Woodworking can be a passion for many. To make sure there will be if easy usage, you can make use of a drawknife. It offers you many options you can usually use for debarking and carving. With it, there will be a clean finish, and it lets you create intricate designs. A drawknife is also suitable for professional purposes and serves as an ideal tool. It makes sure there would be better safety, and there will be great results. Check out the following list of the best draw knives to buy from.

Best Draw Knives for Sale Reviews

10. Stubai Drawknife Made In Austria

Draw Knives

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The woodworking drawknife comes with two offset handles. Therefore, you can continuously work on your pieces for hours without fatigue. Moreover, this wood chisel perfectly fits regular woodworking tasks. This hand tool offers manual operation. Therefore, you can precisely give a shape to the wood pieces.

The 9-1/4-inch long blade also makes operation easier for all. Furthermore, the bend-resistant blade reinforces the structure of this tool. The top-notch steel blade provides a keen edge. Hence, you will see a consistent result on your wooden workpiece. However, this tool is suitable for medium-duty woodworking purposes. These offset handles reduce fatigue during long-term operation.


  • A pair of offset handles.
  • The steel blade is super-sharp.
  • Tackles any medium-duty task.

9. Draw Knife Straight Draw Shave Woodworking Tool

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The 8-inch long blade makes the operation smooth like butter. The wooden grip handles also reduce stress on your palms. Moreover, the metal blade of this tool comes with a maximum thickness of 5mm. The blade protector assures the sharpness of the blade. Hence, you can use this drawknife for years without any complication.

The straight edge scraper tool also stands for durability. Furthermore, the hardened steel blade resists breaking and bending. This wood shaver tool lets you give a proper shape to workpieces. Nevertheless, the rubber edge protector keeps the blade covered during transportation. This tool is just the right thing for woodturners, carvers, and timber farmers.


  • Shapes various wooden pieces.
  • The blade has a proper thickness.
  • Comes with wooden handles for comfort.

8. BeaverCraft Draw Knives – Drawknife Wood Carving Tools

BeaverCraft Draw Knives

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This drawknife comes with a razor-shape blade. The wooden handles also make using comforting for longer. Moreover, high-carbon steel construction ensures the durability of this blade. The cutting edge is sharp enough to slice through hard and softwood. Nevertheless, this wood carving tool lets you flawlessly remove chunks and shavings.

This splitting knife offers smooth sharpening on oak, walnut, or cherry wood. Furthermore, the ergonomic design reduces the chances of accidental injuries. You can use this chisel to give a polished shape to wood pieces. However, the blade already comes with smoothened and polished edges. Hence, you can use this tool right after unboxing.


  • Ideal for long-term operation.
  • Suitable for both hardwood and softwood.
  • The wooden handles have an oil-rubbed finish.

7. Timber Tuff Straight Draw Shave

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You can utilize this drawknife for making furniture. The 5-mm thick blade also offers uniform and perfect shapes. Moreover, this tool can shave wood from fence posts, wood, and logs. This straight draw shaver comes along with sturdy wooden handles. However, the polished wooden handles offer a comfortable grip to users.

The blade also involves the construction of hardwearing steel. Furthermore, the ultra-sharp drawknife will never catch rust and corrosion. This purchase includes a blade protector. Hence, you can carry this tool without any risk of injuries. However, this protector can retain the sharpness of this blade for years.


  • Has a functional blade protector.
  • Comes with a rustproof metal blade.
  • The wooden handles are crack-resistant.

6. FLEXCUT Draw Knife with Leather Sheath

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The 5-inch workable edge lets you tackle medium-duty tasks with this tool. The polished wooden handles also provide you with a comfortable grip. Moreover, the leather sheath keeps the blade upholstered when unused. Hence, you can keep the cutting edge safe from rusting and corroding. You can use this tool for years after years without any issue.

The ash hardwood handles also allow you to hold this tool firmly. Furthermore, the high-carbon steel blade is already hard enough to bend. The sheath never lets the cutting edge from developing damages. Nevertheless, you can replace your sanding and scraping tools by using this drawknife.


