Is an adjustable bed base worth it? Well, an adjustable bed frame offers immense benefits. It makes it more comfortable to watch TV or read while in bed. More importantly, it provides a ton of health benefits. Based on the position, it can improve circulation and alleviate snoring. Adjustable bed bases with massage go the extra mile to provide pain relief and ultimate relaxation. But what’s the best adjustable bed frame for the money?

In our adjustable bed base reviews, we look at ten models that stand out from the rest. Before we get too far, we recommend Lucid L300 as the best overall. It’s far easier to assemble. Not to mention, it offers premium features at an affordable price. However, we all have different needs and budgets. So, how about you read more to find a model that suits you best? Welcome, and let’s walk the review together.

Table of the Best Adjustable Bed Bases Reviews

10. iDealBed 4i Custom Wireless Adjustable Bed Base Queen with Dual USB Charge, Nightlight

Adjustable Bed Bases

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IdealBed 4i combines precision and elegance into one single design. It has two unique selling points. The first on the list is the high-end motor. It’s noise-free and with a high lift capacity of 850 pounds. That’s more than what you get from other beds in the same category.

The advanced massage function is another significant selling point. It has four massage modes and three intensity levels. Also, you have the option of timing the massage. Based on your needs, you can select between 15 to 30 minutes. So, it’s able to turn off automatically once it reaches the set time.

Moreover, the bed base has three preset memory positions. It has Flat, Zero Gravity, and Anti-snore positions. The first two are available in every other model. However, Anti-snore is an advanced feature that sets it apart. It opens air valves to reduce snoring.

Everyone has their favorite position. But presets positions might not help much to achieve it. Hence, the bed base has two programmable memory positions. You can save your favorite positions and use them when the need arises.

The bed base has 72 degrees head tilting and 42 degrees feet tilting. Well, that’s very much on a higher side compared to other models. Additionally, it has three height adjustments of 4, 7, and 11 inches. As such, it offers the flexibility to sleep at different heights. Alternatively, you can choose zero clearance for storing under other bed frames.

The remote control has 18 functions, more than any other model. Furthermore, this bed base has both flashlight and under-bed lighting. So, it’s easy to navigate in pitch darkness. Plus, you get 4 USB charging ports to power your devices.

Special Features

  • Advanced massage functionality with timer option
  • Ultra-quiet high-end motor lifts up to 850 pounds
  • Wide-angle head and foot tilts
  • Advanced anti-snore function improves sleep
  • Two memory programmable positions save your favorite angles
  • The fully-featured remote control has more functions than other models


Overall, this unit offers the features of premium high-end models at an affordable price.

9. Classic Brands Twin XL Adjustable Bed Bases with Massage & Wireless Remote

Classic Brands Twin XL Adjustable Bed Bases with Massage & Wireless Remote

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Classic Brands make affordable, feature-rich adjustable bed bases. Well, the Comfort bed base is one such model. The design doesn’t look like much. The grey fabric, for instance, is pretty plain. However, there’s an advantage behind that. It can match most room setups.

Moreover, the frame offers 10.5-inch under-bed storage. Though not as roomy as other models, it can fit shoes and smaller boxes. The frame offers three leg heights of 5, 7, and 12 inches.

As mentioned earlier, this adjustable bed base is for budget shoppers. However, it has advanced features we truly appreciate. The built-in massager is perhaps the best thing in this bed base. It has three speeds. Though not as deep as a real massager machine, it does its job pretty well.

The bed base has three programmable settings. These include Lounge, Zero-Gravity, and TV positions. Also, it has 65 degrees head tilt and 50-degree feet tilt. That makes it ideal for most sleepers. All settings are accessible via wireless remote control.

Classic Brands Comfort bed base adopts a fairly quiet motor. Hence, it’s less likely to disrupt your sleep. For the record, this bed base has a timer function of 10 to 30 minutes. Also, it includes 2 USB charging ports.

Special Features

  • 3-speed built-in massager provides continuous relief
  • Three preset positions for added comfort
  • Fairly quiet motor suits light sleepers
  • Three leg heights for customizable under-bed storage


All in all, this is an affordable bed base for those on a tight budget. It works as advertised and is compatible with most mattresses.

8. Classic Brands Comfort Affordamatic Adjustable Bed Bases – Twin XL

Classic Brands Comfort Affordamatic Adjustable Bed Bases

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Do you need a low-cost alternative to the expensive bed bases? Well, this bed base will suffice. It adopts a slim design, making it ideal for minimalist lovers. Despite the size, it offers more comfortable padding than a recliner.

