamp products are important for daily study or workday. For instance, they have the USB charging port, which is used to charge smartphones when off or on. Also, there is the control panel, which is impressive and can automatically shut down after some hours of inactivity.

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