Top 10 Best Diaphragm Pumps Reviews In 2020

Fuel transfer ought to be dealt with carefully. The slightest error can lead to devastating and irreplaceable damages. Well, nothing does fuel transfer better than diaphragm pumps. From oil, bio-diesel, to similar chemicals, its usefulness never ceases to amaze. Not to mention, diaphragm pumps have neither close-fitting nor moving parts. That gives them a remarkable ability to pump suspended debris as well. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune on a pump that won’t last a month. Worse still, one that doesn’t offer steady, safe performance. It’s for this reason that we’ve dug up and reviewed the best diaphragm pumps to consider.

We focus our reviews on brands with a solid reputation for reliability and innovation. So, our list comprises models that are a cut above the competition.

Table of the Best Diaphragm Pumps Reviews

 10. Fuelworks Double Diaphragm Transfer Pump 1/2″

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Fuelworks provides creative and effective solutions for fuel applications. Well, this diaphragm pumps maintain the same level of quality. It offers a strong and reliable means for transferring non-flammable liquids. Not to mention, it can handle suspended solids up to 1/8 inches. The average flow rate is 12 GPM. The pump has a maximum suction height of 10 feet and pumps liquids to 164 feet high.

The housing comes in aluminum. It’s strong and light at the same time. Hence, the pump benefits from a sleek design. Interior components come in nitrile. It’s puncture-resistant. What’s more, it has an extremely high resistance to chemicals, fuel, and oil. Overall, this is a premier product that guarantees quality performance.

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Special Features

  • External air distribution system makes it more serviceable
  • High-strength cast-aluminum housing doesn’t rust, hence providing long-lasting performance
  • Doesn’t require fancy mounting techniques

9. Double Diaphragm Air Pump PII.75A

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Compared to most models, this pump is a tad expensive. Well, there’s a secret behind it. This diaphragm pump boasts one of the most durable housing. Not only does it use industrial-grade aluminum, but it’s also powder-coated for extra protection. Also, the diaphragm comes in a rubber-like material. Put together, the pump provides excellent resistance to heat, abrasion, and chemicals.

This diaphragm pump uses a 3/4-inch air inlet. At maximum pressure, it delivers 15 GPM, beating most competitors. Not to mention, it has one of the highest pumping head of 275 feet. All in all, it’s a versatile pump that accommodates all your needs in every industry.

Special Features

  • Powder-coated industrial-strength aluminum withstands rigorous use
  • Rubber-like inner components offer unusually high resistance to chemicals
  • Excellent flow rate(15 GPM) and pumping head (275 feet)

8. SOFEDY 1/2″ Polypropylene Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump

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Are you on a tight budget? Well, this is one diaphragm pump you can’t afford to ignore. Though less expensive, it boasts remarkable performance for industrial use. It adopts a polypropylene housing, making it lighter and durable at the same time. Again, it has excellent resistance to heat, abrasion, and chemicals. Not to mention, the pump has a bolted construction for leak-proof performance.

Moreover, it uses an unbalanced air valve. As such, it ensures steady, stall-free operation. The pump accommodates suspended solids up to 3/32 inches. So, it’s best for liquids with fine solid particles. The maximum flow rate is 13 GPM, pumped up to 264 feet high.

Special Features

  • Multi-port design accommodates a wide range of applications
  • Lighter yet durable plastic construction
  • An unbalanced air valve guarantees a stall-free operation

7. ARO Polypropylene Multi-port Diaphragm Pump

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Ingersoll Rand is a company with more than a century of experience. It has a wide range of innovative products targeted at improving industrial productivity. Well, one such product is the ARO diaphragm pump. Unlike most pumps, it doesn’t adopt an all-metal housing, making it lighter. For the record, it weighs only 8 pounds. But at the same time, the polypropylene construction allows it to hold up well to chemicals and abrasion.

This general industrial pump provides a high volume delivery of 13 GPM. It’s best suited for air compressors with a maximum output of 100 psi. Not to mention, it handles suspended solids, up to 3/32 inches in size. For a pump that combines experience and innovative expertise, ARO is among your best bets.

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Special Features

  • Lightweight but durable thermoplastic construction
  • Single-piece manifolds ensure leak-proof performance
  • Comes from a reliable brand with over one century of expertise

6. Cozyel Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump

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Though not popular to many, this diaphragm pumps come from another big name in the industry. However, it has more than just a good name to offer. Thanks to polypropylene housing, it offers good resistance to chemicals and moisture. At the same time, it benefits from a lighter construction. Hence, you can move around and install it with ease.

