Electricians and their tools can’t be parted. Wherever they go, so do their tools of the trade. However, lugging a ton of tools can be stressful. And without proper storage, it’s a challenge to organize as well as access. That’s where electrician tool bags come in handy. With a ton of storage options, you can fit and organize a wide range of tools and accessories. Not to mention, they provide much-needed durability to hold up to daily abuse.

The electrician tool bag segment has many players. From seasoned brands to new entrants, there’s a rich selection of models. However, not all perform as advertised. Because of that, we’ve compiled a review of the best models that deserve your attention.

Table of the Best Electrician Tool Bags Reviews

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10. Klein Tools Electrician Tool Bags with Shoulder Strap – Tool Storage

Electrician Tool Bags

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Klein Tools is one of those few brands that have set the bar for quality. Well, this shoulder pouch, with its feature-rich design, lives up to the brand’s reputation.

Tradesman shoulder pouch offers rugged durability from the word go. It comes in 1680D ballistic nylon, one of the heaviest among polyester fabrics. Not only does it have high waterproof characteristics, but it’s also soft and breathable. And with its tough basket-weave design, this pouch can take anything you throw at it.

Aside from rugged durability and highly abrasion-resistant fabric, this pouch offers plenty of pockets. Overall, it has 40 pockets for maximum tool storage. Among them are zippered pockets for small parts and accessories.

The bright orange interior is a thoughtful design. It literally lightens up the interior to improve visibility. Hence, it’s easier to find tools. Moreover, this electrician bag boasts a fully molded base. It offers much-needed stability to keep the pouch upright.

Though marketed as a shoulder pouch, this bag comes with a padded handle. And with the shoulder strap, there are endless ways you can carry it.

9. CLC Custom LeatherCraft Large Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier

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CLC brand boasts decades of innovation. Not to mention, it offers unrivaled craftsmanship and quality. And with this tool carrier, the brand went overboard to provide one of the market’s best. A box-shaped design characterizes CLC 1528. Well, it’s not just for fancy looks. Instead, it provides stability for stand-alone use. It can sit on most surfaces without tipping over.

This tool carrier is among the best for keeping your tools and accessories organized. It has 22 pockets, which is more than enough to accommodate a wide range of tools and accessories.

The main compartment is pretty large. It’s divided into two sections and has elastic loops to fit large tools. Also, CLC 1528 comes with a multi-compartment plastic tray. It provides 56 square inches of storage space, keeping small parts organized. CLC has padded straps for comfort. Not to mention, it combines both hand and shoulder straps for added convenience.

8. Klein Tool Bag Backpack – Heavy Duty Tradesman Pro Tool Organizer – Tool Carrier with Pockets and Molded Base

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It’s easy to mistake this electrician tool bag for a typical backpack. But under the hood, it offers a ton of storage with rugged durability to match. Like the Tradesman Pouch, this backpack comes in 1680D ballistic nylon. Whether it’s weather elements or abrasive environments, this backpack can take a beating. Plus, it’s breathable for added comfort.

This backpack adopts the same orange interior. Hence, you can locate your tools much faster. And with a fully molded bottom, it protects your tools from water while adding stability.

The number of pockets matter. Well, this backpack doesn’t disappoint. It has 39 pockets to provide a ton of storage. Among them are molded pockets for glasses, zippered pockets for small parts, and tall interior pockets for screwdrivers.

7. DEWALT DGL573 Lighted Technician Tool Bags

DEWALT DGL573 Lighted Technician Tool Bags

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Dewalt doesn’t only produce the best power tools. It’s also at the forefront of tool bag manufacturers. And with DGL573, it sets a benchmark for other models on the market.

The built-in LED is perhaps the one feature that sets this tool bag apart. You can adjust to direct light where you need it. Not to mention, you can adjust the brightness across three levels. As such, it’s easy to identify tools, even in pitch darkness. Moreover, you can use the LED to illuminate the work area.

Dewalt DGL573 has the space to accommodate a wide range of tools and accessories. It boasts 41 pockets, enough to keep all your tools organized. Also, there are different types of slots: Large, Medium, Small, and Mesh.

This tool bag has a stable base. Not to mention, four heavy-duty feet to protect against abrasion, wear, and tear. DGL573 comes complete with padded shoulder straps and carrying handles for extra comfort.

