If you are looking to have better illumination while looking at the mirror, then you can try an LED bathroom mirror. It comes with multiple features and can be ideal for wet settings. With LED bathroom mirrors, you can have a better advantage, and some can come with adjustable brightness so that there can be perfect illumination. It is a highly reliable product and comes in an eye-catching design. With it, you don’t have to worry about wiping as it comes in an anti-fog design. Check out the following list of the best LED mirrors for bathroom

Table of the Best LED Bathroom Mirrors Reviews

10. Keonjinn Wall Mounted Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror with Lights

LED Bathroom Mirrors

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Do you have very low lighting in your bathroom? Does the mirror gets fogged while you bath? Well, here is the product that serves both the purpose to you effectively. The LED vanity mirror for the bathroom comes with touch control. Hold the touch button for only 3 seconds, and you can change the light settings. This dimmable product also has a memory function, so it would be in the state when you restart.

You get a separate anti-fog control, which is also safe and saves energy. This means you do not have to wipe it off or rinse it to fade away the fog. Furthermore, the product has environmentally friendly material lasting for over 50,000 hours. The product is also waterproof to ensure it lights safely in moisture and wet atmosphere.


  • Silvered reflection layer for superior performance.
  • Waterproof design and attractive look.
  • Composed of high-quality and safe materials.

9. HAUSCHEN Vertical & Horizontal LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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For all the dull brightness issues in your bathroom, the product provides sufficient bright lighting that is needed. Moreover, the product has touch control to adjust the brightness level from 20% to 100%.  The visual is also not flashy to the eyes, and it does not flicker when it gets wet. The backlight comes with a copper friendly silver-colored mirror that has wall switch control as well.

The memory function allows you to restart in the same state you switched off previously. Furthermore, there is a separate control for anti-fog. It lets the mirror always remain clean and provides a clear mirror image even while you are bathing. This means it is moisture resistant as well.


  • Slim design for an attractive look.
  • LED backlight technology for user advantage.
  • Adjustable brightness and easy to use.

8. MAVISEVER Wall Mounted LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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This wall-mounted led bathroom mirror is a durable and sturdy product. You can adjust the brightness of the product from cool white color to warm lighting. Moreover, it does not consume more energy, making it highly energy efficient. It also lasts for more than 50,000 plus hours. The adhesive is very strong, and it stays in one place even if the mirror breaks making it highly safe.

The smart touch button has a sensitive touch response and has dimmable adjustment levels. Furthermore, the anti-fog feature allows keeping the mirror clear always.  The product is eco-friendly with copper built and silver linings. As the mirror is a very fragile object, the packaging is done professionally.


  • Wide applications and safe to use.
  • Smart touch button for hassle-free usage.
  • High LED life and flexible installation.

7. OOWOLF Wall Mounted LED Makeup Mirror for Bathroom

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Looking for a product that fits your bathroom wall and provides a clear reflection image? Well, here is the illuminating product that is great for your bathroom, and you would never have dull lightings. Moreover, the smart, sensitive touch system allows to switch on and off the product. It also has an anti-fog feature separately, preventing you from wiping it off manually after your steam baths.

The product allows you to change light settings from natural light to different color temperatures. They are not heavy to the eyes as well. Furthermore, the product is very much easy and safe to install. You can either hang it horizontally or vertically. The product adds up to the decor and elegance of the bathroom.


  • Comes with an LED life of over 50000 hours.
  • Safe installation and anti-fog feature.
  • Custom usage with adjustable brightness.

6. ANTEN Horizontal & Vertical Bathroom Wall Mirror with Lights

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The usual mirror in your bathroom is never of that great use when it comes to its usefulness. This is because they do not provide a clear image all the time due to fogginess on it. Moreover, they also do not offer much lighting making them worthless. This product serves the purpose. It has an advanced touch smart button for switching on and off the illuminating lights.

There is also separate control for anti-fogging. Turn on the anti-fog feature, and the vapor simply fades away. Furthermore, the lighting brightness is also adjustable as per need. It does hold waterproof properties, so while bathing if the product gets wet, the lighting does not flicker. The product is very easy to install and use.


