Most people, including me, love the idea of exercise and fitness. They are always seeking new means to get better at the practice. In this case, updating ourselves the right way is essential. Working out is a very efficient method of fitness. It initiates long-term results that any fitness buff would love. Getting yourself inversion chairs is an excellent start. Using one will bring about several benefits. For example, it may help you improve your blood circulation, relieve fatigue, improve sleep, among many more.

Inversion chairs are available in varying designs and features. Researching is vital to achieving the best inversion. You can only realize such with the best choice. Nevertheless, coming across the best headstand chairs can be stressful. But don’t mind the concern since we got your back. In this review, we present what we find as the best inversion chairs in the market. Read on to identify the one choice that suits you best.

Table of the Best Inversion Chairs Reviews

10. WonderView Yoga Inversion Chairs – Yoga Inversion Bench Idea for Workout, Fitness, and Gym

Inversion Chairs

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Talking about best sellers, WonderView can easily take the top spot. This inversion chair boasts of exciting features. For that reason, it easily stands out, unlike other counterparts. Firstly, it features a thick aluminum frame. Thus, don’t expect it to rust.  Also, this inversion chair comes with a reinforcing strip. With this, it is more durable and sturdier.

Secondly, it has a high-density cushions. These are practical in delivering the utmost comfort. Thus, there’s zero chance of you experiencing any injuries or pain. Also, it’s convenient to enhance your blood circulation. Using the chair for five minutes is the same as two hours of sleep. It’s also very versatile. In other words, you can use it for core workouts, push-ups, among others.

Special Features

  • Non-slip pads to prevent movements
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Has high-density cushions
  • Has reinforcing strip
  • A reinforced design to enhance durability
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9. THUNDESK Yoga Inversion Chairs – Headstand Bench Upside Down Chair

THUNDESK Yoga Inversion Chairs - Headstand Bench Upside Down Chair

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With the THUNDESK Inversion bench, you can hit any exercise skill level. People who are into headstands will like it. Above all, this inversion chair makes the exercise process fun and easy. Remarkably, it is also an ideal yoga prop. The bench features a multi-layer beech wood frame. As such, it’s not only sturdy but flexible as well. In other words, it can support up to 300 pounds. You, therefore, don’t have to fret about it breaking.

Then again, it comes with a minimalistic and compact design. By this, you can carry and use it anywhere. Its thick foam then includes durable faux leather. Unlike genuine leather, it’s more resilient to scratches.

Special Features

  • A versatile design for numerous exercises
  • Multi-layered beechwood frame
  • Sturdy enough to support 300 pounds
  • Compact design

8. Yoga Headstand Bench Stand Yoga Chair for Practice Head Stand, Shoulderstand, Handstand

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Most inversion chairs in the market share quite a lot in design. But, this headstand bench from Fittness is an exception. Firstly, it features a triangular frame that widens at the bottom. For this reason, it’s a very stable inversion chair. Its structure, on the other hand, features stainless-steel. Thus, it’s very robust and can support up to 440 pounds. Plus, its frame is also foldable. Through this, the bench is very convenient to transport or store.

It then has suction cups instead of the ordinary non-slip caps. These deliver the maximum grip on all surfaces. So, the chair won’t move or tip over. This inversion chair also comes with padded non-slip handles. Alongside its U-shaped thick cushion, it assures safety and prevents pain.

Special Features

  • A triangular steel frame for stability
  • Suction cups for immense grip
  • Foldable frame
  • Padded non-slip handles

7. Scool Yoga Headstand Yoga Inversion Chair for Workout, Fitness, and Gym

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Are you after an inversion chair with an outstanding design? Well, look no further. The Scool Headstand bench is an ideal pick. It features a PU cushion with printed patterns. Through this, it assures a positive vibe. However, the chair has more than just an impressive look. It’s thicker than most counterparts with a solid 6 cm. As a result, it delivers extra protection.

With other chairs using hollow tubes, the Scool headstand features a steel frame. By this, it can support up to 330 pounds. Forget about slipping off your balance. The chair includes non-slip pads that offer excellent grip.

Special Features

  • Oriented patterns for a pleasant vibe
  • Has PU cushion
  • An intersected steel frame for stability
  • Thicker PU cushion to offer support
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6. SISYAMA Fitness Yoga Headstand Chair Inversion Bench

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This Inversion headstand bench is one of the high-end picks out there. It looks as much the same as the Fittness inversion chair. Thus, it’s quite versatile. It comes with bigger and wider feet. As a result, it’s very, much stable. The foam handles make switching it from headstand to handstand effortless.

