If you are an electronics engineer, then a soldering iron is a must-have tool for you. It has wide applications, and you can use it conveniently. A cordless soldering iron will offer you better flexibility and serves great for any workshop. It lets you power it with the help of a rechargeable battery, and you can find the one that can come with multiple features. With it, you can have better convenience, and it is available in a lightweight design. Here is the list of the top 10 best cordless soldering irons.

Best Cordless Soldering Irons Reviews

10. LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Kit

Cordless Soldering Irons

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The 125-watt cordless soldering iron is a perfect pick for DIY people. The soldering tips work within the temperature range up to 1100-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, this set includes 13 pieces of all-necessary accessories. The ignition stopper makes this machine safe to use by everyone. Nevertheless, the soldering equipment lets you adjust the flame height up to 2.5-inch.

The large tank capacity also makes you complete the soldering task without refilling. Furthermore, this equipment utilizes butane gas for the soldering process. A regular butane gas tank keeps this machine working for almost 75-minutes. However, the electronic self-igniting trigger makes this model suitable for different applications.


  • Offers quick tank refilling.
  • Includes a flame-locking button.
  • Has seven self-adjustable soldering tips.

9. Weller Cordless Soldering Iron with Rechargeable Battery

Weller Cordless Soldering Irons with Rechargeable Battery

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A cordless machine offers hassle-free operation for all. The lightweight pen-style soldering machine is also very much user-friendly. Moreover, this battery-operated module quickly reaches the temperature of 536-degree Fahrenheit. Hence, the low solder melting point fits the needs of delicate works. This cordless soldering iron completes the solder melting within 35-seconds.

This portable iron is also very much travel-friendly. Furthermore, this soldering equipment has an inbuilt LED light. Therefore, you can illuminate the working space while soldering on the applications. The co-molded handle provides users with a comfortable grip. Nevertheless, a single charge lets you use this equipment for 45-minutes.


  • Includes an inbuilt LED working light.
  • Comes with a high-capacity battery.
  • Makes operation convenient for longer.

8. Anbes Electric Soldering Iron Kit – Temperature Welding Tools

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This set of cordless soldering iron includes all necessary accessories for soldering. You can adjust the temperature of the flame from 200 to 450-degree Celsius. Moreover, the dual-spring soldering iron holder comes along with a sponge. This set is perfect for DIY hobbyists, welding circuits, and jewelry welding. However, you will get five pieces of replacement tips with this purchase.

The hardwearing metal construction also makes this equipment exceptionally durable. This handy model comes along with a desoldering pump for convenient operation. Nevertheless, the screw thread comes with heat and impact-resistant construction. Furthermore, the high-pressure vacuum tube lets you quickly remove the solder from PCB.


  • Includes multiple soldering tips.
  • The desoldering pump is quite functional.
  • An ideal pick for welding jewelry and circuit boards.

7. M12 Soldering Iron – Bare Tool

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A soldering iron without cords is always on the priority lists of experts. This machine also lets you quickly switch from pointed tip to chisel tips. Moreover, this cordless unit is light in weight. You can work fatigue-freely for hours by using this tool. Nevertheless, the soldering tips take only 18-seconds for heating and melting.

This machine is also very functional and easy to carry around. Furthermore, the soldering tips maintain a consistent temperature for the best results. This soldering iron has an intelligent heat indicator. Hence, you can safely use and store this model. The 3-stop swiveling head offers a customized grip to individuals.


  • Offers quick heating up and melting.
  • Provides easy replacement of the tips.
  • Comes with a customizable pivoting head.

6. Weller P2C Professional Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Iron

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This one-piece kit makes this cordless soldering iron unthinkably functional. The portable model also makes an ideal choice for jewelry welders. The automatic cut-off switch keeps you safe when you replace the cap. Moreover, the self-igniting soldering iron assures users’ safety in the first place. Nevertheless, you can optionally use this equipment like a mini torch.

This lightweight module also comes with Piezo ignition. Furthermore, this cordless unit runs on butane gas. However, you can instantly refill the fuel tank for continuous operation. The push-button ignition makes heating trouble-free for beginners. This machine is capable of melting solders within 40-seconds.


  • Supports push-button Piezo ignition.
  • Includes an automatic cut-off switch.
  • Comes with reduced solder melting time.