  • Premium quality materials for long-lasting use.
  • Easy to use with a dimmable touch sensor.
  • Allows having a flexible installation.

5. Petus PetusHouse Wall LED Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

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Add up to your bathroom decor with this led bathroom mirror that is very advanced and has an anti-fogging feature. The dimmable product has various adjustment light levels that you can change as per the requirement. Moreover, the wall-mounted product has a touch-sensitive button and hardwire to operate it easily. It also has a copper-free rustproof frame that speaks of the product’s durability.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty with at least 50,000 plus hours of illumination. The led strip is also waterproof and does not flicker when water droplets touch it. The anti-fog feature makes it safer and energy-efficient.


  • Safe to use with a copper-free design.
  • Available in a complete set for easy installation.
  • Anti-fog design and durable construction.

4. Bonnlo Wall Bathroom Vanity Lighted Mirror

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The wall-mounted backlit product is tested and certified for standards. The premium material product comes with finished and polished edges providing utmost safety. Moreover, the aluminum frame with silver lining offers durability. There is a sensor switch for turning it on and off and dimming the light brightness. Simply hold the button for a couple of seconds, and the brightness level would change.

It also comes with a separate anti-fog switch saving more energy. Now do not worry even if you take a steam bath as the anti-fog feature provides clear vision within a few seconds.  You can hang the product vertically or horizontally as per the bathroom area space you have. Make sure you have a switch as the hardwire have to be plugged on to use the smart touch and lighting features.


  • Lightweight aluminum material and memory function.
  • Comes with a dimming feature.
  • Anti-fog technology for exceptional performance.

3. SMART COOM Wall LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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The smart design product is a great piece of furniture for your bathroom. It provides a premium look yet the elegance needed for your bathroom space. You get separate switch control for power and anti-fog feature. Moreover, it offers a lifetime of 50,000 plus hours, making it highly durable.

The copper-free product with silver framing does not flicker while you take a bath. The lighting does not hurt your eyes.  Adjust the light brightness by gently pressing the touch button for a couple of seconds. Furthermore, the fog would not accumulate on the mirror, and you do not have to wipe off multiple times to get that clear vision.


  • Allows adjusting brightness for user advantage.
  • Comes in a durable design for long-lasting use.
  • Ideal for wet environments with waterproof housing.

2. Summer Calling Round LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror  – Wall Frameless LED Backlit Mirrors

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The mirror in your bathroom is always caught up with mist or fog, and it hardly comes to usage. Also, there is not much lighting that allows you to make use of that mirror? Well, here is the product that solves all these stated issues. Moreover, get the luxurious bathroom look just like a high-rated hotel bathroom with this illuminating product.

It adds up beauty to your bathroom decor and enhances the overall look and design. The product helps to adjust the light brightness levels as needed. Furthermore, it is waterproof and rustproof, making it safe to use. Even if you touch it with your wet hands, it will function efficiently. The fragile product comes with professional and secure packaging so that it doesn’t break off.


  • Comes in a frameless design for an eye-catching look.
  • Available in a waterproof and dustproof design.
  • Better protection and easy to use.

1. ExBrite Vertical and Horizontal Wall Mounted LED Bathroom Mirror

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The highly certified led bathroom mirror is a premium product that is said to be more effective than other similar products. The product with smart technology uses environmentally friendly material that is safe and highly durable. Moreover, the dimmable product provides brightness adjustments as per our convenience.

The anti-fogging features serve the purpose best with no blurry vision anytime. Furthermore, it also has a separate control for power and anti-fog controls. It is great for your everyday makeup or shaving needs.


  • Comes with dimmable lights for custom illumination.
  • Easy installation and long-lasting use.
  • Anti-fogging feature and easy to use.


Look at the overall design and see if it has an attractive look. The LED bathroom mirror must have an anti-fog function so that there will be user convenience. You will have to invest in the one that has wide applications. With adjustable brightness, there will be perfect illumination. It must allow you to have a hassle-free operation, and you can see if it comes with multiple features. It has to be safe to use, and go for the one that is in a durable design.

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