The grease guns are the special tools used for lubrication. They are used to apply grease to lubricated fittings with the pointed-tip hose that is used to apply at a specific area when needed. These guns are advantageous because they avoid wastage grease when lubricating a particular area. The speed and accuracy during the application make it useful, allowing cleaner lubrication without causing a greasy mess.

There are various types of grease guns in the market today where there are those moved by hand, which do not have the trigger system, while others are just air powered. Irrespective of the design, these guns are usually filled with the lubricant required for the application.

They are mostly used to lubricate machinery like factory equipment, lawnmowers, chainsaws, and automobiles, among others. For any DIY enthusiast or professional mechanic, this is the best tool to have in this work. However, choosing the right grease guns can be a challenge because of the many options available, and this requires one to be very careful.

Table of the Best Grease Guns Reviews

10. DEWALT 20V Max DCGG571M1 Cordless Grease Guns

Grease Guns

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When looking for the outstanding grease gun, go for this product because it has a powerful motor that delivers the maximum power of 10,000 psi through the clogged grease fittings. For instance, it has a high flow application and a high volume pump that can push to about 5.0 oz./min. There is an air-bleeder valve, which helps the pump primes after the cartridge is changed.

Moreover, there is a variable speed trigger that gives the precision flow to the grease flow and flexible hose designed to access the grease fittings. By the same token, the LED lighting assists in locating the grease fittings in areas where there is low light. Also, there is a pump filter screen, which prevents contamination and dirt from clogging the gun.

Main features

  • High flow application
  • Has air-bleeder valve
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Has LED lighting
  • Pump filter screen
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9. Lincoln Industrial 1844 18v Battery Operated Grease Gun

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Lincoln Industrial has come up with this model, which has a battery capacity of 18-volt, giving the best delivery of about ten grease cartridges. There is a 2-speed transmission that offers high-pressure or high-volume when delivering the service. In the same way, it comes with a high-strength composite casting to provide outstanding durability that is done without the weight penalty.

Similarly, there is a button that functions by touching it to offer a high volume of lubricant at higher pressure or medium pressure. The carrying case and the comfortable grip ensure the gun carriage is smooth, and any risk is reduced. There is a high-efficiency combination valve that helps to ensure a steady flow of the grease during application.

Main features

  • 2-speed transmission
  • High-strength composite casting
  • Has a button
  • Has a carrying case
  • High-efficiency combination valve

8. Milwaukee 18-Volt Battery Cordless Grease Gun

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This model from Milwaukee has gain popularity because of delivering maximum operating pressure of 10,000 psi together with a maximum flow-rate of about 10 oz. / minute. As an illustration, it comes with a 48-inch flexible hose that is known as the best world precision, which makes its function effectively. The quality of the product is of a high level that makes it last for long.

Similarly, there is an air bleeder valve that helps this gun to offer a quick flow of the grease and the lock-on/lock-off trigger that ensure convenience to the user. Equally, there is a carrying case and a shoulder strap, which make it convenient when carrying it around.  There is the presence of a Redlithium compact battery that helps the gun to operate effectively during the application of the grease.

Main features

  • Flexible hose of 48 inch
  • Air bleeder valve
  • Has a carrying case
  • Redlithium compact battery
  • Has a shoulder strap

7. Ryobi 18V Volt Cordless Mini Grease Gun

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The interesting this about this model is that it has the max flow-rate of about 7.5 oz./minute that allows the gun to power even through the toughest grease fittings. Notably, it has an LED light that helps to brighten darkest areas that need to be greased. The presence of a flexible hose, which is 30 inches help to reach tight areas that are hard to reach during greasing.

Furthermore, this gun comes with an air bleeder valve that quickly primes a pump, helping you to reduce the air pockets. More importantly, there is a steel grease tube that allows the gun to offer maximum durability during the period of its usage. Also, it has the plunger rod markings that help the user to gauge the amount of grease that is in the tube.

Main features

  • Has an LED light
  • Has a flexible hose
  • Air bleeder valve
  • Steel grease tube
  • Plunger rod markings
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6. Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber 12V Battery Grease Gun – 7000 Psi

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Lumax has introduced this model that has outstanding features like funnels, drains, and a powerful battery that delivers about five cartridges of the grease. There is the presence of a chrome-plated barrel that helps it to offer maximum protection against any corrosion. Likewise, it comes with an ultra-flex hose that is 30 inches, which makes it easy to grease tight areas that is hard to reach.

Additionally, there is a non-slip grip that offers comfort to the gun and protection from slipping when carrying it. Even more, the construction is durable and lightweight, which makes the user confident for long time use and easy to take it. The rate flow of the grease is 3.5 oz. /min, which is the best because you can grease your apparatus in the shortest time.

