If you are planning to do the heavy lifting of the truck, car, SUV, or ATV in the garage for maintenance purposes, then this job will be made possible if you will have the floor jacks. The jacks are crucial tools because they allow users to lift heavy loads like heavy equipment easily. They are the best in areas where lifting of any type of vehicle is required for maintenance purposes. Typically, they are made of high-quality and robust material to ensure there is firm and robust lifting to avoid any problem of injury when repairing your vehicle.

The field of floor to this jack is extensive to ensure stable lifting for a long time. Before buying the floor jack, you need to consider some things like height range, weight lifting capacities, maneuverability, and stability. Essentially, the best jack is supposed to be efficient, durable, easy to install and use, and stable.

Table of the Best Floor Jacks Reviews

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10. Blackhawk B6350 Fast 3.5 Ton Car Lift Jacks

Floor Jacks

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Blackhawk has come up with this crucial model, which has a lift capacity of 7,000 lbs designed to lift heavy vehicles. Notably, it is made of a vent plug and an internal safety valve that helps to ensure safe operation. For user safety and easy positioning, this model comes with a swivel saddle that can facilitate them all.

Subsequently, it comes with heavy-duty steel material that makes it to be healthy and sturdy hence offering long-term durability and safety to the user. There is a rugged universal joint that plays a significant role by ensuring precise load control. Also, bypass devices help to prevent any damage that can result due to over-pumping.

Main features

  • Made of vent plug and internal safety valve
  • Has swivel saddle
  • Heavy-duty steel material
  • Rugged universal joint
  • Has bypass device

9. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey 20 Ton Low Profile Floor Jacks

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey 20 Ton Low Profile Floor Jacks

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When looking for the best floor jack that offers unique services, go for this model because it can maneuver very easily into position with the lifting range of about 3-1/2 to 14 inches. For instance, there is a built-in safety valve that offers protection when it is overloaded. With the presence of a patented bypass device, the model is protected against over-pumping to ensure safe operations.

Similarly, this jack features heavy-duty steel material, which offers long-lasting durability. In the same way, it has a built-in carrying handle that helps to lift and move the jack smoothly and quickly. There is a 90-days warranty that makes it convenient because in case of any mechanical problem you can replace it within that period.

Main features

  • Lifting range of about 3-1/2 to 14 inches
  • Has a built-in safety valve
  • Patented bypass device
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Features heavy-duty steel material
  • Has a 90-days warranty

8. Arcan 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack with Dual Pump Pistons and Reinforced Lifting Arm 

Arcan 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

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If you are looking for the best jack model, you should not miss this product because it has lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum that allows easy maneuverability. There are dual pump pistons, which help the load faster and smoothly. More so, it deserves positive feedback because of the reinforced lift arm that increases durability, strength, and chassis torsion control.

To ensure there is vehicle protection, it comes with foam handle bumper and rubber saddle, which work very well. The side-mount handle helps to ensure there is convenient positioning of the jack when lifting the vehicle. Also, it is designed with overload and bypass valves to prevent over-extension of jack and hydraulic ram from going beyond the rated capacity.

Main features

  • Has lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Reinforced lift arm
  • Foam handle bumper and rubber saddle
  • Has side-mount handle
  • Overload and bypass valves

7. BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service Jack – 3 Ton Floor Jack 

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The BIG RED model is the most known product for it has heavy-duty steel material that offers long term durability. As an illustration, it features 6,000 lbs lift capacity and a maximum height of 20-7/8 inches, which is ideal for many trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans. With a long saddle neck, you save time when you want to lift higher vehicles.

Another thing about this model is that it has 360-degree swivel casters and large steel casters that make maneuverability easy and smooth. The quick piston lift pump helps to raise a jack quickly according to the height you may desire. Likewise, this model has a safety bypass system that helps to ensure safe operation and prevent over-loading.

Main features

  • Has a lifting capacity of 6,000 lb
  • Long saddle neck
  • 360-degree swivel casters
  • Large steel casters
  • Piston quick lift pump
  • Safety bypass system

6. Performance Tool W1640 2-1/2 Ton Car Floor Jack

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This is another product from Performance Tool, which has a lifting range of 5 inches to 15 ½ inches and a weight capacity of 5,000 lbs. It is one of the reliable choices because it comes with the swivel casters that ease the process of positioning. More importantly, it has a flanged steel frame, which is durable, offering strong lifting support to the vehicle.

Besides, this jack has a 360-degree swivel and steel lifting saddle, which makes it easy to move the jack in any position you want smoothly and efficiently. For superior traction, this model has come with rubber wheel chock, which is resistant to slipping.  Also, there is a solid performance that is facilitated with cool weave fabric to offer weather resistance, extra weight, and lightweight.

