In particular, chain hoists can be defined as a modern pulley that makes lifting of heavy loads a lot easier. With this device, working on heavy things becomes fast and comfortable using less manpower. It works by initiating the transmission of huge force through a short distance and transmission of little force through a long distance. Specifically, these devices are imperative in loading and offloading things in factories, mechanic shops, and warehouses. Notably, these machines can either be manual or electrical. Basically, the manual one requires the user to pull the chain by a brute force in order to lift the heavy objects.

On the other hand, operating the electrical one is quite intuitive for it requires the user to operate it with a simple controller. Besides, there are countless chain hoist models in the market, a situation that might turn troublesome to anyone who has an interest in purchasing them. Moreover, distinguishing high-quality models from common knockoffs is not easy. Below are some of the best models that any customer can trust.

Table of the Best Chain Hoists Reviews

10. BIG RED TR9010 Torin Manual Hand Lift Steel Chain Block Hoist with 2 Hooks

Chain Hoists

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The Big Red TR9010 chain hoist model is one of the popular manual devices that is ideal for activities in places like construction sites. Additionally, its versatility suits activities in other places like factories, docks, farms, mines, garages, workshops, and wharves.

Equally, the model features a maximum load capacity of 2000 lbs. (1 ton) to allow lift objects with the varying weight capacity. Also, the chains have ¼ inch diameter, which is made from a high-quality 20Mn2 steel alloy with a finish of black oxide. This ensures that the chains are corrosions and grime resistant. Besides, there are roller ball bearings where the rotating components mount to boost efficiency by reducing friction.

Main features

  • Attain the overhead chain safety standards.
  • Has two sturdy quality steel hooks.
  • Has a 360ᵒ safety latch clasp rotation.

9. Neiko 1 Ton Chain Hoist with Hooks – Manual Hand Chain Block

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To illustrate, this is a compact manual model made from a heavy-duty steel alloy which makes it suitable for handling up to 2000 pounds (1 ton.) heavy load. Likewise, it has a reliable and precise control since it comes with #45 steel gears and an efficient load brake. Additionally, the chain is made from a premium alloy steel (20Mn2) and a heat-treated forged steel gear to make it durable. It is an excellent device for activities in warehouses, farms, mines, and even for working on engine blocks.

Main Features

  • Has a 1-ton load capacity.
  • Comes with mechanical load brakes.
  • Has 15 inches lift height.
  • Safety latch with double hooks.
  • High-quality steel gears (#45)

8. SPECSTAR 10 Feet Manual Hand Chain Block Hoist with Hooks

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Generally, the Specstar model operates using the load-sharing gears, a feature that eases the loading and offloading of heavy objects. Indeed, its maximum load capacity is 1.25 tons (2,755 pounds) and a maximum lifting height of 10 feet. This mass and height capacities offer suitable parameters for most operations.

In addition, the pulley system has 4 precision-processed chains that work from ball bearings to increase efficiency and reduce chances of wear and tear during operation. The chains of the model are made from a heavy-duty 20MN2 steel alloy to minimize the possibilities of rust and corrosion.

Main Features

  • THas a net weight of 9.25 Kg.
  • Maximum lifting height of 10 ft.
  • 1.25-ton maximum lifting capacity.
  • Attains the standards of overhead hoist safety (ASME B30.16)

7. SuperHandy Manual Chain Block Hoist for Garages, Warehouse, Automotive Machinery

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SuperHandy hoist chain model is a versatile brand that can operate in all the recommended applications with ease. For instance, it can easily drag and lift heavy items in shipbuilding, workshops, automotive facilities, power plants, and other such avenues. Furthermore, it comes with a handwheel made from a premium aluminum alloy to allow dragging and lifting heavy items.

To enable a wide range of industrial applications, the model has a lift height of 10 feet and a lifting weight capacity of 1000kg (1 ton). Moreover, it applies the load-sharing gears to enhance the easy and efficient lifting of items. Above all, the model meets the overhead hoist standard.

Main Features

  • Swivel hooks enhance 360ᵒ rotation.
  • One ton (1000kg) maximum weight.
  • 10 feet lifting height.
  • It is made of high-quality alloy steel (20MN2).

6. SuperHandy Manual Chain Hoist – 1/2 Ton 1100Lbs

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Significantly, this manual hoist model attains the recommended ASME overhead hoist regulation, hence making it to have an efficient design suitable for industry standards. Besides, it comes with a handwheel made from an Aluminum alloy which makes it sturdy for lifting and dragging ½ ton weight.

To make it suitable for most of the industrial applications, the model can lift a load to a maximum height of 5 feet. While working, it engages load sharing gears which makes dragging and lifting easier.

