Long-distance trips across remote areas demand extra fuel capacity. You’ll probably drive hundreds of miles before you find a gas station. Or maybe, not find any at all. Standard fuel cans can give you a boost, but likely not enough to last the entire trip. Moreover, they leave a lot to be desired in terms of safety and durability. What you need are fuel transfer tanks. It’s secure, durable, and with a fast transfer rate. Not to mention, some have built-in pumps for added convenience.

Whether you want a fuel tank for home, commercial, or industrial use, we have a roundup of the best models to satisfy your needs. Without further ado, here’s an in-depth review of the best-rated fuel transfer tanks to consider.

Table of the Best Fuel Transfer Tanks Reviews

10. RDS 60 Gallon Fuel Transfer Tank Toolbox Combo – Auxiliary Fuel Tank with Pump

Fuel Transfer Tanks

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RDS is easily the most decorated brand in the fuel transfer tank segment. It opens our list with a fuel tank that goes the extra mile to provide other services. Complete with a toolbox, the tank affords ample storage for tools and accessories.

Well, not many fuel transfer tanks can boast a built-in fuel pump. By integrating a fuel pump, you can connect it directly to a stock tank. Moreover, the pump has an impressive transfer rate of 8 gallons per minute.

The tank holds 60 gallons, which is quite commendable. However, rugged durability is what sets it apart. It comes in 1/8-inch pressure-tested heavy-duty aluminum. It neither warps nor dents, and is resistant to rust. Also, this fuel transfer tank has fully welded seams. It improves strength and results in a leak-proof performance.

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9. Lund 73750 50-Gallon Full-Mid Size Vertical Liquid Storage Tank

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Lund is another notable brand, particularly in automotive accessories. And with over 30 years of expertise, its fuel transfer tanks are a favorite out there. It enters our list, thanks to this functional, high-performance fuel transfer tank.

Unlike the RDS combo tank, Lund doesn’t come with a built-in pump. Nevertheless, it has remarkable storage. It can hold 50 gallons of fuel. Not to mention, accommodate the brand’s full-size cross bed boxes.

Lund 73750 has decent build quality. It comes in 14-gauge steel and powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion. Also, it has baffles and mounting tabs at the base. Hence, it assures stability and uniform flow.

8. Enduraplas Poly Diesel 100 Gallon Fuel Transfer Tank with Pump 

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Not many might be familiar with the Enduraplas brand. Unknown to many, it makes the largest fuel transfer tank. Hence, it’s an excellent choice for large-scale fuel transfer.

This fuel tank offers more than a massive size. It’s a complete unit fitted with a 12-volt fuel transfer pump. Though battery-operated, the pump has an excellent flow rate of 10 gallons per minute.

Durability-wise, this fuel tank doesn’t disappoint. It has sturdy polyethylene construction. Unlike some metallic versions, it doesn’t rust and is exceptionally resistant to corrosion.

This fuel tank comes complete with a 15-foot hose. Not to mention, a swivel hose storage to prevent tangles. Thanks to a suction strainer, the chances of clogging are minimal.

Well, this fuel tank has other extras. It includes a breather for splash-free fuel transfer. Not to mention, an auto-shutoff nozzle to prevent spilling.

7. Aluminum Tank Industries TTR50 Rectangle Refueling Tank – 50 Gallon 

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TTR50 comes lighter but tougher. Premium aluminum offers outstanding quality without adding unnecessary weight. And with a host of top-end features, this fuel tank ranks among the best on the market.

TTR50 is pretty compact, making it ideal for in-bed transportation. Even then, it affords impressive storage of 50 gallons. It doesn’t have an inbuilt pump. However, it’s compatible with both manual and electric fuel transfer pumps.

This fuel tank has excellent measures for stability. The hold-down brackets keep it in place, even in the roughest road conditions. Also, the tank is fully baffled to reduce the movement of fuel.

TTR50 can withstand the elements, no doubt. However, it comes complete with a fuel filler cap to keep out the elements. Hence, there’s zero chance of fuel contamination. This fuel tank is safe for use with both diesel and gasoline.

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6. Scepter 08669 Rectangular Fuel Tank – 12 Gallon Low Profile

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Scepter fuel tank doesn’t boast the storage capacity of other models. It’s far less than half the size of average fuel transfer tanks. But when it comes to easy portability, this 12-gallon tank stands above the rest.