It lacks advanced features such as massage function, adjustable leg heights, and USB ports. However, that’s reasonable for a unit in its price range. Not to mention, it compensates that with a list of impressive features.

First, it has a separate head and foot recline positions. You can elevate the head 65 degrees and the feet 50 degrees. Together with Zero Gravity mode, it offers long term health benefits. Also, it adopts quiet dual operating motors. They’re pretty strong, providing a lift of up to 750 pounds.

Moreover, it has a mattress retainer rail. So, the mattress is less likely to slide as you raise or lower the bed. It’s mattress-friendly. Hence, it can fit all types of mattresses.

Special Features

  • Multi-position head and foot incline
  • The bed-friendly design fits all types of mattresses
  • A sleek, contemporary design matches all decor
  • Retainer rail keeps the mattress from sliding


Overall, this is a low-cost bed base with a sleek, contemporary look. It lacks advanced features of high-end models. However, it has all the basic features you need in an adjustable bed base.

7. LUCID L100 Adjustable Bed Base Steel Frame with Wired Remote Control – Queen

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Lucid L100 is by far the most uncomplicated adjustable bed base. It offers basic adjustments, including head and foot inclines. The head section, for instance, tilts to 58 degrees. As for the foot section, it adjusts up to 40 degrees.

This bed base doesn’t have preset positions. Instead, you adjust manually to the preferred angle. Lucid L100 uses a fuss-free 6-button wired remote control. It’s among the simplest, making it ideal for beginners.

The L100 has a fixed height of 15 inches. Though not adjustable, it’s ideal for both tall and short users. Also, it has a retention bar at the foot level. As such, your mattress is less likely to slide off.

Assembly is perhaps the strongest selling point of this bed base. It’s pretty straightforward, and you can assemble in under 5 minutes. Though not the strongest, the motor can lift 600 pounds.

Special Features

  • Easy 5-minute assembly
  • Retention bar secures the mattress in place
  • Fuss-free basic incline adjustments
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On the whole, Lucid L100 is a budget model with basic adjustments. Plus, it’s one of the easiest to assemble. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a hospital bed like experience.

6. Zinus Bed Frame for Adjustable Base – Mattress Foundation with Remote & Whisper-Quiet Motorized Movement 

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As of the time of writing, Zinus is the most highly rated and loved by customers. It’s a versatile bed base that fits just about anywhere. In the meantime, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Zinus Jared boasts a pretty strong bed frame. It comes in steel bars and wires for extra support and safety. Overall, it can support up to 650 pounds. Again, the design eliminates the need for a box spring. As such, it saves you the extra costs.

This bed base isn’t pre-programmed. Instead, it has manual elevation settings. You can tilt the head and foot separately to a perfect spot. Also, it has a 13-inch under-bed clearance. That’s plenty of room for anyone who likes to keep junk under the bed.

Unknown to many, this bed base is virtually noise-free. As such, it’s a welcome choice for light sleepers. Furthermore, it has a simple assembly you’ll enjoy. It assembles in minutes and doesn’t require tools.

Special Features

  • Noise-free design
  • Smart Base function eliminates the need for a boxspring
  • Independent head and foot adjustments


Zinus Jared bed frame doesn’t have the bells and whistles of high-end models. However, it’s a strong contender for super budget bed bases. It’s pretty easy to set up, making it ideal for anyone who moves frequently.

5. LUCID L300 Split King Adjustable Bed Bases with Wireless Remote Control

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Lucid is notorious for affordable bedding. The brand stepped up its game with Lucid L300. This bed base combines comfort and ergonomics to guarantee sound sleep and immense health benefits.

L300 offers 60 degrees head and 45 degrees foot control. Not to mention, memory and flat position. Together, it takes your sleep and movie nights to a new level of comfort.

Moreover, this bed base uses wireless remote control. It has a flashlight that comes in handy in pitch darkness. Also, you’ll appreciate its straightforwardness since it has a few icons. USB charging stations are another significant feature. The ports are easily accessible. Hence, you can charge your devices from the comfort of your bed.

Easy assembly is perhaps the strongest selling point of Lucid L300. It boasts the first-ever folding hinge. Not to mention, it arrives as one single piece. So, all you do is unfold and screw in the legs.

The motor has a lift capacity of 750 pounds. Again, it’s entirely silent for a composed sleep. Furthermore, this bed base has two retainer rails to keep your mattress in one place.

Special Features

  • Super-simple assembly
  • Easy-to-use wireless remote control
  • Independent head and foot incline for specific scenarios
  • Programmable memory position


Overall, Lucid L300 offers excellent value at an affordable price. It’s uncomplicated, hence does well without the bells and whistles of other units. We recommend it for restless sleepers who require massive pain relief.

