Washing your hands after using the toilet is compulsory when you come home, before eating, or after some activities. Sharing the same towel with many people is unsanitary on public toilets, and many germs can be transmitted, and this is where the hand dryers come in. These dryers are the electrical device that works with the help of a cold or warm air stream to dry the hands. They come with the motor that draws air into the device and then blows it out as warm air to the hands.

Depending on the model, the function is triggered by a sensor that works without pressing the button and has a different sensing range. The powerful hand dryers can dry within 10 to 15 seconds, while simple one can take 30 seconds or more. Whether in the office, in restaurants, in clubs, fitness studios, or in practice, these hand dryers are the right device to have to maintain the hygiene.

Table of the Best Hand Dryers for Sale Reviews

10. AIKE AK2630S Commercial Compact Automatic Hand Dryers for Home

Hand Dryers

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The AIKE has introduced this dryer model, which comes with amazing features. Notably, it has a compact design where it comes with silver housing, which is very neutral and fits in many rooms. The switches have a sensing range of 3 to 5 inches, where the user can simply put his hands under the device, and it will automatically switch on, and when the hands are removed, it switches off again.

Similarly, it has ABS polycarbonate construction that offers long-lasting durability and withstands everyday tear and wear. There is complete protection that takes 45 minutes that prevents danger, malicious operation, over-current, and overheats. Also, it has a brush motor, which has a voltage of 110V to 120V and a power input of 1400W to 1650W.

Main features

  • Has a compact design
  • Sensing range of 3 to 5 inch
  • ABS polycarbonate construction
  • Has complete protection
  • Come with a brush motor

9. JETWELL Stainless Steel Bathroom Hand Dryers with Warm Wind & Hand Blower

Bathroom Hand Dryers

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JETWELL has come up with this product, which gives the hygienic and easy way of drying our hands without touching the dryer. It comes with an elegant design that has a combination of the stylish bathroom and drying efficiency accessory. Thanks to the hand drying time of 7 to 10 seconds, which is enough to make your hands dry with the power supply of 110V-120V/60HZ.

The model comes with stainless steel construction that makes it corrosion-proof and can last for a long time. It has the sensing range of 2 to 6 inches, which means you do not have to press the dryer. Indeed, it has added protection that offers overheat protection and timeout protection.

Main features

  • Has an elegant design
  • Drying time is 7 to 10 seconds
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sensing range of 2 to 6 inches
  • Has multiple protections

8. Excel Dryer XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO Automatic Sensor Hand Dryer

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The XLERATOR dryer is a reliable and environmentally friendly dryer that looks modern and has a drying time of 15 seconds. As an illustration, the device has an infrared optical sensor that switches on and off automatically. This function is very practical because it saves energy since the airflow switches off automatically when the hands are pulled away.

The device is extremely powerful and yet economical, with an output of 550 watts. Also, it is made of one-piece die heavy-duty cast zinc alloy, which is unbreakable and rust-proof and has a ribbed reinforcement that offers extra durability and strength. In a like manner, it has the draw of 4.5 amps that allows multiple units installation at one circuit, hence reducing costs of installation and time.

Main features

  • Drying time of 15 seconds
  • Has an infrared optical sensor
  • The power output of 550 watts
  • One-piece die heavy-duty cast zinc alloy
  • Has a draw of 4.5 amps

7. Goetland High-Speed Stainless Steel Electric Hand Dryer

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If you are looking for a powerful model that eliminates the need to hold hands under the dryer, then this is the product to have. For instance, it has the drying time of 10 to 12 seconds and the power output of 1800 watts. More importantly, it has dull polished housing, which is elegant and fits any house or office.

Besides, it has a stainless steel cover that has a beautiful-looking and offers protection against wear, tears, and rust. The device comes with a sensor that has a default sensing distance of 2 to 5.9 inches. In the same way, it is CE certified, making it the best for commercial and home use, restaurants, bathroom, casinos, and hotels, among others.

Main features

  • Drying time is 10 to 12 seconds
  • Has dull polished housing
  • Stainless steel cover
  • The sensing distance of 2 to 9 inches
  • It is CE certified

6. PowerPress Automatic Commercial Heat & Hand Dryer for Bathroom

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This device from PowerPress has gain popularity due to the contactless switch-on and switch-off system that works when approaching or removing the hands. Mainly, it has an impressive wind speed of 95 m/s, which takes about 10 seconds to make your hands dry. It comes with a sensor that has a sensing distance of 5 inches, which works without touching it, hence offering a hygienic environment to every user.

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The device is extremely light, for it weighs 8.2lbs and has the overall dimension of 9.8 inches x 7 inches x 10 inches. The power rate is 1100 watts and has a motor power of 550 watts. There is a durable ABS cover, which is elegant and protects the device against rust, tear, and wear. The bottom line is that the device can withstand the long-term test without any problem.