Main Features

  • Chains made from 20MN2 heavy-duty alloy steel
  • Has an efficient braking system (Dual pawl)
  • Has a sturdy rubber handgrip to boost comfort
  • Include a durable storage bag for safe storage and easy handling

5. Happybuy Lever 1-1/2 Ton Block Chain Hoist for Garage

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First, the 3 Meters chain of Happybuy chain host is constructed from high-quality alloy steel which is both wear and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, the chain diameter is 5/16’’ thin for easy and efficient lifting. Hardened carbon steel is used to make the model ensure that it has a durable construction. Also, it comes with sturdy brakes for safety during operation and to prevent lifting of excess amount of loads. In the same fashion, the device has a wide application, since it can serve in places like factories, garages, and workshops.

Main Features

  • A 1.5-ton lift capacity
  • Has a safety latch to enhance 360 degrees rotation
  • Has a unique rubberized non-slip handle
  • Comes with a premium brake system

4. Black Bull CHOI2 2 Ton Chain Hoist

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In all honesty, the Black bull chain hoist has an 8-foot lift height which is highly efficient during load lifting. To make it applicable in comprehensive industrial activities, the model has a two-ton (4000 Pounds) load lift capacity. As a matter of fact, it has a mechanical load brake that offers safe and precise operation. Also, there is a ¼ inch chain constructed from hardened steel to make it sturdy and offer a more extended service. The model weighs 25 pounds- a weight that makes its transportation and storage hassle-free.

Main Features

  • 400 Pounds (Two tons) lift capacity.
  • Has 8 feet lift height.
  • Constructed from a heavy-duty and hardened steel.
  • Has a net weight of 25 Pounds.

3. Amarite Manual Lever Chain Hoists – 10 ft Load Chain with 1650lbs

 Amarite Manual Lever Chain Hoists - 10 ft Load Chain with 1650lbs

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To begin with, this brand can pull or lift loads of varying weights since it has 0.75 ton (1650 Lbs.) maximum lift capacity. Additionally, it has an intuitive operating system that makes it simple to use the lever ratchet. Indeed, it is designed to fit in most pulling and lifting activities to ease industrial operations. The Amarite chain hoist model has a 10 feet chain to make its working more efficient. Above all, it meets the CE safety standards, which make it one of the topping brands.

Main Features

  • 1650 Lbs. (0.75 ton) lift capacity.
  • Intuitive lever ratchet.
  • Meets the CE safety standards.
  • 150N effort rated capacity.

2. BestEquip 2200lbs/1 ton Chain Block Hoist – Hand Chain Lifting Hoist

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This brand has two hooks made from handy and heavy-duty steel for safe lifting of heavy loads. It also comes with high-quality 6 Metres lifting chain (G80-grade) for convenient lifting. Moreover, it has a galvanized hand chain with a diameter of 4.8’’ resistant to wear and corrosion.

Likewise, it is suitable for a large number of industrial applications since it features 2200lbs lifting capacity. In order to boost stability and safety, this brand has premium brakes and gears. Additionally, it is protected by a premium iron cover which reduces maintenance requirements and increases longevity and durability.

Main Features

  • Has two hooks with a safety latch that rotates up to 360 degrees
  • A maximum lift capacity of 2200lbls
  • There is an iron cover to protect the gear and chain system
  • Long-life hoist shell

1. Jet S90-200-10 S90 Series Hand Chain Hoists

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Jet S90-200-10 hoist model series comes in varying lift capacities from 0.5 ton to 10 tons to make it lift a large variety of weights. Similarly, different series models have varying lift height capacities from 10 to 30 feet to make it applicable in most industrial lifting and pulling activities. Also, it has a double Pawl Brake System for increased safety and more load security. The machine features a number of needle bearings that promote the efficient and smooth operation. Moreover, its load chains are coated with a G-80 black oxide to boost durability. Above all, the device meets the ANSI standards.

Main Features

  • Dual ratchet pawl brake system
  • Has up to 10-ton lift capacity
  • The load chain has a G-80 black oxide coat
  • Have 360 degrees hook rotation


To conclude, you need to be quite keen when it comes to purchasing any chain hoist model. It demands you to remain extra careful, not to go for a poor quality one. It is worth noting that the chances of selecting a low-quality model are a result of many similar models in the market. But, we are highlighting the best brands which are a great alternative that you can consider. Most of the highlighted models have a high lifting capacity, good construction material, efficient braking system, and an intuitive operating system. In addition, some are relatively light to handle and conform to the ASME Overhead hoist standards. Therefore, these models are great options for dragging and lifting industrial applications.

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