Again, it includes a triangle steel frame. It lacks suction cups like those of the Fittness inversion chair. However, it’s pretty firm and stable. Remarkably, its structure has self-locking hooks. Through these, you can effortlessly fold it for storage. This chair is also convenient in achieving deeper stretches. Also, unlike most models, this inversion chair includes an instruction manual.

Special Features

  • A spacious and thicker cushion for support
  • A triangular base for stability
  • Fold-away design for secure storage
  • Instructional manual for different exercises

5. FeetUp Trainer Invert Safely & Easily Turn Your Yoga Upside Down

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This Inversion chair from FeetUp is slightly costly. However, its quality is worth the price. Just to mention, this inversion chair surpasses the highest quality standards. You cannot miss noticing the top-notch craftsmanship that makes it elegant.

Further, this chair features a multi-layered wooden frame. For this reason, it delivers up to 2000 pounds of rock-solid support. Nevertheless, the brand states a capacity of 250 pounds. As an added advantage, it includes a large exercise poster. Here, you’ll find over 100 fitness and yoga exercises.

Special Features

  • Includes a guide for your first complete inversion
  • High-quality construction and craftsmanship
  • The load-bearing capacity of 2000 pounds
  • A stable multi-layered wooden frame

4. Evolution Health USA The Original Headstand – Bodylift Headstand Bench & Yoga Chair

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Are you after achieving all the strength and flexibility? If yes, the Evolution Health Headstand Bench is an ideal pick. It features an oval shape. As such, it’s substantial and stable to handle everyday use. Also, this inversion bench includes metal legs. Therefore, you can expect it to be hard-wearing and robust to boot.

Other than that, it comes with a molded foam cushion with padding. Thus, it’s very instrumental in offering necessary backing during tough exercises. Plus, its cushion has vegan leather. For this reason, it’s not only safe bust also eco-friendly.

Special features

  • Includes a set insert for convenience
  • 10-years warranty
  • Lightweight hence effortless to carry along
  • Oval shape for stability
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3. Coopeter Yoga Inversion Chair, Headstand Bench Yoga with Handles for Workout, Fitness, and Gym

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This inversion chair features a high-density PU cushion. Even during tough exercises, it delivers the utmost comfort. Then again, the bench features a novel and ergonomic design. Its frame is not only safe to use but also stress-free to clean.

Besides, this inversion chair includes thicker pads. These ensure comfort and prevent injuries to your neck, shoulders, and head. The bench is also practical in improving digestion, straighten your spine, etc. More importantly, it’s also very versatile. Other than standing upside down, it also allows you to exercise yoga. Take, for instance, its T-pad, which acts as a yoga block.

Special features

  • Novel ergonomic design
  • Thicker pads for extra comfort
  • Steel frame for maximum stability
  • PU-cushion for comfort

2. Milliard Yoga Headstand Bench with Manual, Inversion Chair Trainer, Gym Workout Stool

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This Inversion chair from Milliard boasts of stability. First, it features a gym-quality design. In other words, this chair allows you to perform numerous workout exercises. These include even yoga exercises. Furthermore, the chair is essential in enhancing blood flow, among other benefits.

On top of that, the Milliard Inversion bench has a sturdy construction. This feature makes this bench very durable. Besides, it includes a pose sheet manual. You can use this to discover other ideal workout sessions.

Special features

  • Non-slip legs
  • Features gym-quality design
  • Sturdy construction
  • It poses sheet manual
  • Comes with pose sheet manual

1. Aozora Yoga Headstand Bench Stand Yoga Chair

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Lastly, on this list is the Aozora Headstand Bench. It comes with a sturdy metal frame. As such, the bench is very stable and can support up to 300 lbs. Besides being soft, its cushion is also thick. For this reason, the chair delivers comfort to your shoulder as you invert.

With an innovative design, it relieves any weight pressure on your spine and neck. Moreover, the Aozora headstand bench is effortless to assemble. Hence, you can quickly set it up or dismantle.

Special Features

  • Metal frame for firmness
  • Thick cushion to enhance stability
  • Foldable design


Well, from this review, we believe there is one inversion bench that suits you. We took our time and put many factors into consideration. Therefore, we guarantee you that the above headstand benches are the best there is. You may make a list of what you expect an ideal inversion chair should have. Then, find that one pick that delivers almost all your needs. The 10 bench picks come with different features, designs, and prices. Even so, the benefits each headstand delivers are numerous.

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