Main features

  • Has wind speed of 95 m/s
  • Has a sensor
  • It weighs 2lbs
  • Motor power of 550 watts
  • Has durable ABS cover

5. EnBath Stainless Steel Commercial Automatic Electric Hand Dryers for Bathrooms

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For a dryer model that is hygienic and environmentally friendly, then go for this product from EnBath. It has the built-in infrared sensor that gives your washroom a hygienic element and prevents viruses and flu from transmitted from one user to another. In all honesty, it is made of stainless steel material, which is corrosion resistance, attractive, and is not easy to scratch.

Furthermore, it has the washable filter that helps to clean air when it is circulating and remove it easily for occasional re-use and cleaning. There is an automatic shutdown prevents unnecessary waste of energy. The strong adaptability makes it perfect for bathrooms in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, medical centers, airports, shopping centers, office buildings, etc.

Main features

  • Has a built-in infrared sensor
  • Made of stainless steel material
  • Has washable filter
  • Has automatic shutdown
  • There is strong adaptability

4. Awoco Compact 1350W Automatic Commercial Hand Dryer

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Awoco has come up with a model that has an impressive wind with high speed from 1350 watts that offer a quick hand drying. The energy-saving design saves on electricity costs and has overtime protection of 45 seconds for one continuous run. In the same way, it has a stainless steel cover that has beautiful appearance and protects it against rust, wear, and tear.

With the built-in intelligent infrared sensor, you don’t have to touch it to dry your hands. It has washable and detachable air filters that filter bacteria at 99.97%, making it ideal for home and commercial use, bathrooms, restaurants, hotels, casinos, and shopping centers. The compact design makes this device fit in a small space and can meet the commercial-grade requirement.

Main features

  • Has energy-saving design
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Built-in intelligent infrared sensor
  • Washable and detachable air filters
  • Has a compact design

3. Alpine Industries Ultra-Quiet High-Speed Hot Air Hand Blower & Hand Dryer

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This model from Alpine Industries comes with the automatic hand dryer where you only place your hand near the air outlet. The device has polycarbonate material that ensures durability and corrosion-proof. In all honesty, it has a sleek and elegant design to ensure there is harmony with the bathroom’s style.

The high-speed function takes a few seconds of drying with maximum drying efficiency of 100% anti-bacterial and anti-microbial operation for better hygiene. Thanks to the decreased noise levels and no-touch operation that ensure a relaxed and quiet bathroom environment. Also, it is easy to install, which is best for use in the kitchen, washroom, and in the living room.

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Main features

  • Has polycarbonate material
  • Automatic hand dryer
  • Has a sleek and elegant design
  • Has high-speed function
  • Decreased noise levels
  • Easy to install

2. AjAir Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Commercial Automatic Hot Hand Dryer

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When looking for a robust and vandal-proof device, go for this model for it has a heavy-duty die-cast zinc alloy, which is unbreakable and rust-proof. As an illustration, it comes with a maximum draw of about 4.5 amps that serve multiple units in a short amount of time, reducing the costs of installation. The drying time is within 10 to 12 seconds and has a 5/8 HP motor that offers 20,000 RPM with the air velocity of about 16,000 LFM 110/120V.

Besides, it has an infrared optical sensor that does not require you to press the button, saving you time and prevent you from any germ. There is the presence of a white thermoset cover that offers additional durability and strength. Typically, this is an environmentally friendly dryer that offers minimum energy efficiency.

Main features

  • Heavy-duty die-cast zinc
  • The maximum draw of about 5 amps
  • Drying time is within 10 to 12 seconds
  • Has an infrared optical sensor
  • White thermoset cover

1. VALENS Commercial Electric Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter – Efficiency Max Touchless Hand Dryer for Bathrooms

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VALENS comes with this dryer model that has the HEPA filter, which removes 99.9% of the particles leaving the hands completely clean. Thanks to the infrared sensor technology that activates the contactless air drying where immediately turns on and off when there is the user. This model blows air at about 224 mph, and it takes 8 seconds, which is twice fast than other hand dryers.

Additionally, it has an air volume regulator and hot and cool air settings that maximize business efficiency and also reduce energy costs. It takes 70 to 72 decibels of noise, which makes it quiet, hence ideal for peaceful settings in places like hospitals, offices, and spas. To ensure there is dependable electric performance, it has IP23 liquid defense and overload/short-circuits protection that offers an eco-friendly environment.

Main features

  • Has HEPA filter
  • Infrared sensor technology
  • It blows air at about 224 mph
  • Air volume regulator
  • IP23 liquid defense


Hand dryers are the electrical devices that help to dry hands after washing with the help of an air stream. They come with a unique design that removes 99.9% of the particles leaving your hands clean. Also, they have the freehand sensor that detects the hands when placed some inches away, hence reducing the transmission of microorganisms or bacteria. Go for these products, and you are sure of getting the right device that will be durable and cost-effective.

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