You may not want emissions in your home and a tarry mess every time you want to get some warmth. However, the charm of a wood log burning at the fireplace looks amazing and sounds even better. Besides, it even brings a bit of harm to nature. So, you can easily switch to electric fireplace logs that will light-up the entire place and keep you warm. This not only mimics the real fire burning experience but all the sound.

Now, get a more realistic approach with our electric fireplace log recommendations. Know how it operates and how it differs from other usual products in the market.

Table of the Best Electric Fireplace Logs Reviews

10. Pleasant Hearth Electric Wood Log for Fireplace

Electric Fireplace Logs

Pleasant Hearth has brought to you an amazing set of electric fireplace logs with a crackling sound to make your home look warmer and cozier. The logs used in this set are real birchwood. And they are arranged to hide the electrical and mechanical components at the back. In the middle, you would find a transparent portion that is textured to look like burning wood when light shines through it. The bulb included with the set glows in bright orangish-red to mimic the real light of a fireplace.

There is also a spinning cylinder. It strikes against components to create crackling noises to imitate the sound of logs on the fire. Plus, it throws out burning embers from time to time.

Key features:

  • For fixing any problem or defects, you get a year-long warranty period.
  • Comes with a rolling switch for easy operation.
  • Compatible with almost any fireplace.

9. TURBRO Realistic Electric Fireplace Logs with Remote Control

TURBRO Realistic Electric Fireplace Logs with Remote Control

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Turbro has a powerful electric fireplace log with a remote for a more precise operation. It will leave you pleasantly surprised with its build quality and advanced features. It draws in 1400 watts of power to generate enough heat for your large living room for keeping your guests warm and cozy. The flame effects on the firelog set are stunning since you can have a unique look with three brightness settings.

With the high setting, the effects will have a similar visual effect even when you allow sunlight in the room. Plus, you have the assurance of overheat protection that eliminates the risks and threats of getting into any danger.

Key features:

  • The thermostat on the heater can be adjusted for the perfect temperature you want.
  • It is certified by trusted organizations like the CSA for its safety.
  • You can set the timer anywhere between 30 minutes to 6 hours.

8. Comfort Glow Electric Fireplace Insert with Heater & Firebox

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Comfort Glow excels where others fail. These faux fireplace logs deliver your performance with unparalleled authenticity. The logs come in an integrated unit that has a wooden platform along with artificial logs on top. The recessed wooden texture on the platform along with its slightly warped form makes it look more real than ever. However, the logs also glow with magnificent red and orange and it’s hard to tell them apart from the real thing.

You won’t be disappointed with this purchase. The logs are also shaped carefully with cracks, translucent regions, and charred regions that block out any light.

Key features:

  • Has an inbuilt heater along with a fan that blows warm air to heat the room.
  • With 1500 watts of power it is probably more energy efficient than real wood.
  • Since it uses LERD lights, the unit saves you a lot of money on your power bill.

7. Dimplex Revillusion Fireplace Log Set

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If you want premium realistic electric fireplace logs, this is easy to set up. Plus, don’t come with the usual hassles of its traditional or modern counterpart, this is the product for you. There is no large platform that needs the reconstruction of your home. The compact log set hangs over large metal tubing that is strong and can tolerate a lot of weight. You can easily insert them in any fireplace and expect great results.

As a matter of fact, it will light up entirely to give a real-like experience. You can even pick the flicker option to create a more realistic approach.

Key features:

  • Since there are no vents there is no room for dust build-up
  • The ceramic heater is of great quality and has high longevity
  • Flames appear on a frosted acrylic panel for a better 3D effect

6. VIVOHOME 110V Realistic Electric Fireplace Insert Log

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Vivohome offers you adjustable electric firewood logs that look like the real thing. Now, you can fool numerous guests that visit your home during this holiday season. It has a 3D design that has the characteristics of real wood and glows with similar brilliance. Next, its warm red glow will brighten up your home. Hence, set you in tune for welcoming the coming festivities. The glow isn’t static either. It looks real since the glow is heavily manipulated and dances through the logs.

Moreover, it isn’t just for show. It emits real heat and can be used as a heater as well. Besides, it is equipped with a thermostat that allows you to change the temperature. The flame effect isn’t dependant on the temperature and that allows you to change its speed independently. That also means you can use the fireplace during the summer without turning on the heat.