4. Giantex Adjustable Massage Bed Bases – Queen

Giantex Adjustable Massage Bed Bases - Queen

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Giantex is a new entrant in the bed segment. However, it has quickly made its presence felt, thanks to this bed base. It’s most loved for its outstanding massage functionality. It has three massage modes and seven intensity levels. Not to mention, three massage timers of 10 to 30 minutes.

Aside from impeccable massage, it has four preset positions. These include Zero-Gravity, Anti-snore, Flat, and TV positions. Moreover, it has three programmable memory positions. Overall, it offers more positions than other models in its price range.

The head and foot sections tilt 60 and 40 degrees, respectively. For the record, this is standard for adjustable bed bases. Plus, it can sustain heavy lifts of up to 772 pounds.

Giantex bed base has three leg positions. You can adjust it form 4 to 10 inches for customizable under-bed storage. USB ports and mattress retention rails are other fancy features of this bed base. Not to mention, a flashlight for low light conditions.

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Special Features

  • Fully customizable massage functions
  • Three memory programmable positions
  • Four mandatory preset positions
  • A fully-featured remote control with 18 functions


Giantex is a feature-rich mid-range bed base. It offers more than other models in its price range. The massage functionality, in particular, is a real game-changer.

3. Signature Sleep Gold Power Adjustable Upholstered Bed Bas & Foundation – Queen

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Gold Power is a new entrant in the adjustable bed segment. It’s a basic model, but will all mandatory positions. For instance, you can adjust it manually to Flat, Zero-Gravity, Anti-snore, and TV positions.

Moreover, it has independent head and feet adjustments. You can elevate the head section to 66 degrees. The foot section, on the other hand, tilts to 45 degrees. This bed base has four legs, which is less than what you get in other models. However, they’re pretty strong to sustain 700 pounds.

The legs are adjustable. Overall, they provide an under-bed clearance of 3, 6, and 9 inches. Signature Sleep bed base adopts a traditional mattress retainer bar. Not to mention, simple remote control with four dedicated buttons.

Special Features

  • Four manually adjustable positions for specific scenarios
  • Three leg heights for configuring under-bed storage room
  • Ultra-quiet motors lift 700 pounds
  • Mattress retainer bar at feet level


Signature Sleep Gold Power is among the simplest, basic bed bases. However, it has an outstanding lift capacity. Also, the low price point makes it secure much better customer satisfaction.

2. iDealBed 3i Custom Adjustable Bed Bases – Zero Gravity & One Touch Comfort Positions

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This bed base is an industry famous for its performance and affordability. Price-wise, it falls under basic models. However, it has extra features rare at such a price range. It has three significant selling points that set it apart.

Aside from two preset positions, it has two programmable memory positions. In comparison, most basic models don’t offer memory savable positions. You can tune the head and foot sections to 70 and 42 degrees, respectively.

High lift capacity is another significant feature. At 850 pounds, it beats all other basic models. Also, this is a new generation bed base. Hence, it affords an emergency power backup.

Moreover, this bed base has three leg heights of 6, 9, and 12 inches. We love the advanced micro-bead fabric. It holds the mattress in place while performing adjustments.

The remote control has eight functions. But it beats other basic models, thanks to the ergonomic design. It’s backlit and fits perfectly in your hand.

Special Features

  • Massive lift capacity of 850 pounds
  • Three height positions
  • Two memory programmable positions
  • Two preset positions
  • Non-slip micro-bead fabric secures the mattress


This bed base lacks advanced features, including USB ports and massage functions. But except for the two, it offers unmatched performance for a basic model.

1. Milemont Full Size Adjustable Bed Base Frame Smart Electric Beds Foundation

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Milemont is another popular new release. It’s adjustable to different positions, whether for gaming, watching TV, or sleep. For instance, you can choose a Zero-Gravity position. Or maybe keep your legs or head elevated at 60 and 45 degrees. For the record, you can raise the legs and head individually or simultaneously.

However, zero gravity and incline positions are standard in most bed bases. So, to stay in front, this model offers programmable memory positions. Hence, you can save your favorite positions and adjust them when the need arises.

The wireless remote control is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t have a ton of buttons. Above all, it’s pretty quiet and allows you to make adjustments with one click.

Special Features

  • Multiple preset positions
  • Customizable memory setting for saving favorite positions
  • The simple remote control has few buttons for adjustments
  • Whisper-quiet motor for better sleep


Milemont bed base is a great pick for a user-friendly design. It’s pretty comfortable, easy to use, and has customizable settings. The memory feature, in particular, makes it stand out from models in the same category.

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