Aside from the rugged construction, it has a bolted design. Hence, it’s entirely leak-proof. The air distribution system is located externally. Not to mention, the pump provides easy access to ball checks. As such, it’s more serviceable, allowing for user-friendly repairs. The pump operates at a maximum pressure of 100 psi and has a flow rate of 13 GPM. Again, it can pump fluids to as high as 264 feet.

Special Features

  • Rugged thermoplastic construction resists corrosion
  • An all-bolted construction for leak-proof handling
  • Unique design provides easy access during repairs
  • The low pulsating valve ensures a stall-free operation

5. AmazonCommercial Heavy Duty Cast-Aluminum Diaphragm Pump

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This diaphragm pumps get a thumbs up for its solid, heavy-duty construction. The cast aluminum housing, in particular, makes it extremely durable. Though extremely heavy-duty, the pump is not overly heavy. It weighs only 12 pounds. Hence, you can lift and operate it without any issues.

Well, the pump offers more than tough craftsmanship and heavy-duty built. As the name suggests, it’s a commercial-grade model. Thus, it offers steady suction and an impressive flow rate. It delivers 13 GPM at 116 psi. Even at such a high pressure, it remains entirely leak-proof. Again, it transfers fluids to as high as 164 feet. Overall, this pump sets the standard for heavy-duty performance.

Special Features

  • Heavy-duty cast-aluminum construction for rigorous applications
  • Surprisingly lightweight for a commercial-grade pump
  • Versatile mounting options

4. SHZICMY Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

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Cast-iron isn’t as light as aluminum. However, for hard-wearing qualities, this is a material that stands out. Well, this diaphragm pump has a cast-iron housing that goes decades without wearing off. Though it’s not among the lightest, the 14-pound construction makes it relatively light for mobility.

The pump is leak-proof and provides stall-free operation. It delivers 12 GPM and has an impressive head of 226 feet. Furthermore, it has strategically placed ball valves and fluid caps. Therefore, it’s extremely serviceable in the event of repairs or maintenance.

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Special Features

  • Hard-wearing cast-iron housing
  • All-bolted construction for leak-free performance
  • Stall-free operation minimizes downtime

3. Happybuy Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

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The 304 stainless steel housing is possibly the most significant part of this diaphragm pump. First, it’s a food-grade material. Hence, it’s safe for use in food processing environments. Again, it cleans easy and can withstand aggressive chemicals. Not to mention, it has a lustrous appearance that keeps the pump looking as good as new for years.

The pump is equally as good performance-wise. It has an impressive flow rate of 12 GPM and a maximum head of 196 feet. Moreover, it’s stall-free and bolted entirely to prevents leaks. Another feature that sets this pump apart is the surprisingly lightweight construction. It weighs only 8 pounds, which is quite impressive for an all-metal diaphragm pump.

Special Features

  • Durable food-grade stainless steel housing
  • Relatively light for an all-metal pump
  • Unique valve design facilitates non-stop operation
  • All-bolted construction prevents leakage

2. Roughneck Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Oil Pump

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As the name suggests, the Roughneck pump is mostly associated with oil drilling tasks. Hence, it’s a pump that’s built to perform. It comes in cast-aluminum housing but with a more lustrous appearance. So, it’s not only durable but also attractive. Also, it has double-acting seals that provide exceptional leak-proof performance.

The pump operates at pressures of up to 115 psi. It delivers 12 GPM and can work in temperatures as high as 200 degrees. The air inlet comes with NPT fitting. Thus, no fancy hookup is needed. Plus, it offers extremely versatile mounting options, allowing you to fit it anywhere.

Special Features

  • Durable rust-resistant cast-aluminum housing
  • All-bolted construction and external air distribution system provide easy access for repair works
  • Double-acting seal ensures leak-proof performance
  • Versatile mounting options

1. AmazonCommercial Heavy Duty Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump

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This is another robust commercial transfer pumps. It comes in heavy-duty plastic that doesn’t deteriorate. But as robust as it is, the pump maintains a compact and lightweight construction. Hence, you can move easily to a different location.

It has a beefed-up flow rate to hold to the demands of commercial applications. For instance, it pumps up to 13 gallons in one minute. At the same time, it can handle suspended solids, up to 1/8 inches in size. Like the cast-aluminum version, it has a suction height of 10 feet and transfers fuels to a height of 164 feet. Above all, it’s entirely leak-proof to avoid messes and waste.

Special Features

  • Robust, heavy-duty plastic construction
  • Lightweight and compact mobility
  • Impressive flow rate for commercial application

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