Key features:

  • The fan heater is also capable of keeping the air humidity in check.
  • If the appliance overheats, it automatically cuts off the electric supply to protect your investment.
  • With the provided remote control you can control its features from a distance.

5. Dimplex Electric Fireplace Logs Inserts

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Dimplex gives you a greener and more cost-efficient way to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace. Well, that also without burning coal and logs that produce emissions and harm the environment. This set uses a heater with a fan to blow and circulate the warm air in your room. However, during the summer seasons, you can turn it off to bask in the glow of the realistic flame effect on the flame bed. There is no need to remodel your fireplace. It will fit into existing fireplaces as long as the dimensions don’t intervene.

Furthermore, it has a fan-forced heater that is inbuilt and will facilitate an even distribution of heat. Lastly, you can plug it into any outlet and it will start functioning immediately.

Key features:

  • Despite its bulky look, it weighs around 34 pounds and is easy to install.
  • This is a perfect match for all 4 seasons.
  • Doesn’t create as much noise as a traditional fireplace.

4. Zokop Realistic Electric Fireplace Insert Log Heater with Remote Controller

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Zokop presents to you faux fireplace logs that may be mistaken for real burning ember. It has excellent workmanship that shows from the quality. The detailed texture on the flame bed and logs along with clean lines on the platform proves it all. For controlling the flame effects you can use the buttons at the front of the remote control. You do not have to worry about buying it as it comes with this appliance. There is no need to worry about this purchase since it is also backed by a 1 year warranty period.

No need to burn logs that reduce trees and fill your home with emissions. Instead, you can rely on the integrated heater of this unit that uses electricity to warm your home for an affordable cost.

Key features:

  • Vents at the front allow warm air to come out from the correct position.
  • Works quietly at just around 45 decibels and doesn’t disturb you.
  • With three ambient levels, you get more customization.

3. Regal Flame Electric Fireplace Log Insert with Heater

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Few things can come close to a real fireplace log set and this appliance is one of them. The imitation is as close to reality as it can get. Next, the birchwood logs look lifelike and the LED lighting is sophisticated enough to create an ambiance. As a result, fills your room with a warm glow. It also has special lighting settings like pulsing. This makes you even more convinced of a real flame when there is none.

No need to clean up the tar and ash after sleeping peacefully in the warmth of the fireplace when you have this product in your home.

Key features:

  • The air doesn’t get dried out even when the room is warm.
  • The timer setting allows you to shut down the heater at your preferred time even after you go to bed.
  • To prevent any such accidents, the automatic over-heat shut-off functions come to extreme help.

2. Duraflame Electric Log Set Heater

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If you have an old and unused fireplace it is time to bring it to life with this great product. The fireplace logs have an elegant design with a rectangular platform to hold the artificial logs. The platform itself is coated black. Next, its stealthy look makes a great contrast with the bright and warm artificial fireplace logs. There is no need for special installations or electrical wiring either. You can plug it into any regular 120volty socket in your home.

Furthermore, the logs are cast from durable resin. Hence can allow light to pass through them partially for a dramatic effect. They are also highly durable and aren’t damaged easily. With its embedded lights, the logs can produce random flame effects with an authenticity that can fool the best pair of eyes. You can set the perfect holiday or relaxing mood by turning on the ambient glow from the logs and bathing in their warmth.

Key features:

  • The powerful heating function can easily cover a 1000 square feet room with warm air.
  • Produces crackling sounds like real logs that are on fire.
  • Its complimentary remote control lets you access all the features from the comfort of your couch or recliner.

1. Napoleon Woodland Electric Log Set

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Napoleon offers you an excellent fireplace insert that will help you increase the aesthetics of your room. And that also without burning inefficient fuel sources like wood and coal while suffering through the smoke. This fireplace log appliance has a powerful heater that has an astonishing capacity of over 5000BTUs. This is enough to provide even your large 400 square feet living space with all the warmth you need.

Furthermore, the 27-inch log set also features a panel at the back. Interestingly, it can mimic flames to take realism to a new level.

Key features:

  • The lighting comes from energy-saving LED lights that don’t demand a lot of power.
  • No need to get up from the couch when you can control everything with a remote.

Care about nature and switch to a more modern approach. The electric fireplace log installation will keep your place warm and still save energy.

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