6. Custom Leathercraft Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier

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Whether it’s for display or for easy access, CLC 1530 is one of the best. It has window pockets and an open design, making it ideal for most commonly used tools. CLC 1530 has 43 pockets for tools, accessories, and even cell phones. Not to mention, it has two plastic trays ideal for small parts and accessories.

This tool carrier adopts a box-shaped design. Hence, it can sit on its own without tipping over. Moreover, it has straps, both for shoulder and hand transportation.

5. WORKPRO Wide Mouth Waterproof TechnicianTool Bags with Molded Base

WORKPRO Wide Mouth Waterproof TechnicianTool Bags with Molded Base

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Do you want a budget buy? Well, the Work Pro tool bag is worth trying. It’s cheap, price-wise, but with competitive quality and storage.

600D fabric, though not the best, provides much-needed durability. It’s tough and with fine stitching for weather-resistant performance. Also, the bag has a molded base. It’s water-resistant to keep your tools dry. Moreover, the molded base is highly resistant to abrasion and protects your tools from hard falls.

This tool bag has 21 pockets and eight belts. As such, it offers versatile storage for all tools and accessories. Overall, this tool bag has 1,400 cubic inches of storage volume.

The mouth is pretty wide and has double-pull zippers for easy access. Also, this tool bag has an extra padded handle and shoulder strap for added comfort.

4. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment Tool Bag for Technician

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More pockets equal better organization and easy access. Well, CLC 1539 holds the record for the most pockets on our list. Moreover, it’s ruggedly built to hold up to daily abuse. This tool bag has 50 pockets. It has the main compartment for large power tools and small pockets for small parts and accessories. Also, it has vertical exterior pockets to provide easy access and to keep tools in sight.

CLC 1539 comes complete with heavy-duty zippers. Hence, there’s zero chance your tools will spill out as you carry or store the bag. This tool bag comes in heavy-duty polyester fabric. It keeps out the water and is resistant to wear and tear. Furthermore, CLC 1539 has heavy-duty straps textured and padded for easy transportation.

3. Stanley STST70574 Soft Sided Tool Bag

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The Stanley tool bag is easily the best budget buy. Inexpensive, it may be, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality and storage capacity. The bag has 12 pockets. Well, it isn’t as many as what other models have to offer. Nevertheless, the pockets are wider to increase storage capacity.

600D fabric is pretty durable and standard for most tool bags. It’s not waterproof. However, it can protect and keep your tools dry from mild showers. Not to mention, it has a sturdy rubber-foam bottom to protect the contents from hard falls.

The Stanley tool bag provides flexible carry options. You can carry it on the shoulders using adjustable straps or by hand using built-in carry handles.

2. DEWALT DG5543 16-Inch 33 Pocket Tool Bags for Sale

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Dewalt tools are too good to ignore, and so is its line of tool bags. Dewalt DG5543 is one model that provides affordable quality.

DG5543 is a feature-rich electrician tool bag, at least for the price. It has 33 pockets and hundreds of organization options. Moreover, it has heavy-duty zippers, flap-covers, and loop closures to protect the contents from spilling out. This tool bag provides easy access to your tools, thanks to a pop-open design and bright orange pocket interiors.

Every inch of this tool bag offers ultimate durability. The bag uses a heavy-duty polyester fabric for waterproof performance. Not to mention, it doesn’t tear or wear easily. Also, DG5543 has a sturdy base. It’s resistant to abrasion and has thick foam pads to protect your tools from hard falls.

Wider, padded straps improve user comfort. Moreover, they provide the options of hand and shoulder transportation.

1. CLC Custom Leathercraft Zippered Professional Electricians Tool Pouch

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CLC never ceases to impress with its range of tool bags. It makes it to the list, yet again, courtesy of CLC 1509. Though among the most affordable, it provides professional-grade performance matched by a few.

This tool bag has 21 pockets and four sleeves to provide a ton of storage options. The main compartment, in particular, is large enough to fit up to 10-inch power tools. Zippered top and a flap cover hold tools securely after use. Moreover, this tool pouch has exterior holders. It has attachments for your hammer, tape, wrench, and more.

CLC 1509 uses 600D polyester fabric. It’s lightweight but double-layered for strength and water-resistant performance. Not to mention, it has a ballistic weave for rugged durability. It doesn’t end there. The fabric also has air-mesh padding to reduce heat buildup. Soft-grip handle and adjustable shoulder straps offer multiple ways to transport the bag.