Vehicle owners understand the importance of regular maintenance of a vehicle to keep it in good condition. Sometimes it may force you to jack up the car to check for rust, change a tire, or change something elsewhere, and this requires the assistance of car jack stands. Typically this stand is a safety device that supports the car whenever you are working underneath. If you have ever changed the tire of a car, then you know how important it is. This stand can also ensure the lifted vehicle remains firm and does not shift or move from its place.

Typically, they are available in different sizes, and you need to choose the best one to get ample work area. Since many specifications need to be considered before purchasing, you need to consider things like ease of use, durability, weight capacity, and safety. When you go to the market, you will find different types of car jack stands, make sure you choose the high-quality product.

Table of the Best Jack Stands for Car Reviews

10. Pro-LifT T-6903D Double Pin 3 Ton Jack Stands

Jack Stands

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Pro-Lift has come up with this fantastic car jack stand that has sturdy stamped steel construction, which can withstand three ton of weight. As an illustration, it has a height adjustment mechanism that ensures there is smooth upward movement when releasing mobility pin and handles locks. In the same way, there is the presence of a high-quality plastic ratchet bar that offers strength and durability to the stand.

Moreover, there is a quick adjustment mechanism, which helps the stand to remain in a desirable position. The attached pin is essential because it offers support, and also there is a lock ratchet bar that offers extra support. Also, is has a sturdy stamped steel base, which offers longevity and durability, making it ideal for professional, farm, and home use.

Main features

  • Height adjustment mechanism
  • High-quality ductile ratchet bar
  • Quick adjustment mechanism
  • Sturdy stamped steel base
  • Has attached pin
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9. BIG RED T43002A Torin Steel Jack Stands with Double Locking – 3 Ton

BIG RED T43002A Torin Steel Jack Stands with Double Locking

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This is the best stand from BIG RED that supports the vehicle when lifted with the jack. Notably, it has the saddle, which has a large surface area to offer good contact with the load when supported. The heavy-duty steel construction makes it sturdy and durable best when supporting heavy-weight vehicles.

The presence of a locking support pin is very crucial because it increases safety to about 200 percent and adds security. There is a wide pyramid foot style base that measures 7-11/16″ x 6-7/8″ offering additional stability. The saw-tooth design plays a crucial role in ensuring there is a quick height adjustment to the stand.

Main features

  • The saddle that has a large surface area
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Locking support pin
  • Broad pyramid foot style base
  • Has saw-tooth design

8. AmazonBasics Steel 3 Ton Jack Auto Stand

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When looking for the best stand that weight capacity of 6,000-pounds, then go for this model. For instance, it has a self-locking ratchet that helps to lower or raise the height of the stand according to the height you want. There is the presence of a wide square-shaped base that ensures optimal stability hence perfect for underbody repairs.

Additionally, it comes with a durable steel frame, which is durable and has rustproof coating making it easy to store in the garage for long. The U-shaped contact area ensures there is stability when supporting the load. Likewise, it comes with a 1-year warranty, which is best because if there is any problem you can replace it within that period.

Main features

  • Has self-locking ratchet
  • Wide square-shaped base
  • Durable steel frame
  • U-shaped contact area
  • Has a 1-year warranty

7. CARTMAN 3 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

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CATMAN has come up with this outstanding model, which has heavy-duty steel material to ensure durability. Mainly, it has a tooth design and a double-locking pawl, which make this stand have additional protection. In a like manner, it comes with a multi-position one-piece ductile ratchet bar that offers super durability and strength hence suitable for heavy-weight vehicles.

Subsequently, there is a quick adjustment mechanism that securely locks the stand to a desirable location offering extra safety. There is a seam weld that offers perfection and designed to capture the extension post firmly. Equally, it has an extension post, which is durable and sturdy to ensure there is an adequate posture of the stand when supporting the vehicle.

Main features

  • Heavy-duty steel material
  • Double locking pawl
  • Multi-position one-piece ductile ratchet
  • Quick adjustment mechanism
  • Has an extension post
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6. BIG RED T43004 Torin 3 Ton Aluminum Jack Stands with Locking Support

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Different from other stands, this is a unique model because it is lightweight, and it can support heavy vehicles after lifted by a jack. It has high-grade aluminum construction that makes a stand strong and sturdy when lifting the vehicle. It has locking support pins, which is removable to offer added stability and security. The presence of a saddle that has a large surface area ensures there is an additional steadiness to the stand.

Furthermore, this car jack stand has a broad removable base to offer additional steadiness and allowing compact storage when not using it. There is adjustable height, which ranges between 10-3/4″ and 15-5/8″ that makes it easy when you want to adjust the height of a vehicle. Also, it has a 1-year warranty, which makes it convenient when you want to replace it in case there is a problem.