  • Has a durable leather sheath.
  • Prevents unnecessary rusting.
  • Ideal replacement for sanding tools.

5. Biltek Draw Shave Tool Knife – Drawing Knife

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This straight drawshave tool makes an ideal pick for woodturners. The sturdy wooden handles also provide users with a firm hold. You will require no sanding tools when you have this cutting edge. Moreover, this manual tool is capable of removing large chunks. You can use this drawknife to debarking logs and fence posts.

The 10-inch long steel blade can tackle heavy-duty tasks. Furthermore, you can remove large slices of wood by using this tool. This drawing knife lets you work on flat-faceted work. However, the hardened steel cutting edge assures durability. You can use this tool as a bark peeler.


  • Serves as a perfect bark peeler.
  • The blade has hardened steel construction.
  • Suitable for removing large wooden slices.

4. Wisemen Mueller Drawknife

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This manual drawing knife comes with two solid wooden handles. These handles also help you to hold this tool firmly. Moreover, this drawknife comes along with a 9.5-inch long blade. The hardened metal blade is never prone to rust and corrosion. However, this bend-resistant cutting edge lets you give the desired shapes to workpieces.

The forged steel blade also ensures the durability of this tool. The slip-resistant handles provide a good grip over this wood carving tool. Furthermore, you can control the wood shaving knife without any hassle. The small curve helps you to have better control over the action.


  • Provides a comfortable grip.
  • The handles have small curves.
  • Consists of a long, hardened blade.

3. Felled Draw Shave Knife – Woodworking Debarking Hand Tool

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The drawing knife comes along with a rubber sheath. Therefore, you can keep the blade safe from damages. Moreover, the hardened steel construction extends the lifespan of this blade. This wood carving knife tool lets you remove barks without any hassle. However, the polished beveled edges can make debarking trouble-free.

The woodworking tool also comes with a straightedge blade. The outward handles offer a firm grip and control over this tool. Furthermore, the hardened steel construction resists bending and cracking. Nevertheless, these dual handles make balancing and working hassle-free. The rubber edge protector offers safe storage and portability as well.


  • Ideal for working on wood slabs.
  • The wooden angled outward handles.
  • Comes with a rubber blade protector.

2. Earth Worth Draw Shave Tool

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This straight razor comes along with an 8-inch long blade. However, this hardened metal blade also resists rust and corrosion. Moreover, this drawing knife comes along with a rubber protector. This drawshave tool makes furniture building easier for woodworkers. Nevertheless, the hardened steel blade extends the lifespan of this tool.

You can also utilize this tool for debarking wood logs. Furthermore, the woodworking tool can shave wood from firewood and logs. The wooden grip handles help you to have a good hold over this drawing knife. However, you can safely carry this tool from one space to another. This wood carving tool never requires any assembly.


  • Does not require any assembly.
  • Ideal for carving wooden furniture.
  • Comes along with a rubber protector.

1. Felled Draw Shave Knife

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The wood carving tool consists of an 8-inch long blade. However, this drawknife also comes with a blade protector. Therefore, you can maintain the sharpness of this blade. This drawing knife works as the best bark stripper tool. Nevertheless, this woodworking tool lets you shape wooden bowls, seats, pegs, and spindles. Moreover, you can safely carry this tool without any difficulty.

The double wooden handles also make operation trouble-free. Furthermore, the rubber edge protector keeps the blade safe from unwanted rusting. The slip-resistant double handles reduce the risk of wobbling. However, the hardened steel cutting edge provides a uniform finish.


  • Offers consistent woodcarving.
  • Provided with a comfortable grip.
  • Suitable for working on small wooden pieces.


You need to get a drawknife that comes with a sharp edge. Select the one that is composed of high-quality materials and allows you to use it for a long time. Apart from this, it must come with ergonomic handles so that you can have maximum comfort. Look at the blade thickness as well as the length carefully before making your purchase. It has to be highly reliable and includes multiple safety features. Always see if it offers you many options.

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