It comes in sturdy, high-density polyethylene for excellent durability and long life. But empty, it weighs only 8 pounds. And with a low profile design, it’s compact enough to sit in a small boat comfortably. Not to mention, it has molded feet for stability.

Scepter fuel tank has a 2-way cap. It’s vented for automatic air inflow. Also, it keeps the pressure at 5 PSI for safe operation.

The tank comes with a built-in sight gauge. Hence, it’s easy to monitor the fuel level and make timely refills. Scepter fuel tank is compatible with 1/4-inch tank fittings. Not to mention, it’s eco-friendly for safe marine use.

5. RDS MFG INC 72771 60-Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank

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This fuel tank is another decent model from RDS. Backed with a good brand name and quality performance, RDS 71771 will most likely meet your needs. As per the brand, the tank holds 60 gallons. But from our tests, the storage capacity is 95% of the advertised volume. However, the difference is quite negligible and not a deal-breaker in any way.

RDS 72771 guarantees leak-proof performance. Moreover, it affords a heavy-duty construction. 1/8-inch thick aluminum, in particular, offers dependable durability but remains lightweight for portability.

Built-in baffles keep the contents from sloshing. And with heavy-duty mounting brackets, it ensures stability during transportation. Among other things, RDS 72771 comes complete with a manual sight gauge. Also, it has a unique filler neck to prevent overfilling the tank.

4. Better Built HD 36 Gallon Steel Fuel Transfer Tanks with Lid

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The Better Built brand lives up to its name. It has a lineup of high-quality, feature-rich fuel transfer tanks. But of all the models, HD series is no doubt the best.

As the name suggests, this fuel tank adopts a heavy-duty construction for professional-grade performance. The seams are fully welded, making them entirely leak-proof. Also, the tank has a one-piece powder-coated steel construction. And with reinforced bungs, it can easily last a lifetime.

Moreover, the HD series fuel tank has an overfill restriction. Once full, it shuts off the pump automatically. Also, it has a coupler for venting and a lockable cap for security.

Better Built tank has much to offer in terms of stability. Built-in baffles, for instance, keep it from shifting during transportation. Also, it has heavy-duty brackets for mounting on the truck bed. Unlike other models with smaller inlet, the HD fuel tank has a wider 2-inch inlet. Hence, it allows for fast flows.

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3. Dee Zee DZ92556NSB 42 Gallo Transfer Tank

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Dee Zee has an extensive lineup of fuel transfer tanks, all designed to satisfy your needs explicitly. DZ92556NSB is one such model. It combines durability, functionality, and style to give you more reassurance.

This fuel tank adopts a sleek space-saving design. At 5 feet long, it can fit all truck beds. Though it doesn’t rank among the largest fuel tanks, the 42-gallon capacity is impressive for a tank its size.

14-gauge steel construction offers heavy-duty performance. It’s not as light as aluminum counterparts. However, the rugged durability is an excellent trade-off. Lest we forget, the tank has a powder coating to inhibit rust and corrosion.

This fuel tank has radius curves that eliminate pressure at the welds. Also, it comes with five baffles and mounting tabs for stability.

2. Field Tuff FTF 10-Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir

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At 10 gallons, this fuel tank is pretty much the smallest on our list. However, it stands up tall among feature-rich fuel tanks. Plus, the small size makes it extremely portable.

The tank comes in 14-gauge steel and powder-coated for maximum durability. It can handle rough transportation as well as resist rust and corrosion.

The built-in gauge and thermometer is perhaps one feature that sets it apart from the rest. It not only allows you to observe the fluid level but also the temperature.

Another significant feature is the micron filter. It traps particles at least 150 microns. Hence, it prevents fluid contamination and prolongs the life of the tank. Also, the inlet port has a breather for ventilation.

1. Emiliana Serbatoi Carrytank 58 Gallon Portable Diesel Container with Electric Pump

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Carry-Tank 220 is a fully-equipped fuel transfer tank. Moreover, one of the most sophisticated. The tank adopts a sophisticated look. It has a new version lid for enhanced sturdiness, resistance, and portability. And with a 5mm polyethylene shell, this fuel tank can take a beating.

Transporting this fuel tank is no issue, thanks to multiple carry points. It has a recess for a ratchet strap, pockets for a forklift, and handles for carrying when empty.

Carry-tank 220 comes complete with a DC fuel transfer pump. It has an impressive flow rate of 10.6 gallons per minute, one of the best on the market. Also, the pump comes complete with a rubber hose and automatic fuel nozzle.

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