Main features

  • High-grade aluminum construction
  • Locking support pins
  • Wide removable base
  • The saddle that has a large surface
  • Has adjustable height
  • Has a 1-year warranty

5. ESCO 10498 3 Ton Jack Stand for Car

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This ESCO model can bear the weight capacity of 3 ton and has an adjustable height of between 13 inches and 21 inches. For example, it comes with a removable rubber pad that helps to offer protection against scratching the paint of the vehicle. In a like manner, it has a circular base, which makes it stable to hold a vehicle for a long time.

Besides, it has a powder-coated base that plays a significant role in preventing corrosion of the metallic part. There is a beefy pin, which engages the post through different drilled-thru holes to regulate the height of the stand. Even more, it is a 3-leg design to make it stable when supporting the vehicle preventing it from falling.

Main features

  • Removable rubber pad
  • Has a circular base
  • Powder-coated base
  • Come with a beefy pin
  • It is a 3-leg design

4. Performance Tool 6,000 lbs. Heavy Duty Jack Stand Set

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When looking for the sturdy model which can support heavy-weight vehicles, this is the right product because it has a rated capacity of 6000 pounds. It comes with a durable steel frame, made of heavy-duty construction to offer strong support to the vehicle. It has a wide base that ensures there are proper stability and strength under the load.

Similarly, there is an oil extraction pump, which helps to remove the oil easily from motorcycles, cars, lawn equipment, RVs, and boats, among others. In the same way, it has slip joint pliers designed to fit textured grip and multiple size filters to improve the grip strength. Also, there is a gasket and over-sized drain plugs that make the right assortment when changing the oil.

Main features

  • Durable steel frame
  • Has a wide base
  • Oil extraction pump
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Gasket and over-sized drain plugs
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3. Powerbuilt 620471 6000 lb. Unijack Stand

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If you want to be safe when lifting the car, use this stand because it safely holds and lifts the body-on-frame vehicles. For instance, it has a patented design for both holding and lifting, combining the jack stand and bottle jack in one unit. The presence of safety bar locks ensures there is the desired height needed when lifting the vehicle.

Subsequently, it has a durable and robust material that supports and lifts several vehicles with a weight capacity of 6000 pounds. There is a broad flat base that adds extra stability and reduces sinking when lifting the vehicle under softer surfaces.  Likewise, it uses both flat and concave lifting surfaces to support a wide range of lift points.

Main features

  • Has patented design
  • Safety bar locks
  • Strong and durable material
  • Wide flat base
  • Has flat and concave lifting surfaces

2. Pro-LifT T-6906D Double 6 Ton Pin Jack Stand

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The exciting thing about this product from Pro-Lift is that is has a sturdy stamped steel to offer added durability. The high-quality plastic cast iron ratchet bar ensures longevity and durability is making it ideal for professional, farm, and home use. There are counter-weighted pawls that serve like safety locking devices preventing the load against accidental disengagement.

Similarly, this car jack stand has the attached pin lock that offers support and locks a ratchet bar in position to ensure additional carrying point. Equally, there is a quick adjustment mechanism, which helps to lock the stand securely in the desired position. The mobility pin offers the ultimate safety and security when lifting the vehicle.

Main features

  • High-quality ductile cast iron ratchet bar
  • Counter-weighted pawls
  • Attached pin lock
  • Quick adjustment mechanism
  • Has mobility pin

1. TONDA 2 Ton Steel Jack Stand

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TONDA has been committed to produce and develop this stand, which has fantastic features that make it unique. As an illustration, it comes with a lift range of 10.7 inches to 17 inches, which makes it easy to raise or lower the height. There is the presence of a self-locking forged iron ratchet bar that helps to adjust the height freely and safely.

Moreover, it has a durable steel frame, which has a rustproof coating to prolong the service life of the stand. The oversized foot base of 7.68 inches by 7.68 inches ensures there are stability and strength under the load. Also, there are footpads, which enable the stand to remain stable on soft and uneven ground.

Main features

  • Lift range of 7inches to 17 inches
  • Self-locking forged iron ratchet bar
  • Durable steel frame
  • Oversized foot base
  • Has foot pads


The car jack stands are known as safety devices that car owners should not underestimate. They are known for supporting the vehicle and offering complete protection when changing tires or repairing beneath. When you want the stand products for the above products today, and you will not regret it. They have a broad base and enough weight capacity guaranteeing your excellent work. Besides, safety is paramount in their making to provide reliable grip support that will simplify your work.

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