5. Genesis 8-Volt Cordless Soldering Iron

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The pistol-style grip reduces the fatigue on wrists during long-term use. The soldering iron runs without the complications of cables. Moreover, the soldering tips quickly reach the temperature up to 860-degree Fahrenheit. This tool consists of an 8-volt lithium-ion battery. However, this battery takes lesser time to charge.

This handheld module also provides hassle-free storage and portability. Furthermore, rapid heating technology increases your productivity. The 16-watt power output makes this module effectively energy-efficient. Nevertheless, the LED indicator lets you have a complete cover over the process. This equipment has a dual-step switch. Hence, this switch reduces the chances of an accidental start.


  • Has a dual-safety switch.
  • Takes a few seconds to heat up.
  • Comes with lower melting temperature settings.

4. Weller P2KC Professional Cordless Soldering Iron Kit

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This cordless soldering iron is just for you if you are a DIY hobbyist. The convenient carrying case also holds all accessories together. Moreover, this handy unit runs without the clutters of cords. The multiple replacement tips increase the practicality of this set. Nevertheless, the self-igniting solder iron supports safe Piezo ignition.

The ESD-safe equipment also protects sensitive components from damages. Furthermore, this soldering equipment requires butane gas to melt solders. The rapid heating up function can melt solders within 40-seconds. However, this mini torch comes with an automatic cut-off switch. A regular butane tank can let you use this model for an hour.


  • Runs for a long time.
  • Has a Piezo ignition push button.
  • Comes with a wide working temperature range.

3. Iroda PRO-25LK Solderpro Cordless Rechargeable Soldering Iron Kit

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This manufacturer includes a few extra accessories with a cordless soldering iron. Hence, you will also get a heat blower and a hot knife. Moreover, the child-safety lock assures safety to everyone. The interchangeable tips make this set perfect for different applications. Nevertheless, the soldering equipment can effortlessly repair circuit boards.

This battery-driven module only takes 8-seconds to develop the heat. Furthermore, the USB charging system makes charging hassle-free almost everywhere. This cordless model is suitable for repairing delicate electronics. However, all components of this set come in a blow-molded case. This travel-friendly set is perfect for both professionals and non-professionals.


  • Takes lesser time in heating solders.
  • Includes a few extra functional accessories.
  • Comes with a powerful rechargeable battery.

2. K KERNOWO Portable Mini Digital Cordless Soldering Kit

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This micro soldering iron is just the right thing for jewelry welding. The wireless soldering equipment also consists of an intelligent thermostat. This kit brings you a solder tip, power cable, and Type-C conversion line. Moreover, the automatic sleep mode prevents battery drainage significantly. The dual-temperature sensors consistently monitor the temperature.

Hence, you can also safely use this equipment on delicate materials. Furthermore, you can customize the sleeping time from 1 to 30-minutes. This tool helps make jewelry, soldering electronic circuit boards, and more. However, you can change the temperature from 100 to 400-degree Celsius accordingly.


  • Apt for any delicate task.
  • Ideal for different fields.
  • Includes dual-temperature sensors.

1. Iroda Solderpro 110K Cordless Soldering Iron Kit

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A handy toolkit is always desirable for professionals. This cordless soldering iron also comes along with useful accessories. Moreover, the module has a maximum run time of 115-minutes. This soldering iron has four premium-quality tips. Nevertheless, this soldering kit requires butane gas for the heating function. This equipment only takes 25-seconds to complete the heating function.

This torch lighter kit has a solder core, hot knife tip, and more. Furthermore, this portable toolkit comes in a pocket-accommodating toolbox. This equipment is an ideal alternative for 30 to 165-watt electric soldering irons. You can present this set to your DIY hobbyists as well.


  • Has a longer run time.
  • Comes with a hot knife tip.
  • Quickly heats the soldering tips.


While buying a cordless soldering iron, you will have to see if it allows you to power it conveniently with help of a rechargeable battery. Always see if it offers consistent performance and comes with a powerful battery. Some can also come with an LED light so that there will be better illumination. Apart from this, you need to invest in the one that lets you have easy portability. See if it can heat up quickly and include a pivoting head. You need to get the one that comes with better ergonomics.

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