Main features

  • Chrome-plated barrel
  • Come with an ultra-flex hose
  • Has non-slip grip
  • Construction is durable and lightweight
  • The rate flow of the grease is 5 oz. /min

5. Lincoln 1884 20V Dual Battery Unit with Charger and Carrying Case

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This model has a three-point base that makes it stable and upright to facilitate secure handling and fittings in tight spaces. For example, it has a built-in LED light that makes this grease gun efficient in any area because you can illuminate dark areas that need to be greased. There is the presence of a Multi-function LCD screen that helps to displays battery charge and grease output in terms of grams or ounces.

The two-speed digital output selector switch helps to offer high-volume and low-volume dispensing just by touching the button. In a like manner, it has an LCD’s flow meter that allows to eliminate false readings and detects any loss of prime hence helping you to service the equipment at the right time. The high-torque power-head of about 10 000 psi ensures there are low and high-output settings to the gun.

Main features

  • Built-in LED light
  • Multi-function LCD screen
  • Two-speed digital output selector switch
  • LCD’s flow meter
  • High-torque power-head

4. Bare-Tool Milwaukee Cordless Grease Gun

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When looking for the best gun that can be used to grease any apparatus, go for this model because it is easy to use and is durable. It has a lightweight and ergonomic handle, which helps to offer prolonged usage without becoming tired. There are a shoulder strap loop and board hose storage that provide added convenience when you are carrying it and with less mess.

Subsequently, it has high durable material that offers heavy-duty applications, and it can dispense to about seven grease cartridges in every battery charge. There is a 36-inch flex hose, which makes it easy to grease even tight areas that are difficult to reach. Alternatively, the LED fuel gauge help to show the level of the fuel as you continue to use the gun.

Main features

  • Lightweight and ergonomic handle
  • Shoulder strap loop
  • Board hose storage
  • High durable material
  • Has 36-inch flex hose
  • LED fuel gauge
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3. Ingersoll Rand LUB5130 20V Cordless Grease Gun

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Ingersoll Rand has everything to enjoy because it has powerful Lithium-ion motor technology, which gives high operating pressure. The presence of ergonomic handle and lightweight make it comfortable to carry with less fatigue. In all honesty, there is an over-molded grip that helps to reduce vibration when you are using it hence offering extended usage.

Furthermore, the advanced battery technology help to make the operation of the gun easy when greasing the fitting in the field and the shop. The shoulder strap hook plays a great role in the gun because it offers support and flexibility. Primarily, this gun is designed specifically for professional technicians who need long-lasting, sturdy, and ergonomic tools that keep the vehicle moving.

Main features

  • Has ergonomic handle
  • Has over-molded grip
  • Advanced battery technology
  • Shoulder strap hook
  • Powerful Lithium-ion motor technology

2. Workforce MEGA POWER 12V Battery-Operated Grease Gun

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For a powerful motor that delivers 12V and has the planetary gear drive, then go for this model from Legacy. For example, it comes with a rugged carrying case that protects the gun when carrying it and ensure long-lasting protection. There is a plated steel barrel, which is very crucial because it offers additional durability.

Likewise, the dual feed capability ensures there is a connection to either cartridges or five gal pails, depending on the maintenance job.  There is a 30-inch flexible extension that makes it easy to reach tight areas, facilitating the smooth working of the gun. The cartridge bulk loading help to make the grease loading easy, and it can hold to about 14 oz. grease cartridges.

Main features

  • Rugged carrying case
  • Plated steel barrel
  • Dual feed capability
  • 30-inch Flexible extension
  • Cartridge bulk loading

1. Lincoln Industrial AC2440 120V Electric Grease Gun

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Loncoln Industrial has come with this ideal grease gun that uses a bulk fill or 14 ounces cartridges. Notably, there is a variable speed trigger that combines with a 2-speed transmission offering excellent flow control.  The hose length is about 30 inches, which is crucial when you are greasing the tight corners that cannot be reached easily.

Subsequently, it has high torque values and delivers 7500 pounds in every square to make an excellent choice for wind turbines, automotive, and industrial applications. There is a storage case that comes with the gun that helps the gun to have a longer duration.

Main features

  • Variable speed trigger
  • Has the 30 inches hose
  • High torque values
  • Delivers 7500 pounds
  • Has a storage case


If you are a DIY enthusiast or a mechanic who handles rubricating equipment in the garage or workshop, you will need one of the grease guns listed above. They make work easier when lubricating the grease without getting messed up. The speed and accuracy are paramount during the lubrication, and it means you need to grease your apparatus within a few minutes. When you think of buying a gun, try one of the above lists, and you will not regret it.

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