Main features

  • Comes with swivel casters
  • Has a flanged steel frame
  • 360-degree swivel and steel lifting saddle
  • Rubber wheel chock
  • Has cool weave fabric

5. Liftmaster 3 Ton Aluminum &  Steel Low Profile High Lift Floor Jack

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LiftMaster has come up with this recommendable model, which has a rated capacity of 6000 lbs. With it, you are sure of excellent service because it has a lightweight aluminum frame that helps to increase portability and reduce product weight. In addition to durability and strength, there is a heavy-duty steel lift that helps to support heavy-weighted vehicles.

Additionally, it comes with a dual pump lift hydraulic system that saves time when you are lifting the vehicle. In a like manner, it has a safety valve to prevent overloading that can go beyond the rated capacity. Even more, it has the lifting range of 500mm, ideal for body frame cars, which are higher like SUVs and pickups.

Main features

  • Has a lightweight aluminum frame
  • Dual pump lift hydraulic system
  • Heavy-duty steel lift
  • Has a safety valve
  • Has the lifting range of 500mm

4. Liftmaster Heavy Duty Floor Jack 3 Ton with Quick Lift

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LiftMaster is the most reliable brand that manufactures this model, which has unique features like a 3-inch low profile, which can go beneath almost all vehicles. It comes with a dual pump lift that helps to saves pumps and efforts. What is interesting, it has a two-piece knurled steel handle that ensures a firm grip and w/foam bumper, preventing any damage to the vehicle.

Furthermore, there is the presence of strengthened rubber pad that plays a significant role in this model to offer better friction and protection. The high-quality material of this jack is durable and sturdy, which helps to offer strong support to the vehicle for hours without any problem. Also, it has a maximum lift height of 20 inches ideal for big vehicles like SUVs.

Main features

  • Has 3-inch low profile
  • Two-piece knurled steel handle
  • Dual pump lift
  • Strengthened rubber pad
  • Has high-quality material
  • Maximum lift height of 20 inches

3. Sunex Sunex Aluminum 3 Ton Car Jack

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No need to go for other models because this model is the best, for it comes with a lightweight aluminum body, which is half the weight of steel-made jacks. You can prefer this model because it has a rapid rise in technology that reaches the maximum height with only seven pumps without the load. Also, it has a low profile, which is suitable for many vehicles because it can go underneath.

Besides, it has high-quality material that can support the heavy-weighted vehicles without any fear of falling off. If you want to store it in a small room, you can separate the handle into two pieces, which reduce space. More so, it has the foam handle bumper and rubber saddle that ensure there is protection or the vehicle when lifted.

Main features

  • Has the lightweight aluminum body
  • Rapid rise technology
  • Has a low profile
  • Has high-quality material
  • Foam handle bumper

2. BIG RED Low Profile Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack – 1.5 Ton to lbs

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When shopping around, go for this floor jack model since it is highly recommended for a high lifting capacity of 3,000 lb. For example, it has high-strength steel and aluminum material, which make it durable and offer firm support when lifting the car. In the same way, the handy side handle design makes it unique because carrying is made very easy.

Similarly, for you to access under the vehicles that have a low profile use, this model is the best because it has the lifting range of 3.5 inches to 14 inches. Another thing is that it has a foam bumper located at the handle to protect the vehicle against damage. Even more, the presence of a safety overload system helps to prevent the weight that goes beyond the load capacity.

Main features

  • Has a lifting capacity of 3,000 lbs
  • High-strength steel and aluminum material
  • Handy side handle
  • Lifting range of 5 inches to 14 inches
  • Has a foam bumper
  • Safety overload system

1. Torin A94117B BlackJack Hydraulic 3 Ton Floor Jack with Extra Saddle

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Due to public demand, Torin has come up with this fantastic model that has heavy-duty steel construction to offer long term durability. As an illustration, it has a maximum lifting height of about 20-7/8 inches and a weight capacity of 6,000 lbs. Likewise, for easy and smooth maneuverability, this jack has 360-degree swivel casters, and large steel caster, which makes it perfect for every mechanic.

Moreover, a quick piston lift pump helps to raise your jack to the desired height quickly. To ensure safe operation, it comes with a safety bypass system, which makes it unique. Above all, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty, which is convenient because in case of any mechanical problem you can replace it.

Main features

  • Maximum lifting height of about 20-7/8 inches
  • Weight capacity of 6,000 lb.
  • 360-degr0ee swivel casters and large steel
  • Piston quick lift pump
  • Safety bypass system
  • Has a 1-year limited warranty


The floor jacks are the essential tools that you should have to upgrade the garage when it comes to lifting the vehicle for repair. They are crucial for the mechanic in the workshop as well as vehicle owners who want to repair minor problems under the vehicle. When buying these jacks, you should consider efficiency, portability, durability, easy to install and use, and stability, among others. So, with many products in the market, go for the above models, and you will enjoy the best service.